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posted by AaronThomas
Captain Rex stood there shocked and confused. How could one of our brothers do this? He thought all clones were bred to obey, bred to be loyal above all else. This clone was different.

Cody walked through the door but Rex didn't notice, he was deep in thought.

"Captain... Captain Rex." Cody said.

"Sir?" Rex ব্যক্ত as he broke from his trance.

"Rex, your needed at the control center, the droids are on their way here."

"Yes sir!" Rex said, "Sir, where did Slick go?"

"They took him to the detaining room." Cody said.

"Permission to speak to him sir." Rex said.

Cody gave him a strange look. "Might I ask why?" Cody said.

"Nevermind sir..." Rex said, "Lets head for the Command Room."

They walked off. Rex would probrably never know why Slick did it. Perhaps he was striking a blow for all clones, অথবা perhaps he was just crazy. All in all, Rex had a job to do, and he wasnt about to let a crazy clone trooper get in the way of that.
posted by AaronThomas
*After battle of Christosphsis*

Rex sat ther, resting. He was tired from the fighting and he wanted some sleep. He thought about the day. It had been a long one. Rex wouldn't have minded so much if it weren't for the betrayel. But he was getting better at ignoring it.

Anakin walked up to him with an unfamiliar person পরবর্তি to him. The girl was togruta. She had a reddish কমলা skin color with white facial markings. Her head tails wern't that of an adult and the only reached her shoulders. She wore a tube top, a স্কার্ট and leggings. Along with a pair of boots that reached her knees. Her apparel...
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posted by AaronThomas
"Minor cuts... bruises on his..." Rex could here the doctors speaking with each other. His head was pounding and he couldn't remember anything past getting knocked out.

"Sir...?" Rex tried to get someone's attention.

"Rex, shhh!" It was Ahsoka, "sorry Rex, but আপনি have to be quiet!"

"What's going on?" Rex asked as he sat up.

"We linked up with another squad on patrol, we're lucky they showed up when they did, আপনি could have died!" Ahsoka ব্যক্ত in a hushed voice.

"Sir... why are... We whispering?" He asked.

"We never made contact with HQ, and we don't know where the enemy is now, they could be listening...
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added by AaronThomas
Me: Hi! This is Shelby again and Coric is my disclaimer. I hope আপনি all enjoy this one.

Coric: Yay, some violence up in this piece!

Me: Settle down Coric!


Rex: Come on! আপনি are so protective! Let her of the leash! She's new to the whole army thing!

Ahsoka: NO! She's not ending up like me! No boys!

(Rex grabs Ahsoka and wraps his hands around her throat. Shelby runs over to a corner. Rex chokes Ahsoka to death. He takes Ahsoka's dead body and tosses it away to the closet.)

Rex: Come on.

(Rex takes Shelby দ্বারা the arm and hauls her to a ship. Rex throws...
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A video I saw and I liked it. Enjoy
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posted by AaronThomas
The thing about adrenaline was that droids didn't get it, clones did. That was a major advantage for Rex and all the other clones. Rex had just stepped away from Ahsoka and Axender and he could already feel it flowing through him, he supposed it was kinda like what jedi feel. Only that was the force. This adrenaline gave a clone the skills he normallyt had, but ten-fold. His accuracy was great, his endurance was outstanding, and his perception was remarkable.

As Rex made his way to the Mess, taking droids down, he felt a sense of dred as he approched it. A feeling of death. Quite common in the...
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posted by AaronThomas
"Rex are আপনি okay?" Cody asked.

"I'm fine." Rex said. "Just thinking."

"About what?"

"It's nothing sir, really."

"Alright..." Cody said. "But Rex, your অভিনয় strange."

Rex was going to reply but he hadn't noticed that they had arrived at the Command Center.

"Gentlemen, hows goes it?" Anakin asked.

"Sir! We are reporting as ordered sir!" Cody said.

"Attease." Obi-Wan said.

"Gentlemen, as আপনি know, the droid armies are advancing on the city." Anakin began.

Obi-Wan cut in. "The droids are advancing up the main রাস্তা here. Our heavy cannons are aimed on their position now."

Cody began speaking. "Sir, how...
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posted by rexsgirl123
i প্রণয় steak. oh forgot name: rex. ahsoka is my sister. anakin's my adopted dad. i am a rescue clone. i was tortured as a young one. this is my first diary so well duh that's the title. ahsoka is my adopted sister. plo's her real dad. cody is my cousin/bubba i guess. lol! i প্রণয় huskies too. i had one named max. he died. one i got now is king. the definition of my name in latin. i am 10 years old. 20 in earth years. my mom is pademe.

পরবর্তি chapter is coming.
posted by AaronThomas
"I dont know about this Nix..."

"Just do it! Its the only way we can beat them!"


"No buts about it! DO IT!"

    I pressed the button that detonated the explosions in the building in front of us. The building went up and we ducked our heads in the trench. Even though we had our helmets on, the blast was so bright that আপনি could barely see. And the sound so piercing, your ears felt like they were being torn from your head. We werent out of the blast range but, as Nix said, it had to be done. Most...
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