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Toy bears-We're going to have a party today!!!!!
Owner of the bears-That's wonderful everyone!!! :D
Toy bears-*Hugs the owner*
Owner of the bears-This is soo cute!! *Eats a cupcake*
Toy bears-*Does our happy dance* :D
Owner of the bears-*Also does a happy dance*
Owner of the bears-I have an idea guys!! :D
Toy bears-What is it??!! :-)
Owner of the bears-I could ask my mom if we could go to Build A ভালুক Workshop,and maybe I could build a toy there.
Toy bears-YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(5 মিনিট later)
Owner of the bears-*Goes to Build A ভালুক Workshop* We're here now!!!!!
Toy bears-Hooray!!!!!!!!
Owner of the bears-*Builds a toy dog* Bears meet our new friend I would like to call Twinkle Puppy
Toy bears-YAY!!!!!Hi there Twinkle Puppy!!
The End. :D