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"If আপনি shove me again, I'll spank the crap out of you!"
"SHUT UP!!!"
Sectors V, Q, and David and Christian of SV had all gathered in Sector V's S.C.A.M.P.E.R. It was a long ride from Arizona to Texas, but hey, what're বন্ধু for?
"If আপনি guys don't stop fighting, I will turn this thing around!" Hoagie screamed. Minerva stuck her tongue out and shoved Val again.
"Hey!" Val yelled. "I warned you!" Val leaped toward Minerva. But Minerva, like her father, was quick and moved away before Val could spank her. Kiki had enough.
"Alright guys, this is MY mission and I can shove all of you...
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After finding out about Hoagie's shape shifting (He turned into a burger 3 times cuz he was hungry), Megan's invisibility (They couldn't find her for 10 minutes), and Kuki's Super Cuteness (Wally was drooling আরো than normal), they had decided that the Quantonium had entirely effected them. Also, Toby was floating too. They decided to head to the city.
"Are we there yet?" Wally asked. They had been walking for miles. (Well, Kacey and Toby were flying)
"Negatory." ব্যক্ত a very peeved Kiki. All of the talking annoyed her now enlarged brain.
"How about now?" Wally asked.
"No!" Megan shouted. When...
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Kacey gasped for breath as she reached the শীর্ষ of Clifton Hill. There were a group of younger kids crying,
"I want 'Sugar Mountain' back!"
When she asked what had happened, they pointed to a big hole and a trail of candy. This could only mean one thing: Stickybeard. She called Abby on her KN-communicator.
"Numbuh 5's kinda busy right now, Kacey! What do ya want?"
"Yeah! With Stickybeard! Try callin' your cousin! Maybe he can help!"
She chuckled nervously.
"I'll find someone! Don't worry!" She quickly hung up and called Hoagie.
"Hoagie, গেলা আপনি খাবার first....
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 Wally's changing process (I did not draw this pic)
Wally's changing process (I did not draw this pic)
Everyone’s jobs were done. The decorations were up. The খাবার was laid out. The সঙ্গীত was picked. The party favors were hidden. Everything looked great. Except for one thing. The guests hadn’t arrived.
“Oh come on!” Kiki yelled. She stomped on the floor. She, Megan, and Kacey didn’t have dates. They were going as a group. Yet, Kiki was mad. No guests meant no ice cream.
“Hmm… maybe they’re late?” Megan asked.
“If they were late, SOME kids would’ve shown up.” Kacey said. She checked her watch. 20 মিনিট later, every guest showed up.
“UM?” Abby asked.
“We stopped...
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"It's terrible!" Kuki shrieked.
"It's unimaginable!" Kacey cried.
"It's so worth the $125!" Kiki squealed.

For most teens, having to babysit on a Friday night isn't very fun; no matter how much they'd get paid. Kiki, however, couldn't wait to start the job. She had made a deal with a certain villain last week to watch his daughter. After a lot of bartering and a couple of threats, Kiki agreed to watch Val...for $100. Then, over the week, she was approached দ্বারা Hoagie's mom who offered to pay her 8 bucks to watch Tommy. Then Kuki's parents who offered to pay her 10 bucks to watch Mushi. Then by...
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Megan was lying in the middle of the basement of the old, haunted, and supposedly abandoned Johnson house. Why? Well....

Here's what had happened earlier: Now normally, a kid wouldn't have gotten past the doorway to a haunted house (becuase, in this case, there were bowls of ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট left on the porch and a sign that ব্যক্ত "Take ONE"), but the old Johnson house had a sign that read "Candy Inside. Come in...if আপনি dare". Megan always took the phrase "if আপনি dare" as a personal challenge. When she walked in, she expected to see a টেবিল with a bowl of ক্যান্ডি চকোলেট and someone, most likely a teenager, dressed...
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Operation E.I.G.H.T.

After about an hour, they finally reached Kuki Sanban's house. They chapped her door, to see if anyone was in. Luckily no one was, so they gently walked up the stairs, and placed her on her bed. Wally who turned his head, let Ai changed Kuki into her পরাকাষ্ঠা রামধনু Monkey pyjamas. He turned around, when Kuki was smiling away under her বিছানা sheet covers. They quietly crept out of her bedroom, and went down the stairs.
"I'll catch up with you, in a মিনিট Wally, I have to phone my parents." ব্যক্ত Mai, when Wally got to the door. He shrugged, and walked out of the house. Once he...
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Numbah10:Okay guys this should be a quick fight....

Grudjer:For once I agree!(tosses clouds at 10,1000,and 7 only 1000 gets hit)

1000:Dang it!(faints)

Numbah7:Now what!?

Numbah10:I know!....wait no...that sounds like something numbah12 would say....

Numbah7:Are আপনি gonna quote your boyfriend অথবা are আপনি gonna try and think of a plan to defeat the Grudjer and keep Wally maimed at the same time!

Numbah10:K first of all he is way not my boyfriend!second আপনি really hate your cousin and third....let's use the-

Kids পরবর্তি door V.A.C.U.M (very artificial crap urges main)

Numbah7:Oh thats right if he's made...
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As the darkness fell among the small S.C.A.M.P.E.R. that was hovering over the মিষ্টান্ন on the border of Texas, Hoagie announced that they were stopping for the night. He landed the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. safely near a tree. Maddy couldn't handle sleeping in the dessert. She went berserk.
"NO!" Maddy cried. "We have to keep going!"
"Go to bed." Megan called from underneath the chairs. (She did not want any part of Hoagie tonight)
"C'mon, Maddy!" Val called from where she and Minerva were. "You can sleep with us!" Maddy trotted over to Minerva and Val. They were up all night talking. (Well, at least...
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Kiki slowly stomped down the block; half asleep, still in her pajamas, and glasses clipped onto her shirt.
"There আপনি are!", ব্যক্ত Kacey, "Now, did আপনি grab the monster fighting kits?"
Kiki dug through her backpack.
"I've got your S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R, my G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A., and Hoagie's V.L.A.M.P.P. Will that work?"
Kacey did a facepalm.
"It's the best I could come up with on short notice. LIVE WITH IT!" she growled.
Kacey snarled back. Kiki backed off a little bit.
"Now, do me a favor, and lead me to the front door, k?" She asked semi-sweetly.
"Why? Can't আপনি do that yourself?"
"Hello! I'm the one with 20/200...
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Kacey exited Beth Hansen's house, laughing triumphantly. The little smart mouth finally got what she deserved. She gingerly rubbed her palm.
"I think I might have smacked her a LIIIIIIIIIITTLE too hard." she thought. She took out her list.
"Ok, now I gotta get....." her finger scrolled down the list, "....Taylor Booth." She smiled....then groaned.
"She lives in that HUGE house on the other side town! I'm NOT flying that far!"
She snapped her fingers, remembering the other way to get to her house. She threw her cape over her face, and disappered in a মেঘ of purple smoke. She appeared in front...
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Where are the Ghostbusters when আপনি need them most?
Maddy, Minerva, and Kuki all stood on the other side of the door, and gazed at the scenery. There were trees with their branches curved to look like claws. Dark clouds loomed overhead. Fog was all around them. The name of this place was even spooky: the sign ব্যক্ত "Velcome to Spooksylvania!". Total horror movie moment.
"I want my sister!" Maddy started bawling.
Kuki turned around to grab onto the doorknob. Only problem was...there wasn't one. She gulped. Then pointed to a large bulding in the distance.
"Maybe we can ask for help." she suggested....
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