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[Joe Jonas]
Words don't come easy without a melody
I'm always thinking In terms of do-re-mi
I should be hiking, swimming laughing with you
Instead I'm all out of tune

But what আপনি don't know
You lift me off the ground
You're inspiration, আপনি helped me find myself
Just like a baseline a half-time
You hold down the groove
That's why I'm counting on you

And if I heard আপনি on the radio
I'd never wanna change a single note
It's what I tried to say all along
You're my পছন্দ song

I'm in a session লেখা tracks
You've got another class to teach
And then rehearsal with a band
You're always one step out of...
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November 7
camp rock 2 the final জ্যাম
নিক জোন্স্‌
introducing me
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হৃদয় And Soul Lyrics
Oh বছর alright umm
Gather ’round guys
It’s time to start listenin
Practice makes perfect
But perfects not workin’
Theres a law out ’bout music
That no one really cues gonna be
You can play all the right notes
But that don’t mean আপনি সরানো with me
But if আপনি can jump
Like David Lee Roth
Or পাম্প your fist like your brooms the boss
If আপনি got a হৃদয় and soul
You can rock and roll
Rock and roll
Slide across from runnin’
The stage is your প্রথমপাতা if আপনি learn how to own it
Like the great Stid
There’s no way that আপনি can fake it
You’ve got to feel the beat before...
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Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo

Nobody's gona wana get পরবর্তি to me
Cause they know (they know)
I'll take this one I wont let it go
Doesn't' matter how আপনি approach the scene
Just go (just go)
You're everything আপনি want when আপনি hit the door

I dare আপনি to challenge me
I'm begging for mercy please
Just watch! I'll give আপনি something to follow
Cause I've been waiting so patiently ( to the left )
Got আগুন come outa me
I faught আপনি up again, I'm just letting আপনি know
(I keep givin আপনি the)
We bring the fire
I'm a heat it up
Under my control
Here's the night that you've been waiting for
I'm a light it up
Gota make...
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