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I wrote this song almost a couple of years পূর্বে now, but I still প্রণয় this song. :) Tell me what আপনি guys think of it!


(First Verse)

Never had much luck

When it came to love

Nothing worked out

But I never gave up

But lately things have changed

My luck has rearranged

Because now finally

Guys are saying that they like me

But I can’t say I like them back

I guess I just don’t see them like that

(Chorus 1)

For I’m still waiting on you

To catch me

To let me fall into your arms

I’m still waiting on you

To save me

To let me know আপনি have my back

I’m still crazy about you

And I don’t know what...
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vanessa clarton
Just a song called "Crush" that was on স্বতস্ফূর্ত once. :)
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posted by Gothheart13
Have u ever gad a crush problem well i hav three crushes on three boys the fist 1 i met was mathew thats his name i liked him when i was five in kindergarden.
The সেকেন্ড boy i like was Mitchel i met him in সেকেন্ড grade but he was in a diffrent class when i met him.
The third boy i used to like was named anthony i met him in in first অথবা সেকেন্ড grade but now i dont like him any আরো cuz he wasant my type.
The last one i like is named austin i think thats his name but i met him in fourth grade but i met him in the bus he was always scilent but i tried to get his atention.

THANX 4 পাঠ করা THIS HOPE U GUYS 4 UR প্রণয় TO প্রণয় U!
Personally I don't think the guy likes her, but she wanted আরো opinions. So she told me to write this article:

The guy is a grade above her and a বছর older than her. He makes eye contact with her when she passes him in the hallway. He will at times look at her during lunch. She will see him behind her in the hallway and then all of a sudden he's there walking পরবর্তি to her. His বন্ধু when they talk to her are nice. She occasionally see his বন্ধু smiling/laughing and pointing at her when he's around. And he knows that she likes him and so do his friends
Or... I might be interested in him still, but I'm not sure yet. XD
Anyway, my situation with him was unique, so I wrote a song about it! (I'm also currently লেখা a story about it too! আপনি can find it on my ফ্যানপপ club) আপনি see, I had a crush on a guy who I only saw in the hall! He's really cute, and I heard that he had a great personality, so I tried to meet him. :) I wrote this song over time as everything was still going on, and it has an ending to it too. :)
Enjoy! And tell me what আপনি think!

The Boy In The Hall

First Verse: I pass আপনি in the hall everyday
But I never had the courage to...
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lol, so I wrote this song about how I feel about Taylor Lautner a while back. It's okay; not one of my best songs. But, I think a lot of people can relate to it in some ways. It could be about a regular guy who doesn't know আপনি exist who আপনি have a crush on too! :D Relate to it in anyway আপনি want to, but for me, this is a song for Taylor. :D
Enjoy! And tell me what আপনি think!

All I Want and All I Can’t Have

First verse: Perfect face and perfect skin
Still no trace of me being the win
He’s oh-so talented and oh-so hot
He’s really sweet and a liar he’s not
He’s one of a kind and he would like...
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