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posted by merzycullen
He was draining the girl in his arms dry. sucking all the blood and life right out of her. he didn’t feel remorse, He didn’t feel guilt. Because that’s what he does. He kills. He’s a hunter, which is why what happens পরবর্তি surprises him আরো than anything.

He sees a car going towards the bridge at full speed. There was a family inside that car. They were about to die. Not that he cares, people die everyday. Why should he care? But that changed when he saw the girl inside that car. That girl looked exclacly like Katherine; the Vampire দুশ্চরিত্রা who turned him and his brother. She was long past dead, he knew because he and his brother were the ones who killed her, অথবা so he thought. That couldn’t be her thought, Because he saw the look of fear in her eyes. He knew that fear wasn’t just for herself it was for her family. He didn’t know what drove him into those waters to save the girl, it could be her looks, he doubted that. He Hated Katherine. He didn’t know..But what he did know was that whatever instict drove him, they were strong.

He saved the girl. He saved her brother because he asked him to. But he couldn’t save her parents. And that was hard for her to hear. And he knew that because he stuck along দ্বারা her side, She couldn’t see him. But he saw her. He looked after her from afar. Always in the shadows. Always hiding. He didn’t want to think that he was becoming a brood, But this girl changed him. She truly did. She was strong considering everything. She didn’t প্রদর্শনী any grief with others, she was strong for her brother. And she was stubborn about it too. He admired her…She reminded him of himself when his mom died so many years ago.

Months past and he was still there. Looking out for her. He knew he had to step out sometime, but up until now he was content with looking from afar.

it was the দিন of the Miss MysticFalls pageant and he knew she would be there. He went wearing a tux and looking very handsome, if he did say so himself. Many years has past yet his confident never goes away. he enters the Lockwood mansion where the Pageant is taking place. The girls walk down the grand staircase. he looks up and there she is. The girl he dreams about, the girl he saved. The girl who changed him without her even knowing it. She wears a long blue satin dress, she looks…Beautiful. He couldn’t really find the words to describe her. Yes, Damon Salvatore was Speechless. Because of her and her beauty. He couldn’t take his eyes away from her. Which is how he noticed her panic at the end of the staicase, He noticed her partner was MIA.

He steped in front of her. Taking her দ্বারা surprise and grabbing her hand before she hesitated. He lend her towards the ball room, the সঙ্গীত playing in the background and uncontrolable whispers as well. She was confused, but grateful that this handsome stranger saved her from public humiliation. Oh and did she mentioned how totally hot he was? And the way they danced in total sync. It’s like their bodies know each other from another time. She feels like she knows him, But she can’t put a finger on it. It felt as if they were alone, in their own little world. So much that she didn’t even প্রশ্ন how he knew all the steps. When the song ended they just stared at each other’s eyes, Her হারিয়ে গেছে in his Amazing blue’s and him হারিয়ে গেছে in her beautiful brown ones.

“T-thank you,” She ব্যক্ত her voice shacky from the electicity between them.

“No problem,” He ব্যক্ত still হারিয়ে গেছে in her eyes.

“What’s your name?” She asked.

“Damon” he said

‘Well thank you, Damon” She ব্যক্ত gratefully, turning to leave.

“Wait, What’s your’s?” He asked desperate not to see her leave.

“Elena..” Tunring to him, her eyes shining.

“Well your welcome, Elena” he said, turning to leave, untill she says:

“Wait, Will I see আপনি again?”

and stops him in his step, he hesitates and says with confidence:

“Yes আপনি will see me again, Elena.”

This time he does leave, Elena watches him go wondering who this man really was and how she feels that they know each other.

A/N Thank আপনি for reading! And please forgive my spelling!


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"No!" I wanted to yell after I'd read this confounding little statement over once, and then twice to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me. "No, no, NO!!" Why was Kevin Williamson doing this? It was like he was hinting that no matter what happened, Stefan and Elena would always be together because...well, there WAS no 'because,' that was just the way things were. They were the number one couple on the show, 'soulmates', together forever. I was crushed. Then I wondered: why are...
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