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So the story continues.... Chris was extremely nervous about preforming, but Christina had much faith in him. Trying to help, Christa blabbered on and on about he was “in the days.” It did not help at all when she reminded him “You would practice for days before a performance. But now I'm not why আপনি decided, yes?” Chris freaked OUT! He went straight to the basement. Then a few hours later, Christina went crazy, trying to look for Chris. For she didn't know where he was. “CHRIS! CHRIS!” she shouted at the শীর্ষ of her lungs, until everyone else started worrying. They searched high and low. Even Lindsay helped. দ্বারা looking for her makeup! The majority of them decided to give up. But Christina wouldn't even rest. Finally, the basement door opened. Everyone was in shock-- even Christina. Sierra finally screamed “Chris is in his old Cod outfit!” That is right, and he looked absolutely amazing!~
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Chris and Christina met back in high school. Chris met her one দিন while auditioning for a part in the school play আপনি see they both had a passion for acting. They dated like 10 times but Christina was left alone when he was chosen to be in চলচ্চিত্র and shows. Christina grew hatred for Chris because she would contact him but she would push her away although he still liked her. The time they reacquainted was in Total Drama Foot Race when Blainley hosted the first episode. But if it was not for Blainley wanting to host TD the would have never met again. At first it was tough for Chris to প্রদর্শনী her how much he loved her but after a while she remembered the real him. But another episode Blainley came back and tried to make Christina jealous but Chris explained what happened and দ্বারা the end of the season the got married. If আপনি want to hear আরো I wrote the সেকেন্ড part Chris back প্রথমপাতা and if I get at least 20 অনুরাগী I will write a সেকেন্ড part. So read away!
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After all the trouble and drama from Total Drama Foot Race Chris and Christina decided to live together, since they got married a few months later. In honor of the wedding they invited their old বন্ধু to a party. First Christina's old friend Shiloh arrived with Chef. Christ had not seen Shiloh since high school and he kind a had a crush on her so right away he invited Chef and Shiloh to take a picture with him.
The picture.
Christina became agitated. Until Christa Chris's annoying sister came. She knew she would set him strait.
The last time they saw each other.
“Chris, Chris, Chris, Chris,...
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