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posted by Seanthehedgehog
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SeanTheHedgehog Presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Bartholomew, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 24


May 17, 1953

Ah. Good old Cheyenne Wyoming. The town that always starts an episode of Ponies On The Rails, but not for this one. No, this episode starts off in San Diego.

Orion: *Stops freight train at docks*
Dock Worker: Thanks a lot Orion.
Orion: No problem. Now, to head over to that train station, and get a passenger train back to Cheyenne.
Dock Worker: Uh, actually, your boss just called. He ব্যক্ত আপনি have to stay here for the night.
Orion: What? B-b-but, I always drive the passenger train from here to Cheyenne. Why doesn't he want me to do that?
Dock Worker: I don't know, call him.
Orion: No, I have a better idea. I am going to do something terrible, and my boss will have to আগুন me!
Dock Worker: If আপনি don't want to work for him, why don't আপনি just quit?
Orion: I can't do that. It would make things obvious, and Pete would try to kill me. However, if I get fired, he won't kill me.
Dock Worker: Jeez. আপনি railroad workers *Walks away*

In Cheyenne

Pete: Gordon, I have to go deal with something down in Silver City.
Gordon: Whoa. They have an entire city made of silver?
Pete: No, that's just the name of the city. It's in New Mexico.
Gordon: Oh. So, why are আপনি telling me this?
Pete: You're in charge.
Gordon: Me? This is awesome! I'm going to do the greatest things this railroad ever witnessed.
Pete: Yep. Just do what it says on this paper *Gives Gordon paper*
Gordon: *Reading paper* আপনি got it.
Pete: Don't fuck anything up, অথবা you'll get suspended from work for three months.
Gordon: Okay, I get it. আপনি want me to be responsible for once.
Pete: Okay. I just want to make sure *Leaves office* God, why does Gordon have to be the secondary in command?

After Pete left, Gordon decided to make a phone call.

Gordon: *Waiting for operator to pick up*
Operator: Operator?
Gordon: This is the Cheyenne train station, for the Union Pacific. We'd like a ডেস্ক for one of our offices.
Operator: Who would আপনি like to speak to?
Gordon: যীশু christ, get me the fucking টেবিল company, অথবা whatever the fuck that place is where they sell desks.
Operator: One moment sir. *Connecting call to ডেস্ক servicing*
ডেস্ক seller: Hello, this is ডেস্ক servicing. How may I help you?
Gordon: Get me a ডেস্ক made out of oak wood to the Cheyenne train station immediately.
ডেস্ক seller: How would আপনি like the ডেস্ক delivered?
Gordon: দ্বারা train.
ডেস্ক seller: আপনি got it. We'll have the ডেস্ক loaded onto one of your trains.
Gordon: Thank you. *Hangs up*
Hawkeye: *Arrives* How are things going?
Gordon: None of your business, go away.
Hawkeye: আপনি haven't done one thing that Pete told আপনি to do yet. Haven't you?
Gordon: Nope. Get out.
Hawkeye: Alright, but Pete isn't going to be happy to hear about this. *Leaves office*

Ten মিনিট later

Orion: *Lands at trainyard*
Percy: Whoa! Orion, where did আপনি come from?
Orion: San Diego.
Percy: How did আপনি get here so fast?
Orion: I flew at high altitudes. Where's Pete?
Percy: He went down to Silver City.
Orion: There's a city made entirely out of silver? Where?
Percy: *Facehoof* Silver City New Mexico.
Orion: Oh. If Pete's not here, who's in charge?
Percy: If I tell you, will আপনি promise not to freak out?
Orion: I bet আপনি it's Hawkeye.
Percy: No, it's Gordon.
Orion: Now I really want to get fired. *Going to office*
Metal Gloss: *Blowing horn on train*
Orion: *Runs onto platform at station*
Metal Gloss: *Stops train*
Orion: Why is there a freight car on your passenger train?
Metal Gloss: Why don't আপনি open the door, and find out?
Orion: *Opens door to freight car* It's a desk. What's this doing here?
Metal Gloss: According to the ponies লোড হচ্ছে it into the car, they ব্যক্ত it was for Gordon.
Orion: Oh no. *Runs to office*
Metal Gloss: Hey! Who's going to help me get this thing out of here?
Orion: *Arrives at office*
Gordon: *On phone* Okay president Eisenhower, anything আপনি say.
Orion: Gordon-
Gordon: Yeah, yeah. I'll call আপনি back in forty minutes, and আপনি can send someponies down here, and take them all.
Eisenhower: Good. We could use some আরো of those.
Gordon: Alrighty then Mr. President. Goodbye *Hangs up* What is it?
Orion: A ডেস্ক for আপনি has arrived.
Gordon: Ah, good *runs to platform*
Metal Gloss: *Gets ডেস্ক out of freight car*
Gordon: Get away from that, আপনি don't know what you're doing!
Metal Gloss: *Gets away from table*
Gordon: *Examining table* You're lucky this didn't get damaged!
Metal Gloss: *Runs away*
Gordon: Now Orion, help me get this ডেস্ক into my office, অথবা you're fired.
Orion: আপনি want to আগুন me if I don't help with the desk?
Gordon: Yeah, আপনি got a problem with that?
Orion: No, no, I want to be fired.
Gordon: Well tough shit. I won't give আপনি the satisfaction.
Orion: *Groaning*

After three মিনিট of arguing, and moving a টেবিল

Gordon & Orion: *Gently place ডেস্ক in office*
Gordon: Thank আপনি for your assistance.
Orion: Yeah, sure *Walks away*
Percy: *Arrives* So this is the ডেস্ক আপনি ordered.
Gordon: That's right. I bet আপনি don't know what kind of wood this is.
Percy: It's oak.
Gordon: Nope. It's oak.
Percy: *shrugs* Whatever *Leaves office*

Stylo was পরবর্তি to arrive in Cheyenne. He just finished bringing a freight from Chicagoat.

Stylo: *Going towards coupling*
Metal Gloss: Stylo.
Stylo: What is it?
Metal Gloss: It's Gordon. Pete left him in charge, and now he's bossing us around.
Stylo: Alright. Where's Pierce?
Hawkeye: *arrives* Say my name, and I'll appear.
Stylo: Okay. What are we going to do about Gordon?
Hawkeye: Leave it to me. We'll go into his office, and sell the desk. Then, he'll have nothing.
Stylo: If আপনি say so. Let's do it. *Goes to station*
Hawkeye: *Following Stylo*

Inside the office

Gordon: *on phone* So, what do আপনি think of St. Foalis so far?
Coffee Creme: It's good, but I've been here before.
Gordon: আপনি have? When?
Coffee Creme: Remember when me, and Hawkeye had to go pick up a few engines from the Baltimare & Ohio?
Gordon: Oh yeah. Then he tricked me, and got me suspended from work!
Hawkeye: *Arrives with Stylo* Hello hello hello.
Gordon: What do আপনি want?
Hawkeye: We just wanted to take a look around.
Coffee Creme: Who's there?
Gordon: *Checks clock* Uh, Coff, I'll be right back *Hangs up* Listen আপনি two, I have to wait for a very important call from President Eisenhower.
Stylo: *Laughing*
Hawkeye: *Laughing* You're pulling our leg.
Gordon: No I'm not! I'm making a deal with him to get rid of every steam locomotive we have here. আপনি gotta take the call, while I use the bathroom. *Walks to bathroom*
Stylo: Alright. Now what do we do?
Hawkeye: Well, *Takes phone, and sits on desk* Let's get that call for him. Shall we?
Stylo: Yeah.
Hawkeye: *Calling the president*
Operator: Operator?
Hawkeye: What are আপনি waiting for? Get me the President of the United States!
Operator: One moment sir.
Stylo: Hahahahaha!
Hawkeye: Gordon is going to go apeshit when he hears his deal goes off.
Stylo: If he made one of course.
Hawkeye: Oh yeah.
President: Hello?
Hawkeye: Hello, is this President Dwight D. Eisenhower?
President: Yeah. Who is this?
Hawkeye: Wha- Well don't আপনি recognize my voice আপনি numnut? This is Gordon Suite!
President: Oh yeah.
Hawkeye: Listen, the deal for those steam engines are off, আপনি can find another railroad willing to give them to you-
Gordon: *Arrives* আপনি got him, good! Now get off the desk, and give me my phone *Takes phone* Hello?
President: Yeah? I'm still here.
Gordon: Good. I'm so glad আপনি took the time to call me back.
President: I called you?
Gordon: Yes, আপনি ব্যক্ত আপনি would when আপনি made up your mind about the deal.
President: Earlier আপনি ব্যক্ত আপনি wouldn't give those steam locomotives to me.
Gordon: I did not.
Stylo: *Leaning on desk*
Gordon: Off the desk!
Stylo: *Gets off desk*
President: Look, Mr. Suite, whatever you're trying to do, it's not working. Goodbye *Hangs up*
Gordon: I can't believe that happened.
Hawkeye: Well it could've gone worse.
Gordon: How?
Stylo: Like this *Smashes desk*
Gordon: MY DESK!!
Hawkeye: Oh, that was your's? I'm sorry.
Gordon: Pierce! How could you?!
Stylo: What are আপনি blaming him for? I'm the one that broke the desk.
Gordon: Get out, both of you!!

পরবর্তি day, Pete returned

Percy: Sir, you're back.
Pete: Yep, and I'm proud to be back.
Percy: Good.
Gordon: Sir, I need your help!
Pete: Oh boy. What is it now?
Gordon: I bought a desk, and Stylo smashed it!
Pete: So?
Gordon: So?! It was my desk, and they destroyed it!
Pete: I don't care, as long as they didn't break anything that belongs to me.
Gordon: Like this? *Breaks window*
Pete: Suspension, three months, leave!
Gordon: Aw! *Leaves*

The End

On the পরবর্তি episode of Ponies On The Rails

Orion continues to try, and get fired.

SeanTheHedgehog. Copyright, 2014
 Robotnik: Pingas!
Robotnik: Pingas!
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#1: RAYES:
The whole thing with Arabraham Rayes is sad when আপনি think about it.. Mexico was overruled দ্বারা the sadistic pedophile, Agustin Allente of the mexican army.. It's not hard to see why everyone wants him dead. And after killing De Santa, and that one eyed guy.. আপনি finally put a bullet in him and Bill Williamson. And Mexico belongs to Abraham Rayes.. But Rayes quickly proves thoughout the events of the story not to be the heroic man that the rebels, and espically Luisa, believe him yo be. She thinks he loves her. But John awkwardly finds him having sex with some woman, not even any memory...
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I thought I'd প্রদর্শনী আরো on AlexMane's character, দ্বারা retelling his version of all this.


Luna: (now a book publisher as a way to make a little extra money) (enraged) আপনি DIDN'T WRITE ANYTHING!?

Alex: Look, I been bus-

Luna: The book was about YOU, about YOUR life!.. Your just lazy.

Alexmane: And a drunk!

Luna: Wha-

AlexMane: Not joking, I'm drunk wait "now".

Luna: Well.. That explains the smell.



AlexMane: (having been fired দ্বারা Luna, for having spent 12 months not...
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