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Source: teletoon and ছবি editing দ্বারা মাইলোরক্স১৮
sorry it took a littel longer then i wanted to be on updating the পরবর্তি chapter,its just been busy these past couple of days and stuff. anyways heres chapter 2!
Courtneys pov.

Here I was... হৃদয় broken. I should have know this would happen. I mean come on! He's a player punk. And it's obvious he liked Gwen and she like him as well. It's just.. I thought he really loved me.. Guess I was wrong. Like always. He just made me feel so special. Of course he prombely make all of his girlfriends feel special. And then after he got what hE...
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3 years after Total Drama Courtney has started a new life as a lawyer.

Courtney: Is it ready yet Helen
Helen: No not yet working on in it
Courtney: Well hurry up I don't have all day
Helen: oh here it is
Courtney: Is Mrs Jones here.
Helen: Yes!(smiling) She's waiting for her husband
Courtney: She must be excited seeing her husband after all these years its a shame he had to rob the jewelry store

Helen:It is but thanks to your quick thinking আপনি got him off!(smiling)
Courtney:Now he's free to go to his wife and kids

Susie and Tom ages 14 & 10
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sorry of the bad quality
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Heather: Hello losers and Duncan
Justin: খড় ugly people and hello Courtney. All of a sudden Justin comes over kisses my hand and winks as he goes over to sit পরবর্তি to Heather. I couldn't help but blush.
Courtney: IDK, all he did was...
Gwen: Don't tell me your jealous Duncan
Bridgette: Oh yeah, your delilently not jealous
Trent: We couldn't tell দ্বারা the way your yelling
Duncan: I'M NO...I'm not yelling and I'm not jealous its just...
Before Duncan could answer the teacher came in and started the lesson but...
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Rick: Oh that's the ঘণ্টা got to go see ya.
Silver: Same here so see ya at lunch Courtney. She ran off with Rick before they gave us any উত্তর but I didn't care. I was with my badboy Duncan again.
Duncan: So princess, what have আপনি got first?
Courtney: English, Mr. Zin in room 216
Duncan: Same here, so do আপনি want to sit with me princess অথবা are আপনি going to deny liking me again?
Courtney: Maybe...
Duncan just laughed, then he took my hand and we went to 216 together. When we arrive we saw a fue formilla faces, which just made my দিন even Bridgette: Courtney...Duncan আপনি go here too?
Gwen: I...
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Its been like a week since TDA finished and I'll going to a new highschool but thankfully not on my own but with none other then my half sister Silver. She always knows how to cheer me up when something horrible happens like the fact I won't be able to see Duncan again, maybe forever, oh no just thinking about it makes my হৃদয় hurt. Anyway, I'm just finishing my breakfast when all of a sudden...
Silver: HAY, HAY, Silvers in the house! Silver comes in with a her backpack and lunch.
Courtney: I see your in a good mood.
Silver: Then why shouldn't I be?
Courtney: Let me think...because its the first...
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