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posted by LowriLorenza89
In this প্রবন্ধ I'm going to তালিকা adjectives describing Captain রাজহাঁস and then name 5 scenes অথবা moments which I think fit the description.

1. The sofa চুম্বন in season 6.
2. The রান্নাঘর চুম্বন in season 6.
3. The Neverland kiss.
4. The চুম্বন at the end of their first date.
5. Killian tying the scarf bandage with his teeth.

1. Dancing together in Snow Drifts.
2. Their first date.
3. The horse ride and the চুম্বন in the middlemist meadow.
4. Killian reminding Emma of her story to restore her confidence.
5. Emma asking Killian to সরানো in with her.

1. Saying goodbye in the Underworld.
2. Killian's death...
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1. As the main character, and as a character who has lived in our world rather than in the fairy-tale world, I think that Emma needs a আরো complicated প্রণয় story than most, which Captain রাজহাঁস provides.
2. Both Emma and Killian know what it's like to be abandoned and to grow up as orphans.
3. They both have turned to crime in their pasts.
4. Both have experienced a প্রণয় interest die in their arms as a result of having a হৃদয় crushed.
6. Both have also had their own hearts metaphorically broken দ্বারা a past love.
7. All of the parallels with Snowing, Emma's parents and THE true প্রণয় couple of the series....
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Question: Once Upon a Time‘s Henry/Neal/Emma rocked “Manhattan.” What’s পরবর্তি for my পছন্দ family? —Patti

Answer: What’s next? Uh, major complications. ”Emma’s not going to forgive Neal অথবা ask for him to be in her life romantically, but she at least feels that it would probably be best for Henry to have Neal in his life,” Jennifer Morrison told TVLine’s Matt Mitovich. “But in the midst of Emma asking Neal [about that], it’s revealed to her that he has a fiancee, a whole life that’s been going on. So, that definitely is complicated!”

So this is the best thing for our ship. Emma is left with only one possible suitor and that's HOOK. Our ship has set sail. Let's celebrate with some run, shall we :D
My শীর্ষ Five Kisses
1. The চুম্বন at the end of season 3.
2. The Neverland kiss.
3. The চুম্বন in the middlemist meadow.
4. The sofa kiss.
5. The চুম্বন at the end of their first date.

My শীর্ষ Five Hugs
1. The hug in Operation নকুল Part 2 when Emma learns that Killian had survived.
2. The hug in Smash The Mirror Part 2.
3. Killian comforting Emma after Snow's apparent death.
4. The hug in The Song In Your Heart.
5. The hug at the docks in Best Laid Plans.

My শীর্ষ Five Hand Holding/Touching Moments
1. Hand holding while saying goodbye in the Underworld.
2. Hand holding on their first date.
3. Warming up Emma's...
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"I was hoping it'd be you."
"Don't think I'm taking my eyes off আপনি for a second." "I would despair if আপনি did."
"You know, most men would take your silence as off-putting, but I প্রণয় a challenge."
"You're something of an open book."
Killian recognising Emma's হারিয়ে গেছে look.
"Love's been all too rare in your life, hasn't it? Have আপনি ever even been in love?"
Killian bandaging Emma's hand with his scarf and tying it with his teeth.
"I'm always a gentleman."
Emma noticing Killian's Milah tattoo and realising that he হারিয়ে গেছে আরো than his hand to Rumplestilskin.
"For someone who's never been in love,...
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posted by delenasalvatore
I was on Eonline's spoiler chat page, and even though the spoilers were about various different shows, the only things people were posting মতামত on were Captain Swan. The nice মতামত were very very nice, but the bad মতামত were, well...they all looked as if they had been written দ্বারা the same person. (They hadn't). Believe me, I do try to stay away from stuff like that, but there are times when আপনি can't avoid it. What was strange though, was that they were all arguments (if আপনি can call them that), I had heard before.

1. "Captain রাজহাঁস are 'forced' " (Also, "Captain রাজহাঁস is 'rushed' ")....
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In 'The Perks of Being A Wallflower', Charlie witnesses an upsetting incident between his older sister and her boyfriend, and is troubled when she stays with him. Charlie asks his English teacher "Why do nice people choose the wrong people to date?" His teacher tells him: "We accept the প্রণয় we think we deserve."
"Can we make them know they deserve more?" Charlie asks. "We can try," the teacher replies.
I was thinking about this quote in the context of Swanfire and CS and certain things Emma ব্যক্ত about Neal which I think probably confused CS shippers and made Swanfire অনুরাগী feel justified in...
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Do আপনি know how Emma and Hook’s relationship will evolve ?

I think that Hook is sincerely attracted to Emma. She has a big personality and an iron will which can only seduce him. They feel a sort of mutual respect because they are alike in many aspects. Not sure that their relations will become romantic however, because for now, Emma has mostly the habit of tying me down to what she can find to prevent me from following her. I spent a big part of my time on the প্রদর্শনী tied down দ্বারা the way. Personally, I don’t see any problem in that. Anyway, Hook is pretty good at getting himself out of any...
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This is from Nerdy Girl Notes review of 3x06 link and is NOT mine!

I was shocked when Hook became the first one to tell his secret. He had nothing to gain দ্বারা telling his secret at all, let alone going first. But he knew that in order for Emma to get to Neal - to the man Hook thinks is her happiness - he had to prove that this was how the cave worked, so he did the honorable thing - and he did it for her happiness. Colin O' Donoghue was excellent once again in this episode, especially in the smallest details, such as the way he seemed to steel himself before sharing his secret, knowing he's about...
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posted by dacastinson
“I like to be surprised when I watch television, and nothing on টেলিভিশন right now is surprising me আরো than Captain Hook’s sincere feelings for Emma. Their initial flirtation in this episode was very cute (the bit about perms was hilarious), and I liked that Emma actually seemed to be bantering with him and flirting with him rather than just rolling her eyes. The girl needs something to make her smile, and I think Hook could be exactly that.All of that initial flirting culminated in the scene where Hook once again offers Emma রাম to heal her wounds. I’m continually impressed with...
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 source: tumblr, দাখিল হয়েছে to ফ্যানপপ দ্বারা dacastinson
source: tumblr, submitted to fanpop by dacastinson
I have a confession to make: I am currently in the throes of an addiction. An addiction to Captain Swan. The absence of any new scenes of them has only succeeded in making it worse. I have now resorted to googling 'Emma and Hook' every দিন অথবা so in case I come across some wonderful spoilers/pics/news of them. Pretty soon, I discovered that not everybody liked অথবা supported the shipping of Emma and Hook, and I realised that although their popularity seemed to be strong, there were a lot of arguments against them too. I thought it was worth looking at some of them in আরো depth, because in my...
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This was originally পোষ্ট হয়েছে দ্বারা link and is NOT MINE.

At this point it's evident that Hook is the most honorable male figure পরবর্তি to Charming. He chose to put his feelings aside, and reveal the secret he knew could possibly ruin his chances of being with Emma. True প্রণয় is selflessness. Killian Jones became the notorious villain Captain Hook the moment Milah was murdered in front of him. Killian Jones returned the moment he chose Emma and a life of nobility again. Fundamentally, everything he's done on this journey has been for Emma. There's no denying that he's in প্রণয় with her now: "I never...
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"There's not a দিন will go I won't think of you." - Hook in 3x11
"...Not a দিন goes দ্বারা that I have not thought of you." - Charming's letter to Snow in 1x10

I saw certain মতামত from the unofficial 'We Hate Captain Swan' club on the OUAT spot and couldn't help chuckling quietly to myself when they asked 'Why did it have to be Hook who finds Emma in New York?" and "It should've been Neal!" How unobservant and dim is it possible for them to be?! Isn't it crystal clear at this stage in the প্রদর্শনী who Emma's true প্রণয় is? (or should be?). In case আপনি missed it, অথবা need a quick recap, let's look...
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This is my trying to briefly outline the reasons I like Captain রাজহাঁস so much as well as the reasons I could never get behind any of the other জনপ্রিয় ships with these characters. Be warned though, this maybe updated an edited later on as I remember ships and reasons I want to talk about. Also, anyone who has read my other প্রবন্ধ on the Once Upon a Time অনুরাগী page will probably notice a lot of overlap.

First up: Captain Swan. Both Emma and Hook are the type of personalities the other needs. Emma needs someone who will worship her. She needs someone who she knows she can trust with her feelings...
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I saw this প্রশ্ন so often around the ফোরাম and club in general, I wanted to give my answer. I’ve been firmly Captain রাজহাঁস since the bean-stalk, so keep that in mind while I point out all of Hook’s shortcomings.

I believe there are many reason to this dislike of Hook.
When Mary Margaret and Emma first met Hook, he was working with a woman who had just murdered an entire village, lied to their faces and was planning to double ক্রুশ them. Snow knew him দ্বারা reputation as a ruthless pirate captain, and repeatedly told her daughter not to trust him. He later ripped the হৃদয় out of Aurora to...
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posted by dacastinson
Guys, I noticed that a lot of OUAT অনুরাগী hate even the idea of Emma being with Hook, and that annoys me, A LOT! I am crazy about this ship and I really don't understand why don't they like it!
I saw somewhere a মতামত like:People don't like Emma and Hook because he's evil, and yet Regina or/and স্বর্ণ is/are their পছন্দ character(s). And I totally agree with it!
Maybe that's the point..Emma can change him, make him better, and he can do the same for her!
We all saw how hurt Hook was when she left him on that beanstalk. That showed me that he is still capable of having strong feelings about a girl. He haven't showed them in a long while, not after Millah died, but he did it for her. That tells us something, right?
I will never stop shipping them and I will go down with this ship!<3
posted by matchesrulezu

Okay! So two things..

When Hook was saying bye to Emma, did he really say "That's quite a vessel আপনি got there, Captain Swan."? Because I swear that's what I heard. And it may just be a coincidence, but he ব্যক্ত CAPTAINSWAN. Could it be a sign?

But second...and most importantly...WHAT DOES HOOK স্নেহ চুম্বন EMMA IN NEW YORK AND NOT BREAKING THE CURSE OVER HER MEMORIES MEAN?! (And just in case আপনি haven't figured it out yourself, this is definitely why I'm freaking out). Because they've always made it seem like true love's চুম্বন can break any curse অথবা something along those lines....
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posted by dacastinson
"Neal genuinely loved Tamara and moved on with her." - Eddy Kitsis

"When আপনি truly প্রণয় someone, আপনি can never সরানো on." - Knave of Hearts

So, CANON speaking because even Eddy confirmed it so আপনি can stop saying Neal never loved her, Neal did প্রণয় Tamara and moved on with her. He chose her, built a life with her, and wanted a future with her even though he knew that Emma was out there. He knew all the shit he put her though and he still chose to ignore it- never even coming back for her when the curse was broken. So that line from OUATIW (which is always written দ্বারা Adam and Eddy, so I assume...
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posted by delenasalvatore
I saw this on Tumblr and thought it was really interesting:

Edward Kitsis: (Talking about Charming) "And if he would have taken the easy way out, and just pretended to be King George's son, would have lived an easier life, but he fell in প্রণয় and he gave all of that up for Snow White."

Killian/Hook in 2x04: "A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets."

Neal in 3x01: "I was afraid she would never forgive me, so I wound up taking the easy way out, just not trying."

To me, the above উদ্ধৃতি perfectly sum up why Emma and Neal should not be together. I've heard many an argument...
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posted by dacastinson
On Thursday, Josh Dallas, Colin O’Donoghue, Sonequa Martin-Green and Ethan Embry filmed a scene together. They were in a place that we could not see what they were filming but we could hear a bit and it sounded like they were filming a fighting scene. After a few hours of being there, Colin came out to take pictures. A অনুরাগী in front of me in the line was giving me her camera and she had her dog that was named Emma with her and Colin ব্যক্ত “Here, let me hold her. I know how to handle Emma’s”


Colin just keeps on killing us. Sometimes it's with his magical eyebrow sometimes it's with these little CS মতামত :)