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posted by aelitawinx2611
aelita and geremie প্রণয় each other
yumi and ulrich like each oher but do not admit it
so , who does odd like ?

in the code lyoko episodes , we have seen odd with two girls - am and Bringa

Bringa is sissi's pen pal from iceland
Sam was odd's true girlfriend . odd and sam had a lotta things in common . both of them প্রণয় skating and সারমেয় , have a messy room etc.

who do আপনি think odd loves ? sam অথবা bringa ?

i think he loves both . i think
maybe he likes sam better than bringa
is odd creating a chaos ত্রিভুজ অথবা a প্রণয় ত্রিভুজ ? find out in my প্রবন্ধ which i will post

যন্ত্রপত্র me about your thoughts
posted by aelitafan253
yumi, ulrich,odd,aelita,jeremy,and sadly sissyare in a ''gang'' sissy after the 1st time about to go to lyoko she chinked out odd still likes her i dont no why anyway odd আরো likes sam him and sam like eachother i no cuase they flert, theyve kissed and they always miss each others cominy

aelita and jeremy are in প্রণয় and it আপনি dont belev me look at the way the act together the flert they blush always to together and they yes have kissed and when they are around eachother it is no dout there happy

yumi and ulrich now u all might say no they dont like eachother look at the episeode nobody in...
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