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I padded nervously into the star-covered clearing. All around me, glittering eyes watched me go. Some familiar to me, some a mystery. Swallowing, i continued to make my way down the trail. Two মার্জার watched me as i approached, pride running in their eyes. "Welcome Night's wind." the brown warrior murmured. "Hello, Brownstar." i whispered, keeping my gaze on the ground. "Raise your head Nightwind, be proud of what আপনি have done." the other cat mewed, licking his blue-gray pelt. "But how can i, Whitefang?" i protested, feeling guilt gather in my paws. "Quiet now, it's time for your nine lives."...
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Black পশম blew gently in the wind that suddenly chilled the camp. Deep purple eyes gazed at the cat who asked the question. I felt worry prick at my paws as i opened my jaws. "Bluestar is going to be back later." i mewed calmly, jumping down from the rock. Goldenlight came up to me, watching the clan following the orders we've given. "He's very distressed." she guessed, looking at Smokebreeze as he jumped down beside me. "He just needs time, that's all." my mate assured her, racing off to help the elders. Nodding, Goldenlight pressed her nose into my shoulder fur. "Good to have আপনি back, mother."...
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 Smokebreeze following me to camp
Smokebreeze following me to camp
Bringing out my claws, i watched Bluestar disappear behind the গুল্ম before walking back to camp. Smokebreeze kept pace with me, brushing his pelt on mine. "He just doesn't understands what a leader does." he told me, ducking to avoid a branch. "Well, he doesn't have much time to think about it." I growled harshly. "The dark মার্জার will be here soon. If he doesn't support the clan and lead them, they'll lose their courage." "Yes, i know." he mewed, shaking his head. "But hopefully, we have reassure them." All i replied with was a grunt as we entered the camp. Some মার্জার were outside, waiting anxiously...
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 Bluestar thinking it over
Bluestar thinking it over
"We shall meet again, Night's wind and Smoke's breeze." the leader ব্যক্ত as he walked back to his group, flicking his black tail in the air. The group looked ready to protest, but obviously thought better of it. Slowly, they backed away until they vanished in the trees. "Thank Starclan." Morningray whispered to her brother, Rainingtouch. Yanking my gaze away from the trees, i padded up to Bluestar. His eyes were wide with fear. "Don't thank Starclan just yet." I mewed over my shoulder. "We're not out of trouble, not even close." Nodding agreement, Smokebreeze glanced at me. "Should i take these...
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"Clanmates, come to the rock please." I raised my head as Flowstar's voice rang all over camp. Dropping the মাউস i had just grabbed from the fresh-kill pile, i made my way to the middle of the camp. Most of the clan had already gathered there, gazing up in wonder. Waving my tail in greeting to Shininglight, i took a আসন দ্বারা Gemeye. A purr rose from her throat as i flicked my tail. "Hello Bluefire, everything alright?" she asked, tipping her head to one side. I nodded, glancing up at the rock. I couldn't help but notice the strange look that haunted my leader's gaze. "I wonder if there's trouble."...
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 Nightwind visiting Morningkit
Nightwind visiting Morningkit
With my claws tearing the ground, i ran away from the camp. The same thoughts screeched through my head. "Am i really a freak?! Not even a clan member!?" Feeling something wet at my eyes, i continued through the forest. I didn't even know where i was going; all i wanted to do is get away to a quiet place. Yelping, i stopped just in time to stand beside a river. Water roared in my ears, making me whimper. Clear blue water lapped my paws. The sun's rays shined down on my black fur. Gulping, i gazed down into the water. I saw a small black kitten with purple eyes. "Me." i thought quietly, blinking...
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 Goldblaze angry at Morningkit
Goldblaze angry at Morningkit
Letting out an excited yelp, i ran across the camp to a light gray she-cat. Leaping in the air, i landed perfectly on her shoulders, purring in amusement. I heard my brother Rainingkit come up behind me. "Good one Morningkit!" he called out, laughing as Stormbringer turned quickly. Jumping down to face her, i smiled big. She sat down and started licking one of her black paws. "Pretty quick, little one." the deputy commented, flashing me a sad look. Confusion came from me; she always seemed to look at us strangely. "Something wrong Stormbringer?" i barley heard my brother as i looked up at...
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I ran back to camp quickly, hearing Spottednose's scream of pain. Scents of fear and shock pulsed through the clan. "Calm down!" I shouted as i streamed through the barrier. Kits were mewling with alarm. "Where's Brownfoot?" I asked Leopardspot calmly, glancing around. She flicked her tail to the medicine cat den, where Brownfoot and Gemeye just appeared from. With a quick glance to me she raced to Spottednose, nudging her to the nursery. Gemeye came to my side, her পশম fluffed up. "Calm Gemeye, be calm." I murmur quietly. Rubyshine and Wolfspirit dashed into camp, running close to each other....
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I decided to bring my story over here, hope আপনি enjoy it, though it's not finished

I looked up as the last ঘণ্টা rang, signaling that school was over for the day. With a sigh I slowly got up and shoved my agenda and spiral roughly in my bag. "Hey Jane?" My eyes darted up to see Mark, who was in the same grade as me; not only that, he was only one বছর older than me. It doesn't even seem like that; though I was thirteen, he was shorter than me. "What is it?" I asked, putting my black backpack over my right shoulder. "Um, I wanted to know if আপনি had anything to do this weekend, আপনি know, maybe...
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posted by brownstar
hellomia, i've gotten sick and tired of this. i'm ok with মার্জার dying every once in a while, but that was cruel. i've heard the threats you've made to your cousin, and i will stop it. if আপনি threaten her anymore, i will kick ALL of your মার্জার out of my clan. if আপনি purposely kill lavenderpaw, i will kick you. enough with the fightning and grudges, i want a clan that doesn't do all this. so stop fighting

and note:this is why i left rubyclan. i'm sorry, i had enough of the way আপনি ruled your clan. it was unfair to me and i thought it might be best to leave.

so please, enough with all this. do not kill lavenderpaw, do not threat my বন্ধু অথবা clanmates, and enough causing trouble
posted by hellomia
Thank আপনি Flowfall.*Looks at the kits and apprentices*I guess i will now take over.Well,yes what Flowfall told আপনি was true,but we never did like each other when we were young.First of all when we first met i could see that we could possibly be best friends.But,that didn't happen.When we went back into the camp we were already arguing over who could run faster.We had raced to camp and had tied but Flowkit insisted that she had won.It went something like this:
"No way!I won!I am so much faster than আপনি will ever be!"I had ব্যক্ত to Flowkit.
"No আপনি are an big excuse for a cat!"Flowkit mewed.
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posted by Phineas-Fangirl
(Hellomia and I will be লেখা a story about Flowfall and Leopardspot together)

"Gather around, all of you," Flowfall purred, looking over the crowd of বেড়ালছানা and apprentices. She glanced at the spotted golden-brown she-cat that sat পরবর্তি to her then back at the eager cats. "Leopardspot and I have a story to tell you."
Leopardspot nodded. "It's one about us; our lives."
"Is it scary?" Goldenkit broke in, excitement and fear glowing in her blue eyes.
Flowfall shook her head. "No, not really," she meowed, "But it's sad."
"Sad?" Daisypaw squeaked, shoulders slumping.
"How sad?" Both Tealpaw and Lavenderpaw...
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I had no where else to put it so i want to see what আপনি guys think about it, enjoy.

"Faster আপনি two!" I barked at the two নেকড়ে following behind me. The black নেকড়ে looked at me with wide amber eyes, which were filled with fear. "We can't go any faster!" Snapped a gray নেকড়ে with blue eyes as he pushed the black one forward. "We need to find shelter and hide." My sharp teeth gritted with anger but i knew he was right. With us still being chased, there wasn't many choices. Five নেকড়ে were following us , and not only that, they killed our friend, Stone, in cold blood. "Shadow, there's a waterfall...
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I remember the days when I found my love.
It was a good memory only because
he treated me like I was a god
But when I spoke he would only nod.
Some days he would refuse to talk
So when that happened I would go out to walk.
However, when I came back one day, my প্রণয় was gone.
I searched for him every day.
And didn't stop till the end of may.
I couldn't believe it, couldn't see.
Couldn't see that my প্রণয় left me.
Was it a mistake to walk, mistake to run.
When I searched for an answer, there was none.
There was no answer to search, but to find.

We stopped searching when it was July.
I thought it was the end of time.
He ran away, he was gone.
I felt like গান গাওয়া a sad song.
I ask myself a প্রশ্ন I ask enough,
Where oh where, is the one love?

I know this is a clan, but i know some people like প্রণয় poetry, and i had no where else to put it, hope আপনি liked it
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brownstar asked me to put this on
Before i type this, let me tell আপনি this is only a joke for the holiday. it's to celebrate the দিন of বড়দিন and joy that ফ্যানপপ gives us. may আপনি all have a super Christmas!

12 warrior days of Christmas

1.On the first দিন of বড়দিন my mate gave to me:A kit stuck in a tree.

2.On the সেকেন্ড দিন of বড়দিন my mate gave to me:Two apprentices gone and a kit stuck in a tree.

3.On the third দিন of বড়দিন my mate gave to me:three warriors fighting two apprentices gone and a kit stuck in a tree.

4.On the fourth দিন of বড়দিন my mate gave to me:Four voles dying three warriors fighting two apprentices...
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I looked around camp as the clan began to gather around Smokestar.He bowed his head."C-crystalclan.There is a time for change and...that time is now."He began."I...I am not going to be leader....anymore."Mummers of shock swept around camp."Are আপনি becoming an Elder?!"an elderly tom meowed.
"Are আপনি leaving?Another cat gasped.
"Why!"A kit squeaked.
Smokestar looked up."No.I am not becoming an elder.Or leaving.I....just belive in change."Smokestar replied."Although...there is one cat I want to talk with."He meowed.I focused my eyes on him.Our deputy maybe?"Angelsong!"My blood froze as he ব্যক্ত my...
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