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posted by tellyoulater
আপনি really should watch a play yourself before recommending it to others! And if আপনি have actually seen this play yourself, northernjames01, then shame on আপনি for promoting it!

I had the thorough misfortune of sitting through this frankly abysmal play recently. As a fairly young, wealthy, middle class, hetrosexual male I can not make the claim to have been personally slighted দ্বারা this play, yet that is definitely how I felt!

With homophobic 'gags' and references and something far beyond what someone could deem casual racism this play goes above and beyond the parameters of 'harmless fun'.

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posted by northernjames01
Dear all Carry on অনুরাগী in London! Come see the playful homage "Carry on Brighton" at the Pentameters Theatre in Hampsted. Playing till the 25th the play focuses on a z তালিকা celeb wedding that in true carry on fashion doesn't quite go to plan. Come one, come all!! 

The wedding between Henri Theydon Bois and his toy boy lover Al Pepe is due to take place on Brighton Beach. However, with the motley crew of Z-list celebrity hangers-on, a fag-hag and others, it might not go according to plan. Comedy written দ্বারা Jackie Skarvellis.

Starring Mark Perry from Dead Ringers and 2D TV fame