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Interesting facts all about the Twilight Saga বই and movies.
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posted by RobynPotter
{i did not write this myself, but i found it ridiculously funny and thought it needed to be পোষ্ট হয়েছে here}

Book 1. Twilight:
Edward: Hey.
Bella: OMG, I'm so silly. And horny.
Edward: Yes. I'm dangerous. I sparkle.
Bella: OMG you're a vampire!
Edward: Yes. Let's go play baseball.
James: I like your girl, Edward. Gotta eat her.
Edward: Roar.
James: Omnomnom Bella.
Bella: OMG I'm screaming in agony! Yes, I will be a vampire!
Edward: I'm gonna kill you, James! I'm gonna suck Bella as well.
Jacob: Oh, hi there!
Book 2. New Moon:
Edward: Oops, gotta go.
Bella: OMG don't leave me! OMG I'm so depressed and dying in...
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 Credit: Very Demotivational
Credit: Very Demotivational
I felt a compelling need to write this প্রবন্ধ because recently I have found myself আরো constantly thrust into situations and debates where I have to defend the Harry Potter fandom against the Twilight fandom, which I despise so much. My best friend and her family are actually major pro-Twilight fans. This past evening made me realize that there are so many reasons why Harry Potter is much আরো awesome than Twilight, and its not just the obvious ones either. Thus, I give আপনি all the evidence আপনি will ever need to successfully pwn a Twilight অনুরাগী trying to bring your fandom down.

Obvious Reasons...
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I'll never be an এমো স্টাইল vampire, Setting tweenaged loins on fire.
I've got nothing in common with the ভ্যাম্পায়ার of today.
They gaze at girls and pout and brood and then just run away.
This Twilight hack thinks she can come along and change the vampire rules.
I guess sleeping in coffins and wearing capes, suddenly isn't cool.
Girls won't climb up trees with me অথবা canoodle in the grass.
And when I play vampire baseball, I always get picked last.
Oh come on! Seriously dudes. That's a human আপনি just picked over me.
I've seduced all kinds of women from all over the world.
But, now the only dates I get...
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i had nothing to do absolutely nothing to do. As i was so bored i began drawing through one of Dimitri's পছন্দ cowboy novels i had a feeling this would annoy him. suddenly i felt someone looming above me i turned around, it was Dimitri just as i thought he was going to be annoyed with me for sure.
"What are আপনি doing Roza?" he asked
I grinned. he picked up the novel that i was drawing in i hope he didn't see it.
"Ah one of পছন্দ books." he opened the book and saw my lovely work of art. He frowned at me.
"Busted." i laughed nervously
"Rose why are আপনি destroying my books?" he asked sternly...
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posted by AliceHaleCullen
Rightio, it's been a while since I wrote an প্রবন্ধ and my best friend recently told me something that shocked me beyond belief.

She was walking through our local town centre in a 'Team Jacob' t-shirt, and a যেভাবে খুশী girl she didn't even know just walked up to her, punched her and called her numerous swear words just because her শার্ট didn't say 'Team Edward'.

This really opened my eyes to how violent Twilight series 'fans' can be. It's not acceptable to মুষ্ট্যাঘাত someone in the face if they've done something, let alone because they have a different opinion on something.

Since then she's been to scared...
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posted by Dearheart
Bwahahaha! Welcome, little people! *cues scary pipe organ music* Yes, the C.A.T.’s out of the bag. It’s true. There are people in existence who do NOT worship the ground the Stephenie Meyer walks on. But before all আপনি Twi-hards get mad about it and প্রতিবেদন us, let me tell আপনি what this spot is NOT. Twi-haters, this applies to আপনি as well, so listen up.

This is not an anti spot. (Read that sentence twice, please.)

We are not here to bash Stephenie Meyer অথবা her fans, nor are we here to hate Twilight for the sake of hating it. That’s just as stupid (if not আরো so) as obsessing over Twilight...
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