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posted by DamonIsHot1864
নমস্কার guys, this is just a little something I would প্রণয় to see happen in S5. Hope আপনি like it.

Damon POV

"Honey, I'm home." I say as I walk through the door chuckling. Sigh I amuse myself. Hmmmm no Elena jumping into my arms? My mind begins going into overdrive, what could have happened to my little danger magnent? What fresh hell could be causing chaos to my otherwise blissfilled summer oh my God Zombies! It has to be what else could be left in the অতিপ্রাকৃতিক realm for us to deal with? I begin making a check তালিকা of things we will need bats, shotguns, good টেনিস shoes...
"Caroline, please...
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posted by panther-jewel
We all want Delena to stay together, and it would be lame to repeat the story the other way around and let S5 go like S4 only in the other direction; and it can’t work anyway because Stelena have no passion and chemistry and couldn’t be used as a resisting couple. That would have no real variation and is also very unlikely because Elena now has a complete knowledge of how things are and tested being with Stefan in every possible way without it working out. There have been hints and signs for DE, parallels and similarities for them, their build up and journey throughout the whole story,...
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posted by panther-jewel
I often read that a former Stelena অনুরাগী becomes a Delena fan, and I never heard of a change the other way around.
Elena says that she feels নিরাপদ with Stefan, but Damon makes the decisions that keep her safe, and Elena herself starts being the "bad one" to protect the ones she loves – and becomes আরো like Damon with it, who is willing to let her hate him as long as she is safe. Elena says that she is happy with Stefan, but Stefan always deals with his guilt and self-hate, while Damon makes Elena laugh অথবা they laugh together and have much fun. Elena says that Stefan makes her happy to be alive,...
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posted by yasmeen40
originally written দ্বারা : SuchALittleMonster on FanFiction.net

I was alive. At least... I think. My eyes stayed tightly shut. Laying quietly I took a couple deep breaths. Breathing in the air around me, I replayed what had happened in my head. It still didn't seem real. Was it real?

I slowly opened my eyes and was instantly met দ্বারা the sunlight shining in through the window. I could feel the warmth on my skin, I was deeply relaxed and comfortable. I always felt this way waking up পরবর্তি to Stefan in the morning. We would lay in বিছানা for hours upon hours, wide awake, but silent. Neither one of us ever...
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Damon : But it has to be right Elena , Its true that I can't stay away from আপনি because I প্রণয় আপনি and I can't bare to not see আপনি every দিন অথবা even fight with আপনি , the thing that matters is that I'll keep আপনি নিরাপদ weather আপনি wanted it অথবা not nothing আরো ..while he was crying and trying to hide it. Elena was torn inside দ্বারা now she couldn't let him be her friend and nothing আরো , she felt guilty for not letting him be with her instead of Stefan .. but just then she was welling to do anything to make Damon happy so she asked him : what can I do ? just tell me what আপনি want me to do right...
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