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Renesmee's POV.

As the sun came through the white netting above the bed,the room was getting warmer,and I was happy that a pair of cold hands,moved gently up and down my bare back.
When Carlisle noticed I was awake,he lifted my head and kissed me on the lips.
When he started to সরানো away,I wrapped my arms around his neck,pulling him closer and making him চুম্বন me more.
I never wanted this moment to end,it was just perfect.
Carlisle thought differently,he pulled away from me,got up,pulled on sweats,and tossed a long t-shirt at me.
When I got up,I pulled on the t-shirt,and walked to the bathroom.
When I came out of the bathroom,Carlisle was waiting for me on the couch.
I sat down and cuddled into his bare chest,he kissed my head,I looked up and he bent down and kissed me on the lips,I kissed him back harder,and then he was on শীর্ষ of me.
posted by carlisleNurse2
One. Its the separation between negative, and positive. 0 is just there for some reason.

So i think of it this way, im 1. Its the most lonely number, im here to separate the negative people and the positive people. And then theres Carlisle Cullen. He is 0.

Heres there for a reason. And he is why im still alive.

it was Friday, and i was walking প্রথমপাতা from school. As usual, i would get home, do a ton of homework, and then have my hair brained mother ask me how my দিন went. How do আপনি think it went? -sigh-

i was walking across this old ally where Mr. Creep and his মার্জার lived. Then i got this...
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"oh I can't believe this her presents have had alot of thought put into them আপনি know Carlisle."
Alice crowed as she danced blithely into my office. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. Bella had a horror of getting older and she was being stubborn with Edward. She thought she wanted to become a vampire,but Edward was stubbornely refusing to transform her I shook my head as I thought this won't end well, they would fall of one edge of the ছুরি অথবা the other.
"Carlisle, do আপনি want to be late for work অথবা not dear?" Esme asked shaking my shoulder gently.
"no. I am leaving in a মিনিট don't worry." I...
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Hello everyone! I've written a bit of a Carlisle Cullen fanfiction! This is my first Twilight fanfic. Please comment!

Vampires. I had always known they existed. My ancestors were half ভ্যাম্পায়ার but as generations went by, descendents like me were barely vampires. I am just slightly stronger and can run faster than my বন্ধু but nothing impressive. And no, I do not drink blood.

That's how my autobiography would start, I guess. I laughed as I crossed the রাস্তা to Forks hospital, towards my পরবর্তি prey.

I am a vampire hunter, well sort of...The first half vampire in my family was a result of...
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 sexy in the 19th century
sexy in the 19th century
Biographical information
Born 1643
Turned 1666
Created দ্বারা Unknown
Alias Dr. Cullen
Stregoni benefici[1]
Dr Fang (by Jacob Black)
Physical বিবরণ
Species Vampire
Gender Male
Height 6'2"
Hair color Blond
Eye color Golden
Skin color Pale
Family information
Family members Esme Cullen (Wife)
Emmett Cullen (Adoptive son)
Alice Cullen (Adoptive daughter)
Edward Cullen (Adoptive son)
Bella Cullen (Adoptive daughter-in-law)
Jasper Hale (Adoptive son)
Rosalie Hale (Adoptive daughter)
Renesmee Cullen (Adoptive Granddaughter)
Special characteristics
Abilities Basic vampiric abilities
Special abilities...
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NOTE: This has no relation except the base of the story to Ros59's. So please don't be confused.

9:30 A.M
I had escaped, finally. That horrid life, that horrid family. No I wasn't "Benjamin", there was no such person. I was Rennesmee, and oh boy was I back.

To see MY love, Carlisle, in the arms of that crazy, psychotic, woman, was terrible. How I was re-born as a boy I don't know. But there was one thing in my mind, to get him back.
1:00 P.M

"Girls I mean it! আপনি need to get in here and do your homework!" I yelled out to Emmeline and Adelaide,...
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(continued from 6 WARNING..if আপনি are to immature to read this, dont read it then, sexuality discreet words is involved)

carlisle pushed me softly against the bed, his lips on mine...he held me দ্বারা my waist and picked me up. he threw us both on the bed...still kissing. i gasped out a silent "carlisle, i dont think im ready.." i started to say...but then. he started to unbutton his shirt. DEAR GOD its a good thing hes a docter..i was going to faint! he pulled his শার্ট off and leaned back down to me, our lips moving together as i held his head close. he let out a silent giggle when he sneeked...
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posted by ImBooOK
it was a late saterday when we got the phone call. bella and ফুলেরসাজি plane had been cancelled and couldnt come back for another 2 weeks. edward let out a sigh. what if bella found out about us? would she be mad? i knew what he was thinking even without his power. stress washed over my face when i got near him. "its okay.." i laid my hand on his shoulder. he leaned onto my chest with his arms wrapped around me. he snuggled himself were we were both comfertable. i let him lay in there until the waves from him turned calm. carlisle walked in and settled himself near edwards other side....
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[Verse 1]
You are a beautiful contradiction
Set apart for such a time as this
While all around আপনি give in to their addictions
You strike the balance of time and risk

Do আপনি even know?
Can আপনি even see?
Who আপনি are exemplifies
A miracle to me
Caught up in your mystery
Breathing hope, breathing hope into me

[Verse 2]
Your strength and your restraint
echo in each choice আপনি make
taught দ্বারা all that's light and all that's dark
you've seen the best, you've seen the worst
and even though it hurts
You understand the part that আপনি have to play

Do আপনি even know?
Can আপনি even see?
Who আপনি are exemplifies...
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posted by carlisletwifan
After tyler's অগ্রদূত nearlly killed me,all these people crowded around me ,this one girl said'call 911' and imediatly i was rushed into the Forks emergency room at the hospital,Charlie walked in worried about me ..Because i had a close near death experience even though i never died it would hurt him if i had of
Charlie-'Uh Bells i was worried sick about আপনি are আপনি ok?
Bella-uh yeah im fine?
Charlie-well their gunna send a Doctor in to cheak on is that ok?
Bella-Yeah thats fine,but dad im ok,the অগ্রদূত didn't even leave a mark
Charlie-but আপনি could have been killed!
Bella-Yeah i know,but i wasn't so..
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posted by carlisleNurse2
"why arnt আপনি scared?"
i turned to him. "because আপনি dont scare me..." i whispered. he took his hand that was free and stroked my face, his black eyes sofened and got closer. "but আপনি know i could break আপনি like a twig in a second" he shook his head. i breathed a laugh. "so? but আপনি wont.." i took a hold of the hand he stroked my face with. he turned me around and pushed me down on the bed. i gasped as he sat on শীর্ষ of me. "wha.." he kissed my forehead, holding my arms down, while my legs were too numb to move. i got tense, feeling my heartbeat race faster as he moved his lips to mine. it...
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Esme's POV
Isle Esme

In the বিভক্ত করা of an instant I saw Carlisle's eyes break, if that's possible, the spell that he was under gone. I saw Jacob rush to Rennesmee's dead body, her warm breath never to be found. I heard the cream of Edward and Bella in sync, and the aunts and uncles defeated faces I saw them all.

The spark of a match hit her body, Emmett had already dragged Jacob away. It was official, she was dead as a stone, her and her baby. After all I still was a vampire. Just because everyone denied it, I had already known she would be pregnant.

Carlisle's body crumpled with defeat, his dead...whatever gone. I pulled his face up to my own and kissed it gently, sweetly. He kissed me back. Oh yes it would take a long time, but he was mine again.
Regular POV.
This is the real thing,not the spin one দ্বারা brease1121.

Renesmeee stepped out of the way of her aunts,uncles and parents.
Then all of a sudden,everthing for Renesmee went in slow motion.
She watched as Emmett and Jacob lungged toward each other,and the rest of her little army following.
She saw the fear in her grandmothers eyes,and was sorry,until she remembered Carlisle.
Where the hell was Carlisle?! Renesmee thought this over and over again.
When she noticed that nobody had yet made a সরানো toward Esme,of course they were afraid to hurt their own mother.
But Renesmee...
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posted by carlisletwifan
my first reason why im obsessed with carlisle cullen is the following....
He is a caring doctor
he saves lifes of many people(in other words he is dedicated)
he is compassinate not only to Esme and his family but to everyone.
He is adorable and cute.
He is sexxii and HAWT !!He's Mcsexy,McDreamy and McSteamy!
He didn't want to be a monster অথবা a killer and he hated himself for having to change esme,Edward and the others.
He is a great hardworking father.
He never gives up(like trying to save Bella in twilight from james trying to kill her and from the jasper attack in New moon.
He believes every vampire has a soul..even the evil ones.
lastly he is a vegitarain vamp he does not want to harm another human.
thats why i প্রণয় him and to whom ever is পাঠ করা this should hopefully feel the same way anb should be on team carlisle whoo go TEAM Dr.CARLISLE cullen.
posted by xroylex
প্রথমপাতা felt weird whenever I would return it seemed unwelcoming in some ways as I placed Edward on a guest room’s bed. It had to be better than the টেবিল and also when he woke it wouldn’t be as weird. This would be hard for him as it is let’s not make it worse দ্বারা making him uncomfortable as well.
“Why won’t it stop? What’s happening?” he sounded so sad so in pain it broke my heart. My unseating heart. Sigh.
“It will soon be strong” I walked to where I had placed him and sat পরবর্তি to him covering his hand with mine. I could hear his হৃদয় speeding then slowing then speeding back...
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posted by ImBooOK
i had no idea what i had just done. i meant to calm her down..i meant for her to just be calm because her emotions were changing so fast it made my head hurt. স্নেহ চুম্বন her was the last thing i could ever think of doing to my neice. she glared at me with light brown eyes that were recently black. she had red cheeks and she looked down. "i cant believe you" she whispered. "i.." i closed my mouth. "nessie..you just wouldnt calm down ..i panicked my head hurt so much.." i sounded like a child when i played innocent. no not play, i was serious. she got up and scooted herself into the middle...
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Hello everyone! I finally completed another chapter!!! Sorry for being sooooo late!!! My schoolwork kept me busy like crazy!!!

RECAP: Lola is a vampire hunter who never killed any ভ্যাম্পায়ার but she decided to go and kill Carlisle Cullen as she believed Carlisle led her parents to their deaths. Slowly, she is falling in প্রণয় with Carlisle and just after they kiss, Zain, a vampire hunter shows up to kill Lola because she's not supposed to befriend vampires. Last chapter ended with a cliff hanger as Zain was about to kill Lola. H

ere's the পরবর্তি chapter!

Suddenly a shriek tore through the air. Disregarding...
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one day, on my way to work, i had to run some last মিনিট arrends. i headed up the hospital hallway, going to a area where i have never been. as i walked to the counter, i was shocked to see this gorgous man in front of me. he looked up from his desk, smiled and is the softest voice, ব্যক্ত "Hello" i was so caught up in this mans beauty, i forgot how to speak. i finally breathed out a silent "hi" i handed him my files, ever so slowly. when our hands touched, i pulled away fast, this man was cold as ice! "im sorry!" i shouted, noticing he looked offended. he just smiled and ব্যক্ত "i get that alot,...
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posted by ImBooOK
OK. So y'all know...I freaking প্রণয় the heck out of Carlisle. But what made me choose him? Why do I প্রণয় Carlisle আরো then Edward অথবা Jacob?
One word.
Carlisle has heart. His may have stopped beating, but his প্রণয় goes right threw me and I swear...it's his own হৃদয় pulsing because I feel the warmth and care of him everytime I even think of him.
Carlisle the character alone, personally reminds me of my grandfather. And this is because my grandpa took care of me most of my life due to the fact my mom worked so much. And my dad was too busy himself. My grandpa had a হৃদয় twice as big as...
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পরবর্তি chapter is here!!

I woke up in a king size বিছানা in a guest room, feeling lazy and comfortable as I watch the still dark sky from the side of the room which had no দেওয়াল but a floor-to-celing window. I usually woke before dawn.

For the first times since my parents were murdered, I felt no stress when waking up. Although whether Jasper had a hand in this feeling of calm অথবা not, I had no idea. Oh, he had demonstrated his ability often enough yesterday during the "sit down and talk" session. Everytime I felt myself getting angry, I would be forced to feel calm and later, annoyed. Thinking back...
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