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I found a spoof in the internet (that was real) just read it(i don't put the full spoof):Wizards Of Waverly Place stars Selena Gomez and David Henrie were seen স্নেহ চুম্বন behind a বৃক্ষ near a Brooklyn park.

Selena and David were very embarrassed about the matter, so much so, that they pretended like they hated each other. But when we sat both of them down together, they both admitted, "Well yeah, we have always been close buds, but that দিন when we were hanging out just talking, everything just fell into place, and we kissed."

..wait a মিনিট - - - "hanging out just talking, everything just fell...
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haha i miss আপনি more.
I know we should :D
I'm going to give আপনি the biggest hug ever when i come back. (:
you would bother me wouldn't you? haha ahh i প্রণয় you.
& yes I am, but it would of been better if আপনি were here lol.

haha aww i miss your hugs(:
omg yes that would of been fun.
and we would of pulled pranks on each other xD
i could imagine that lol

Selena Gomez
21 apr 2010 3.30

lol yes good times i have to get আপনি back for that lol.
i'm going to team up with jake this time(:
haha awww sorry david. better? xD

Selena Gomez
21 apr 2010 3.18

hmm i do? lol
i think আপনি do আপনি always get me...
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Interview with TWIST magazine. He worked with her the most. :-D Also: linkBut not very Dalena-ish--small, short AND few moments.
উইজার্ড অব্‌ ওয়েভার্লি প্লেস
ড্যাভিদ হেনরি
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Note: I DID NOT WRITE THIS FIC! Lj user amathela did. FULL CREDIT goes to her. Im only posting this so those without a livejournal can read :)


@selenagomez so, where would আপনি like to hold the wedding? is on David's twitter the পরবর্তি day, and maybe Selena should be mortified, like, they're not even dating, but instead, it makes her smile.

And it's probably just a non sequitur অথবা whatever, but she's feeling ব্রেভ (or maybe stupid), so she tweets back:

@David_Henrie how about...
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