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Danny Phantom Ghostly Wail From The Episode King Tuck.
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আপনি wake up with everyone around you.

'Hi, what's up"

"Clear আপনি passed out" ব্যক্ত Tucker

"Did I oh well need to get some rest anyway call me if আপনি need me"

"You should stay here'' ব্যক্ত Dani

"Thank you"

"I don't think so'" ব্যক্ত Vald

"You might be family, but আপনি aren't my caretaker, I can take care of myself.


you slam the bathroom door


You turn on the water and undress realiving your tatoos.(Yes, আপনি are a fledgling) আপনি were marked lasted বছর and the creasent moon on your head has filled in and two ড্রাগন are on each arm.

"Nxy I'm so lost"

"My daughter"

"Nxy what am I to do?''

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This short but really cool video is from AgentDPSG1. Enjoy! ^^
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SAM MERMAID Chapter 1: Flash Back
Young Danny: Mom I'm going in the water.
Maddie: No Danny, আপনি only will go with us.
Young Danny: Please Mom ,please. (puppy dog eyes)
Maddie: OK but don't go far in deep water.(worriedly)
Young Danny: Thanks Mom.(with that he jump in the sea)

Young Danny: Come on Tuck. (Invite Tucker in the water)
Tucker: No, If Sharkh...
Danny: Every thing will be alright Tuck and there's no Sharkh আপনি see it?
Tucker: Yes Dude, but we are only 6 বছর old, if we sink in it?
Danny: Nothing would happened, don't be scare, come on.
Tucker: OK. (then they both start playing with water)
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