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brucas4ever posted on Jan 03, 2011 at 09:22PM
Anyways i'm super bored. and I created this myself
it's called interesting facts.
List 11 interesting facts about yourself that people will be surprised at

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বছরখানেক আগে Broody_4_Cheery said…
bored hannah?
বছরখানেক আগে sophialover said…
HAHA here we go baby:

1. First few months in the BL spot,I disliked Terra with a passion and thought she was the most boring person ever. It took me a while to get used to her but then I grew to adore her. {ILY T,don't you hate me}

2. I might come off as strong but i'm an insecure bitch. I really am. Insecure to the point where I underrestimate myself on purpose. Anyway,i'm a pessimist and never tend to see the good in anything.

3. I love poetry. So fucking much. I've always written poetry myself (in greek ofcource)...it's been a while since I wrote my last poem. But I remember It'd always give me such great pleasure and hope.

4. My dream city is London and it's my lifetime dream to go and live there. It's always been since I was 5. I hate rain though so I might as well get used to that fact first and then travel to England...lol

5. Vintage clothes are my life and probably complete my existence. I also am a complete sucker for peep toe shoes.

6. I feel uncomfortable each and everytime people touch me or hug me or whatever. Especially my hair. I just completely don't like people touching me whatsoever. Only person who I let touching me is my best friend.

7. I feel out of place quite often. Like...I'm pretty sure this is not the right era i'm born in and that I should have lived in another era and everything.

8. There's nothing I adore more when it comes to breakfast than a capuccino. NOTHING.

9. Probably you do know that but here it goes: You people are not just people I talk on the internet. For me...you've just been part of my fucking life and I feel attached to you in ways you'll never imagine. I love you all. SO fucking much. And i'm not even exaggerating,not at all. I ALSO HAVE DREAMT OF US MEETING ONE DAY,MWAHAHA.

10. I'm all for unexpected things happening. I hate programming stuff way to much..I hate having a schedule of things I must do or so...I love it all my heart when something simply comes up and fills my heart with unexpected happiness. I HATE predictability in my life.

11. I used to want to study psychology like crazy but i'm a very analytical person myself and always tend to analyse people and situations that i'm really afraid i'll hate it.
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বছরখানেক আগে Broody_4_Cheery said…
1. When I was like 10/11 me and my then best friend Pam stole raffle tickets from woolies. Lying that they were for our school we then sold them for 20c a ticket and managed to get over $10. I might have been the evil child behind that scam. Let’s just say the year I was friends with her we never ever paid for lollies when we were together, it’s also the year I wore a lot of overalls with their handy pockets. So fact one that may be shocking, I was a thief.

2. When I was more like 9/10 I was in this group, our hang out was the abandoned library at our old school that we broke into and used until they bashed it down. We then converted a tree on the grounds into a kinda tree house, this is where we stashed things we weren’t meant to have like smokes, alcohol, maybe some stuff we took form the old gardening shed before they bashed that down, like spray paint. One day I was marking my spot on the tree and my paint wouldn’t work so I banged it on the tree trunk and it totally exploded and paint went all over my hands. Tracie thought it was a good idea to clean it off with the only liquid we had. Yeah my hands were bright yellow and then smelt like tequila on top of it. We had to sneak by her parents to get to her bathroom. Fact two, I might have done some minor breaking in and tagging too.

3. I never really wagged school, yeah I was kinda a geek (okay as the above states, I was a geek with a different sort of history lol). Well I never wagged unless I was sick and they wouldn’t let me leave in which case I would just sign out and walk out the gate. Except one day when I was 16. I’d been looking for a pentacle that you know called to me, and I found the perfect one in this store in Freo (about an hour on the train from my neighbourhood) and I ordered it in. Now my brother was meant to pick it up for me but he didn’t and I had to pick it up by a certain day, I didn’t wanna miss school so I instead chose to wag a work experience day with my mum’s permission. I asked my friend Tarn to come with and her mum said yes (I love her mum) so we went to freo and had an awesome day. On the way home we had to stop by Tarn’s work and I waited outside, the office is around the corner from our high school and a teacher happened to drive by (hours after school hours) and see me. It happened to be the work experience teacher. I apparently didn’t look sick. Fact three, I’m a geek who got caught the one time they really wagged. And oh yeah, I’m a pagan.

4. When I was 13/14 I accidentally set my friend Cheryl’s room on fire, three times. Only little ones that left maybe hand sized black marks on her carpet. Which we hid with her rug and bed, and the bottom of one of my joggers melted where I stomped on one. Still don’t know if her mother ever noticed. So, I went through a playing with fire stage.

5. When I was 12/13 I did other peoples school work for things like money, food, favours and so on. My specialty was English, Maths and Social Studies. Cassie likes to joke how she got an A and I got a B in maths, like wtf, but it back fired because the teacher wanted her to represent the school in a test, haha of course he didn’t know I was doing all her work. Cassie pretty much fed me lunch that year, which left me to spend my lunch money on… books. A lot of books. Eventually I had two big draws full as well as a few dollhouse shelves worth of books, eventually they all came out and I’m not sure where my mum thinks I got them. By then I was babysitting so whatever. So I was cheating for others and used that to support my bookaholic habit, but in my defence I never cheated on my own work.

6. When I was younger I had a friend Afton. We met and it was like friend soul mates, we had so much in common down to being born two days apart in some random hospital. Afton was whimsical, there was something just otherworldly and innocent about her which was so not me it was like a moth to a flame. She was one of the sweetest kids I ever knew but her family was well… like well not Afton-y and my mum didn’t want me around her and them. So I use to lie, I made up a friend called fuck I don’t remember my fake friends name but pretty much when I was going to Afton’s I said fake friends name. When I was 13/14 I told Mum I was going to a party at Fake friends house, I really went trick or treating with Afton, Halloween isn’t a big thing here but we found this American house and got heaps and then walked around for ages roaming the streets. By the time I rode home it was dark and really late, mum was not impressed. Fact six, friends trump all else, I don’t choose between people I love and my mum really, really doesn’t know me.

7. Though I had a stash of alcohol when I was younger I didn’t like the taste of it til I was 14 and discovered vodka. Oh, that was a fun weekend with Jondy. But by then I had a lot more sense to me and I still was never a big drinker. But there was one night when I was 18, it was new years, I was pretty pissed off at myself because of a recent ending of the only real relationship I’ve ever had, and freaking because I’d skipped my period. There was a big bottle of vodka, a half an hour time frame and me. Mel and Cass were pretty shocked when they saw me the ‘good girl’ had somehow sculled the drink behind their backs, and then preceded to throw up over the poolside. They shoved me in the shower and I fell to sleep reading a book not long after. It’s all caught on film. Fact seven, I’m 22 and have had only one official boyfriend, I have no faith in the male species and I like vodka.

8. For about three years when I was younger I HAD to wear a jacket or long sleeves every time I went out. It was this instinctive urge to cover up that would make me anxious and uncomfortable if I didn’t. When I was 12/13 I was running late getting ready to go to the shops with my friend Bianca and her mom, when they picked me up they rushed me out and I left my jacket at home. It was summer and a hot day (I live in Perth Australia, it gets HOT) and I was wearing this tiny tank top, I felt so exposed and fidgety the moment we got to the shops I bought a jacket. It was this big baggy bright blue thing that after that I constantly wore. It became my favourite, actually no I must have been 13/14, because I got that not long before the Easter I went away with Jondy and yeah discovered Vodka. I remember because I ripped the jacket and it was like new. Fact eight, I’m weird and was like a major tomboy. I also don’t like large spaces, open spaces, being surrounded by people, not being in the corner and also having doors to my back. Anything that makes me feel exposed is bad. When I have a bad day and feel too anxious I go for a walk and sit in the middle of a park to force myself out of my comfort zone, I then listen to music, read or draw or all three until I calm down and get back to normal.

9. About a year or so ago I was attacked by magpies on my way to Cassie’s place, twice in two different spots. I remember when I was younger my mum use to say to keep my head down around them so my eyes don’t get poked out, my grandparents live in the hills so there are lots of bush and trees, but I never cared because I was never so much as swooped at. Until that day. Twice. Bloody 21 years of nothing and then TWICE in one day. My head was bleeding and I had a headache. Cass of course laughed her head of about it and now calls me Maggie Whore and I call her Clown Whore, another story all together, and for months and still sometimes now I clench my fist, look down and get nervous whenever I see a magpie. Fact 9, I have a fear of some stupid bird. Yeah a bird.

10. Shameful, truly shameful. Really what does this say about my taste? Get ready. My guilty pleasure is Bold and the Beautiful. Has been since like forever. I love and hate it. I either have to watch every episode daily or refuse to so much as have it on in the house to the point I won’t even listen to it and will yell at anyone who has it on. My all time fave character is Bridget and I hate Nick but think they are meant for each other, though I would kill for Deacon to come back. I’ve spent a lot of time screaming at my TV at that skank Brooke. I call it BB. I read articles in soap mags. I complain about Phoebe and Steffy going from identical twins to two totally non-related actresses.

11. And finally. Fact eleven. I don’t like ice cream, especially vanilla. Fine look at me strangely, if you ever see me eating an ice cream (not sorbet, I love sorbet) know I’m really cringing inside and only having it to be polite. And I never eat the chocolate outside first because then I would be stuck with just the ice cream part. Ew. And never ever attempt to feed me soft served, that I wouldn’t eat even to be polite. This counts for milkshakes.

i hope i made you shocked at least once and laugh at least once. dude it was hard thinking of 11 things none of you know and thst i would be willing to share :P
বছরখানেক আগে brucas4ever said…
Mickei you were quite the criminal!
and Mary you are freaking epic, lmao London.

I'll give it a try:

1. I'm beyond OCD with numbers, i hate even numbers. They make me want to kill myself. That's why this game has 11 because i can't bring myself to write 10. It's beyond normal, like i'll only wear my favorite outfits on odd days, and i'll blame everything on even numbers. If i fail a math test it has too many even numbers or smth. I won't walk in a room with an even number of people in there. It's really bad, my family tried to get me help but i can't deal with nothing fixes it. And now you guys know i'm crazy. I believe my parents named me Hannah just to spite me.

2.THIS is prob pretty shocking. I was HOME SCHOOLED until 7th grade, when my mom got a job. I absolutely hated it, it made me feel like a freak. It was super boring, i made all my friends through my sport soccer( i miss it so much) or just random clubs i was in. It was awful, and i would never recommend it to anyone. Now i guess i'm some jungle freak right?

3. Ever since this summer, and a lot of events that happened this year, i'm afraid. I don't let anyone in. I don't talk or see any of my old friends I used to consider best friends/siblings. I don't let anyone in my life. I shut down when someone wants to talk about something, i pretend to be okay around everyone, but inside i'm dying for anyone to talk to. I mean i do have friends not any i would confide in. So now i'm kinda a loner.

4.I deleted my tumblr but then i created a new one, this one I use to talk about everything that's going on in my life. It's kind of like my own personal diary online because none of my siblings can access it because they have no clue. It helps me get through a lot of things. I guess i'm secretive

5.I HATE being a twin. It's horrible, i'm the clumsy, ugly, fat one. And he's the jock, everyone loves him. Don't get me wrong i love him to death. But i hate hate hate it. I don't tell anyone about it and neither does he. It's not that were ashamed of each other were just not meant to be twins. Nothing alike besides how clumsy we are. Idkk i just hate it. I mean growing up with 7siblings is hard enough, without being over shadowed by your twin. I guess i'm insecure.

6.There is someone i hate right now. They are someone who is very close to me. I lie to their face and say that i'm okay with them when i'm not. What he/she has done is beyond what anyone one in their role should be doing. They are breaking my family apart and for that i hate them. I hate how they've changed in the past few years. They act different and because of them i can't see my aunt whom i've always been able to tell everything to. I guess i'm a bitch aswell

7. I want to go to college out of state sooooo badly. I need a break from here. Not Chicago i love it here but i just need to leave somethings behind. Even though i know i'll miss my family i really want to go to school in Boston. So everyone cross your fingers i do epic on the ACT and get the hell out of here.

8. I love colorful socks. They are the best long or short. Crazy designs? EVEN BETTER. Idk i'm such a dork with them but i love them their sooooooooo fun.

9. My hopes and dreams all revolve around English. I want to be a book editor only because i know i can't be a writer. Although i love writing with a passion, i'm not very good at it. I'm the entertainment editor for my school newspaper and I LOVE IT. It's the best, it's just words express so much. Lyrics, books have helped me get through so much I can't betray them and do something else. I might want to be a High School English teacher but idk, not very fond of kids. I guess this means i'm boring?

10.I HATE KIDS. They are demons, i don't know why a person would reproduce. I mean America is just getting more and more fucked up with each generation, I know i won't live in America in the future because of this. Kids are just nasty with their sticky fingers, and crying. Just shut the fuck up. Your nasty and stupid, so leave me alone you little brat. Ughhh they just drive me insane, i hate babysitting but i need money so i have to. Just the way their mind patterns are pisses me off. There are some exceptions to the rules though. I guess this mean i'm not compassionate.

11. I can be a big bitch to people. I don't take shit from anyone if you do something to hurt me i'm going to bitch you out. I feel like i'm strong in the sense that i don't let people push me around. And I look around and i see people in controlling relationships and it pisses me off, don't let other people control you it's your life. I have super defensive. I think this is because I'm protecting myself from getting hurt. OR it could just be that i'm a crazy Italian bitch that talks SUPER LOUD. LMFAO I guess this means i'm annoying?
বছরখানেক আগে Jessica4695 said…
1. Me and my mother do not work together at all. We fight all the time and some months ago it was so bad that my grandma thought about me moving in with her,but she lives 5 hours away and i didn't want to leave my dad and my friends here, so i decided to stay and i don't think its getting better with us,because i ALWAYS fire back, but i still love her.. most of the time at least.

2. This is kind of random,but whatever: I hate spiders,seriously.I can't stand them and when I see one in my room I scream like there is no tomorrow and i don't sleep in my room for days because i think that there are probably more of those things and my room is pretty big so you never know.

3. I'm always very nice on the internet,like youtube,tumblr and fanpop, but when somebody says something against me or my friends in front of me (for example in school) i'm getting really loud there and can't shut my mouth and nobody has a chance to say anything back because i always come up with very good arguments. Many of my friends respect me for that because i ALWAYS say what i think even in front of teachers,they say they wouldn't have the guts to speak like that to teachers, but i don't care,because teachers are humans just like us so i don't really care what they think of me and that already brought me into alot of trouble..

4. I love it when people have a well-groomed appearance,especially white teeths and good looking hair.I kind of have an obsession there,when somebody has white teeths i already liked them and think they are very pretty, I think this has to do with my mom because she always told me to brush my teeths so they look good and i don't know, i think its really weird,but oh well.

5.When i finish school i want to go to america soo badly and i can't wait till school is over because then i'll pack my bags and leave,my family already knows about my plans and they say that they will support me. There are many reasons why i want to go to america,but a little one that no one knows about is, that i want to try myself as an actress, I already save alot of money so that i can get out for 1 year and i know my chances are REALLY low and i think i won't make it and all,so i have realistic plans on my side,to what to study after this 1 year,BUT i at least want to try it ! ... so don't laugh at me.

6.My childhood wasn't so good.. not in this way that i got beat up all the time or anything like that! but when i was little i lived 1-2 years with my grandma & aunt (i'm from germany and they live in slovakia= 5-6hours away) because after i was born my mom wanted to go to work right away,same for my dad, my mom was a ballett-dancer & my dad always build up the stage and took care of the light and stuff,so they always went on tour and they just sent me away, and my grandma couldn't take care of me all the time either, so for me it was like : i lived 2 weeks with my grandma,then 1 week with my aunt, then 1 month with my grandma again,then 1 week with my grandpa (they got divorced) and then i was sent to germany again to live with my grand-aunt (she lives 3 hours away from my home) and that was till i was like 4 or 5 and could get into kindergarden and afterwarts I lived with a family that i HATED so much because the mother was aways very mean to me,but i don't know i always felt like my parents didn't care what happened.

7. My friends are very important to me, i would never betray them in any way, because i know how that feels like! Whenever they have aproblem they know they can come to me because i never judge them or anything.

8. RANDOM FACT AGAIN: I LOVE to sleep,when i come home from school the first think i do is go to bed and sleep for some hours! I'm very lazy and i want to sleep all the time and sometimes i even sleep in school. I don't know why , but i just do and NOTHING can stop that. :)

9. I love kids,but i don't want any later for me. I know it sounds weird because whenever i see a kid my whole face lits up and all my friend see that and they know i LOVE kids and all,but my aunt went through some trouble when she was pregnant and i'm so scared that this will happen to me,too and i'm scared that i will be a bad mom,because y'know (fact #1) my mom isn't so great and in some ways i'm just like her... I'll wait and see,but if i ever get pregnant ;abortion would never ever be a chance for me or anything,i wouldn't think about that a second!

10. I wish i had a big brother :/ lmao, I think it would be so cool if he would be popular in school and could always protect me and take care of me,thats a wish i always had :D

11. I love my aunt to death! She's just amazing and has a great personality and she's beautiful. I think she's one of the most important people in my life and i admire her,because she went through so many horrible things and she's still such a bubbly and funny and optimistic person<3

well that was long :)
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