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posted by 1treehillfan
[Posted for pinjas and re-posted here :)]

I hate doing these since they have nothing to do with the spot, but after a মাস of being AWOL I figured I pretty much had no choice.

So, here it goes.

Dear বন্ধু (and people who aren't my friends, please আপনি creepy stalkers GTFO nobody likes আপনি and this is serious and emotional and its already embarassing enough already so stop making it worse serioously আপনি freaks),
Sorry I've been gone for like ever.
Truth be told, I've been having some serious friend and family issues, and I have to be honest with you; I never really felt like coming on to talk to...
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Brooke: "Hey, you"
Lucas: "Oh, I think আপনি got the wrong car."
Brooke: "Nah. Don’t mind me. I just have to get out of this uniform. So, uh, anyway, I’m Brooke. But আপনি probably knew that. Can I tell আপনি that that last shot was awesome? How’d it feel? Good, huh? আপনি know it did "
Brooke: "Oh, my gosh!"
Whitey: "That game wasn’t horrible."
Lucas: "Thanks, coach."
Whitey: "Well, don’t turn pro yet. আপনি drag your scrawny butt to the weight room twice a দিন starting now."
Lucas: "You got it"
Whitey: "Oh, uh... দ্বারা the way, there’s a half naked girl in the back আসন of your car. I just...
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Ok I post here some ONE বৃক্ষ HILL's SPOILERS!
So...this is not exactly a soapbox...but alright i just want us to have a post with ALL the possible spoilers..so everytime we get to know আরো about anything regarding BL in S6 we'll post it here.

HERE ARE JUST THE ONES regarding BL and Brooke 'cause I don't wanna bother আপনি with any kind of leytonerness ;D

Chad is লেখা an episode of the প্রদর্শনী this season too. That is a definite.
Credit: Rebecca (curlyhead)

In other OTH news, the writers are taking Brooke to a very dark place this season...Somebody, quick, flip a light switch.
Credit: Watch with Kristin...
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I was hoping brooke would tell lucas অথবা haley even nathan about her attack because after everything that peyton has put brooke thru i wouldnt even be able to look at her as a true friend anymore brooke has প্রদত্ত up SO much for peyton but what has she got in return? her "best friend" believing a ridiculous lie her "best friend" moving right on in with lucas (the guy brooke is in প্রণয় with but peyton doesn't ever seem to see that there are feelings there still) not waiting to make sure brooke was okay peyton and brooke have been 'best friends' forever and peyton screwed her over BUT milli and...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
So the pick about 502, keep the hug অথবা have it that Lucas was under the sheets, got me thinking, what if Lucas was under the sheets. It might have gone a little like this...

Anticipation. Trepidation. Excitement. Foreboding. The প্রজাপতি danced deep in Brooke’s stomach, circling around between nerves, joy and fear. Had time healed the wounds অথবা would the years just make everything just that much আরো complicated. Awkward?

Her imagination had replayed this scene over and over again and each time it was different. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes it was hard and other times it was everything...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
Mary's XMas present part two.
(based off the song 'i want an alien for christmas' but the mary version)

This বছর for Christmas
There's something I'd really like
So if you're up there somewhere Santa
Please don't bring me another bike
I could go for some Brucas
Serenate is just fine
And have I mentioned *wink wink*
Skins is a পছন্দ of mine
But there's something kinda special
That I want most of all

I want Amy Winehouse for Christmas
Bring me some Amy this year
I want a little Winehouse
With hair almost three feet high
And big brown eyes
It’s my dearest wish, no lie
I want Amy for Christmas, this year...
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posted by brattynemz
 Who's standing পরবর্তি to you?
Who's standing next to you?
I got this idea from OTHforums and thought I'd share it here! This is really short but concise! :)

Episode 402

PEYTON: All right, uh … imagine a future moment in your life where … all your dreams come true, আপনি know? It’s--it’s the greatest moment in your life and আপনি get to experience it with one person… who’s standing পরবর্তি to you?
LUCAS: Hmm Kate Bosworth--
PEYTON: --Shut up! I’m serious
LUCAS: Well, so am I
PEYTON: Luke … come on, I mean--It could be anybody, আপনি know--your mom, Haley
SKILLS: Yuh boy, skills
PEYTON: Who’s it gonna be?
LUCAS: Brooke..

Episode 409

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I am a member of many spots on ফ্যানপপ and i have to say out of all of them the ব্রুকাস্‌ অনুরাগী still remain to be the best

heres my তালিকা of reasons why

1. ব্রুকাস্‌ অনুরাগী still seem to remain true to ব্রুকাস্‌ and keep the faith even with no ব্রুকাস্‌ for two seasons this shows the dedication

2.when picks are পোষ্ট হয়েছে they are answered quickly with numerous comments

3. we all call each other দ্বারা our names not just ফ্যানপপ names

4.the items such as প্রতিমূর্তি and চলচ্ছবি have a number of nratings alot আরো than in other spots i have seen

5. we have the whats up ফোরাম where we all talk and discuss.

when i come on fanpop...
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1. Because he is the guy for her.
2. Because hot tub kisses = HOT.
3. Because they share the same hearts.
4. Because he was the first guy she ever gave a rats গাধা about.
5. Because he gave a rats গাধা about her too.
6. Because he knows she is different than everyone sees.
7. Because together they bought whipped cream and condoms.
8. Because he gave her his room so she wouldn't leave.
9. Because he couldn't imagine বৃক্ষ পাহাড় without her.
10. Because opposites attract.
11. Because she was a part of his family way before Peyton was.
12. Because she was there for him the whole time when he was in the hospital....
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"Kinda feels like Dejavu"
"Not really, আপনি told me to fight for me and I did, আপনি never fought for me!"
"Why would I do that , Lucas? আপনি cheated on me, with my former best friend...again! And even though আপনি know how much this hurt me, আপনি two are still together all the time and it kills me to see this. I asked আপনি to stay away from her, but আপনি don´t care. We broke up and it seems like আপনি don´t really care, like আপনি always wanted to be with her. So why would I fight for you, what should I do, run after আপনি even though I know you´d rather to be with her? Even though I know my হৃদয় would...
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posted by katie_07
Okay little rant here about a certain P.Sawyer (so called best friend of Brooke)and her disrespeect for the words friendship, loyalty and love., like seriously does she not know what these words mean!! But after rewatching the কেবিন episode in season three i am seriously so pissed and amazed (in a negative way) at Marks storytelling skills, watching the রান্নাঘর Peyton/Lucas scene in the episode i seriously wanted to throw something at the tele like the cheek of Peyton is unbelievable. Well to remind আপনি about the scene Lucas tells Peyton that she looks happy and she says that he does too, so...
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posted by 1treehillfan
We all know BL is amazing<333

They're প্রণয় was(is?) pure, honest, beautiful, and addictive... and we MUCH prefer them over Leyton.
But, lame গাধা Mark decided that LP was going to be end game.
But, my প্রশ্ন is- did he really decide LP was going to be end game?

All this season Mark has been hinting towards BL... flirtation, kisses, caring, and Luke giving up relationships with both Peyton ANDD Lindsey.
But, we didn't follow it because we believed that mark was just throwing us a bone so that we would keep watching One বৃক্ষ Hill.

But what if he really does believe in a brucas???
Leyton অনুরাগী AND...
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So I did mine a bit differently :) I hope that আপনি guys still like it :P ♥

A - Always. ; I প্রণয় আপনি Lucas .. and I probably always will.

B - Boyfriend ; See ya later boyfriend!

C - Cheery ; নমস্কার Broody. নমস্কার Cheery.

D - Do ; I do know some things about আপনি Brooke Davis.

E - Everything ; It means a lot to know you're there .. it means everything.

F - Forever ; Lucas & Brooke forever.

G - Guy ; I'm the guy for আপনি Brooke Davis .. you'll see.

H - Hurt ; That doesn't really matter Lucas, cause' in the end it all hurts just the same.

I - I ; I প্রণয় you. I প্রণয় আপনি too .. prettygirl.

J - Just ; This is...
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posted by RealLuvAlwaysBL
I have somewhat come to the realization that LP will be endgame. At this point Mark has done everything in his power to solidify this fact. However I cannot condone the way that he has foolishly portrayed this couple. In the process he has ruined for me two great characters; an endearing, powerful woman (Peyton), and an admirable, romantic (Lucas). Most recently I have been especially aggravated with “the comet philosophy.” This is my rant so it is not particularly diplomatic...hence why I পোষ্ট হয়েছে it here in the ব্রুকাস্‌ spot and not the OTH spot. I needed my own cathartic moment!lol

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posted by Kamilla720
Sophia গুল্ম Tells Us Lucas & Peyton Won't Be Back For The 'One বৃক্ষ Hill' Wedding

It's been the প্রশ্ন on every One বৃক্ষ পাহাড় fan's mind since last May's season finale: Will Lucas ( Chad Michael Murray ) and/or Peyton ( Hilarie burton ) come back to বৃক্ষ পাহাড় for Brooke ( Sophia গুল্ম ) and Julian's ( Austin Nichols ) wedding? The big দিন is just a few episodes away, so we went straight to Sophia for the answer — and it's looking grim. ”We've shot the wedding ,” Sophia told HollywoodLife.com on Dec. 6 at the Sustainable নকশা Awards in NYC. “We really wanted Chad and Hilarie to...
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posted by monLOVEbrucas
*Names have been changed due to well just in case :P guess who the J MIGHT be for and win the satisfication of guessing who it MIGHT be for :P

Okay before আপনি start to complain and sook and write your মতামত below of how stupid, mean whatever আপনি think i am, maybe আপনি should just read...

I can't make people choose which couple they like & if they like both অথবা liked one than changed but that doesn't mean i can’t voice my opinion :)

NOW I like Brucas… Obviously and i truthfully hate Leyton(using nice name 4 them)... I think they are cheesy, boring, pathetic, and have no real love. I could...
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Okay, So Yes we all know that Leyton/Pucas ended up together and it probably breaks ব্রুকাস্‌ অনুরাগী hearts...& yes i am one of them.
But even though Lucas and Peyton ended up together does that mean we have to forget About Lucas and Brooke? Because truthfully no one can forget about them even the Leyton অনুরাগী and no one will forget about them. They made OTH the way it is (other than Naley) but we aren’t discussing them are we? :)
So now back to my point প্রণয় can never be forgotten and most lives aren’t fairytales where আপনি get the prince charming. Sometimes people don’t end up with the...
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posted by CheeryEllen93
So I have noticed lately a LOT, and I mean a WHOLE LOT of people are losing faith in BL now that the spawn of seyton is on the way. আপনি gotta keep the faith! প্রণয় IS faith! Remember, true প্রণয় conquers ALL (in the end!) and people that are meant to be together always find their way (in the END). For example, a timeless story in pop culture is the notebook. Noah & Allie are EPIC, even though they only spent a few months together, their প্রণয় went on for 10 years. Allie was engaged to someone else she "loved" but hey, like its said, true প্রণয় just finds its way! Lucas just SETTLES for Seyton,...
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 ..and I probably always will.
..and I probably always will.
I was on OTHforums when someone asked about the ব্রুকাস্‌ break up and I realized I've got so much to say about it.

Brooke on Peyton.

If I remember it correctly:
1] Peyton told Brooke about her feelings for Lucas
2] Brooke found out about the লাইব্রেরি kiss

Peyton telling Brooke about her feelings has a big effect on the ব্রুকাস্‌ break up. Brooke could have forgiven the লাইব্রেরি kiss, she could've chosen to believe that it was innocent, but আপনি cannot do that if আপনি know that Peyton has feelings for Lucas. I know in the Leyton timeline it isn't like that, but in Brooke's it was. Anyone in Brooke's place...
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posted by RealLuvAlwaysBL
The moment that changed it all…the moment that Peyton confessed her প্রণয় for Lucas to Brooke, his girl friend, and her best friend. I realized after back and forth, Leyton vs Brucas, বিতর্ক between myself and equally passionate and respectful LPer, Abs07, just how significant that moment is to me as a Brucaser, but even আরো so as a OTH fan. It disgusted me so much that I had been blaming Peyton, and even Leyton for it ever since. Why do I hate this moment আরো than anything? আরো than Leyton’s affair in Season 1…even Brooke breaking up with Lucas in 4.01? Well, I hate it for what it...
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