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It has been two weeks since the death of Danny's family. He was sitting on couch, staring at the tv. The only thing on was static. None of the lights were on, and the entire house was ice cold. It's been like this since he gotten প্রথমপাতা from the hospital. He was thin and frail. He hadn't eaten. Nor did he sleep. He was very pale as well. He looked like a living corpse. All of his senses were numb.

Someone knocked on the door. He didn't answer. The knocker opened the door. It turned out to be Vlad Masters. Danny didn't সরানো অথবা acknowledge him. He continued staring at the static on the tv. Vlad...
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this i somewhat found funny XD but at da same time found it hot! হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ
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Danny Phantom Disturbia AMV দ্বারা Rihanna.
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SAM MERMAID Chapter 1: Flash Back
Young Danny: Mom I'm going in the water.
Maddie: No Danny, আপনি only will go with us.
Young Danny: Please Mom ,please. (puppy dog eyes)
Maddie: OK but don't go far in deep water.(worriedly)
Young Danny: Thanks Mom.(with that he jump in the sea)

Young Danny: Come on Tuck. (Invite Tucker in the water)
Tucker: No, If Sharkh...
Danny: Every thing will be alright Tuck and there's no Sharkh আপনি see it?
Tucker: Yes Dude, but we are only 6 বছর old, if we sink in it?
Danny: Nothing would happened, don't be scare, come on.
Tucker: OK. (then they both start playing with water)
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