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posted by Ms_Dididy
I looooooove Danny Phantom!!!!Ideas popped in my head soo read my story

Chapter 1:New neighbors

"Danny come down for breakfasts!"yelled his mom,Madie.After a night full of ghost fightings he needed a good meal.But knowing his parents he wasn'tgoing to get that.Danny came down to see আরো than his family."Umm..who are they??he asked."Oh Danny these are our New neighbors!!!"she ব্যক্ত happilly."Hello,Danny is it,Im Helen and this is my husband Mark"Mark waved at Danny who did the same."My daughters Fay,who is 6,Chelsy,who's 14,and Stella,15!"Danny waved to all three girls."Danny why don't আপনি show...
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Here are my fave signs to know if I'm obsessed. Trust me, I done most of these :DD
Anyway, enjoy!

1. Every time আপনি see your breath fog, আপনি think আপনি have a ghost sense.

2. You've ever tried to shoot ecto-blasts out of your hands.

3. You've gone looking for ghost portals.

4. আপনি want to dye your hair black.

5. আপনি know the theme song দ্বারা heart.

6. আপনি cried when আপনি heard the প্রদর্শনী was being canceled;
7. আপনি know what an Ultra-recyclo vegetarian is.

8. It's not Eragon, it's Aragon.

9. You've check your virus scanner to see if it found Technus.

10. আপনি can't watch Men in Black without thinking of the Guys...
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