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Hines: Now listen, I'm just bored as আপনি are.. But we're gonna all listen as this dork finishes his little useless yackedy yack yack.

Yomanshi: I don't think they were fooled coach.
Hines: Is that what আপনি THINK Yomanshi!? Maybe that's because আপনি decided to start standing in open territory!

Hines: STOP IT! অথবা I WILL SET আপনি ON FIRE!!

Hines: I swear to god in heaven I will turn your eyes into scrambled eggs.. DON'T ASK ME HOW!!

Hines: Out there.. Is our enemy.. The norwood, academy for deranged boys... And they.. Would like nothing...
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Anderson: Please support the official release, আপনি protestant fuckbucket.

Alucard: Well. Now that's over with. Let's go back to my place and eat my পছন্দ cereal- (gets decapitacated)
Anderson: Now that that's over with, let's go to my place and eat my পছন্দ cereal- (Sara's gone) AHH SON OF A PROSITION WHORE!
Anderson: Well. আপনি know what time it is.. (Rape time)

Anderson: So what can I do for you, Father O'Mally'O'Connel'O'Carrol'O'Reilly'O'Brian'O'Sullivan... ah-who is also Italian?

Intergra: আপনি do realise. This is a great violation of our agreement.
Anderson: Oh. And...
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Most people wouldn't considered Joker a genius.
But when আপনি REALLY think about.. Joker is smarter than আপনি realize.. WAY smarter.

The thing about the Joker is that he doesn't see his acts as bad অথবা as good.. he convinces himself, he is the only sane person in the world, perhaps with the exception of the bat. It is everyone else who hides their true selves under false masks of humanity, and make-believe tales of such delusonal ideas as love, kindness, law, and order. His whole existence is an attempt to strip these delusions away and reveal people for the selfish, depraved, chaotic...
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I'm not joking. His stories are আরো SAD than frightening. Like a rape victim child brought into a camp which only has ONE purpose... Further traumatize her.. And worse yet, a little boy didn't take a corrupt Guru too seriously. So he tricked the boy's gullible parents into believing he'll a curse their family and he is completely unloved দ্বারা them for the rest of his life. He also can't even marry. Basically his ENTIRE life is ruined, all because of that fuckin Guru asshole!

This is the point behind just about ALL his videos.
As already...
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Phillip Clyde: I'm going to kill আপনি both. Then, I'm going to drain all your blood, take out your bones, put your body in a big chair with some elves and reindeer, and sit on your lap and tell আপনি all the cool shit I want for Christmas.
Elliot Salem: This guy *clearly* had a messed up childhood.
Tyson Rios: [scoff] Ya think?

Phillip Clyde: No problem, fuck-o.
[gives the middle finger and jumps off the ship]
Elliot Salem: "Fuck-o"?. Who says that!?

Phillip Clyde: I'm gonna kill আপনি both, slice আপনি open and go to an aerobics class waring your intestines for leg warmers!
Elliot Salem: I mean...
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Clay: Johnny ain't gonna be cool if your messing with her again.
Trevor: Oh really, let's ask him. (lifts foot) নমস্কার cowboy? আপনি mind that I fucked your old lady? Oh, what's that, আপনি DON'T mind.. Wha- because your a dead man!? And the only scented part of আপনি left is this little piece of brain! And the grizzle on the end of my boot! WELL THANK আপনি VERY MUCH COWBOYYY!
Trevor: Oh I LIKE IT, denial! That's the first part of the grieving process brothers. Now let's all hold hands.
Clay: THIS BETTER BE BULLSHIT! (they all ride off)
Trevor: Oh, where আপনি guys going!? LET'S GO LADIES!...
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Major: Destory EVERYTHING!
Nazi: Even লন্ডন bridge.
Major: Yes. Yes. লন্ডন Bridge is falling down. We all know the song.
The Doktor: Zhe Holocaust Museum?
The Major: Leave zhat be. No one vill deny vhat ve did.

Alucard: Walter, do আপনি know what my শীর্ষ three পছন্দ things I've killed are? Third is the Turks. সেকেন্ড is Nazis. Can আপনি guess the first?
Walter: Your father?
Alucard: (Claps) Nailed it!

Anderson: আপনি will witness what happens what here today, and আপনি will will speak of it later.. Except আপনি won't. BECAUSE I'LL KILL YEAH! (dramatic laughter).

Alucard: What's wrong demigod!?...
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POST: I don't want my baby boy to he straight, I want it gay.. If it's straight, I'll put it to adoption straight away!
ME: Don't worry little lady. If your the kids first impression of what a woman is, he'll either be gay অথবা a serial killer..

POST: I'm bored.. Somebody fuck be.
ME: I would, but আপনি might cough on me, and I might catch your stupid.

POST: How do Christians reproduce, if they think sex is a sin, how do they have babies!?
ME: No, no, your mistaking Christians for temblr feminists., they consider আপনি a rapist for "having a penis"

POST: Who trying to get me pregnant?...
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Why dose everyone hate Advanced Warfare?

I can never stop playing the story.
My brother as well.

We both agree it's the BEST call of duty game so far.

Though I enjoy the black ops series a lot আরো than he dose.
Mostly because of Frank Woods.
Whom I doubt will be in the third.

In fact I don't know WHERE their going with the third.

But I have a sense that it involves a NEW story and new set of characters..

I don't have a lot of hope for it.
But yet, it's on my বড়দিন তালিকা anyway.

The thing about CoD.

It doesn't seem to matter how dumb the plot is.

There's always the sense of "everything is overdramatic".
So it keeps me entertained..
 Frank Woods
Frank Woods
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Welcome to the block, where a group of ponies that are বন্ধু live on the same block in Ponyville. And now for your hosts, Master Sword, and Tom Foolery.

Audience: *Cheering*
Master Sword & Tom: *Standing in front of a house*
Master Sword: Warner Brothers is at it again!
Audience: *Laughing*
Tom: What did they do this time?
Master Sword: They want to sue us for ripping off this TV প্রদর্শনী they created called F Troop, even though they gave us permission to do it.
Tom: What?
Master Sword: In one of our skits, The Story Of Corporal Agarn, it's based off of F Troop, and Warner Brothers created...
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You don't even have to know the চলচ্চিত্র to know who Jason is. And he gave us a new look at old hockey masks..

He's scary, he's funny, he's friggin Freddy Krueger!
Like Jason, he became one of the biggest names in স্ল্যাশ movie.
And the greatest evil laugh. পরবর্তি to, well, many others, but still..

Once more, He is the biggest names in স্ল্যাশ movie..

I myself make fun of him. He is a bit of an idiot, he keeps monologing, and had so many chances to do that spell on Andy, but didn't.
But still. We all know who he is. And we all প্রণয় that...
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WE WERE WARNED. For months Rob told us there was a spirit-shattering tale of Pokemon-y wrongness out there, and we laughed at him. He ব্যক্ত it was the worst অনুরাগী fiction he’d seen, and we waved him off. We taunted him, begged him to fucking প্রদর্শনী it. We were so innocent then. How could we know? How could we possibly prepare ourselves for the depths this story would go to?

The Pokemon story went to lengths as bad as Lara Croft and Squick, but it did it in the lovingly cutesy world of Pokemon. This, frankly, was bad enough to put it at the শীর্ষ of the list. The things that...
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