Chuck and Jenny অনুরাগী OF THE মাস - August

ranstell2703 posted on Aug 09, 2010 at 07:13AM
Start the nominating <3 <3 <3

Obviously our spot hasn't been that active in a while, or ever that active. If Chenny had a moment it would mean alot right ? But since Jenny is off for the first half of the show, and even when she comes back i dont think Chenny is gonna have that much love anyway.
So I figure we should keep things active for ourself, even if this doesn't work out. So i'm totally new to this FOTM stuff. But as i saw in many spot, like LOST, GLEE, they hold out stuff like this.
We will nominated based on activeness, available, not only in this spot but on GG spot and many more. Dont' nominate yourself. And you shouldn't nominate people who nominate you just because of that.You only get to vote one person !
Than will make a pick to see who get the interview. And if you win you need to set your avatar about Chenny for a month.
Thank you!

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