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posted by KagamiSakura
"No... Let me go! What are you?! Leave me alone!" Danny woke up from a terrible nightmare. He looked around. He was in the street. He struggled to stand up. He groaned. His body was in pain. He remembered the fight. "What did Fright Night do to me?" He asked himself. He checked his watch. It was three in the morning. "Shit." He covered his mouth. "Wait, did I just swear?!" He looked down at himself. "Well, looks like nothing happened to me besides bruises from the fight. But just in case, I should go প্রথমপাতা and rest." He transformed and flew home. There was still no one there. He frowned. "Where...
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posted by Ms_Dididy
Hi!Its been a while since i last wrote busy with school and all but,this is kinda a sequel to ''Your not the only one''series.Warning:You wont really understand this if আপনি dont read your not the only on series so read it!!tah.tah

Chapter 1-Dreams

"Stella,can আপনি hear me?Stella looked and scaned her surrondings.It was dark and foggy,near দ্বারা a lake was still."Stella please answer me!"a voice yelled.Stella tried yelling back but she could'nt.Then she heard a blood curdling scream near the lake.She ran towards the lake and looked around."Stella help!!!"screamed the voice.Stella looked closer in the lake then someone pushed her in.She tried swim to the শীর্ষ but something kept her down."Dont leave me please!!"yelled the voice.It was Chelsy her sister."Nooo!!!"Chelsy yelled.Stella sat up fron her বিছানা panting and sweating.She hugged her legs and looked out the window.Rain.
posted by Paparatzigirl
নমস্কার sorry for chapter 1 being so cheesy.Chapter 2 will be better so reeeeeeaaaaaadddd!

2/Her home,her pain

Danny's POV

"Hi Im Chleo,Chleo Alferezz!"she introduced."Im Danny Fenton and I guess আপনি met my friends."I said."Oh them yes they're a funny group!"she exlcaimed.The school ঘণ্টা rang so all of us went in,some to class others to lockers."HEY FENTINA!!!"yelled Dash.I really wasnt in the mood for his mess but he did'nt really care much."Who's that idiot?"asked Chleo."T-thats Dash Baxter the quarter back for Casper high,also the bully too!"Tucker warned Chleo."Hey Fenturd Im practicing on pounding...
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posted by cool5225cool
It has been 5 week seens the world has known danny's secrit, But Danny is having truddle whith his ice powers he goes ghost, and jummps into the Ghost Zone to find Frost Bit. Adout hafe way thar he sees Dark Danny, dut Dark Danny does not see Danny. Danny thanks "Do not thank adout him phantom gust find Frost Bit". he finds Frost Bit. Frost bit ব্যক্ত "you control the power." "The power don't control you" danny ব্যক্ত " listen I came here to find আপনি beause I thouht আপনি could help me,but I gust I wrong." Danny gits redy to leve.Frost Bit stops him to say " thare is oun other thang we can try hold out your hands danny did as Frost BIT said. Frost Bit odsords SOME of Danny's ice powers ."Thans Frost Bit." Danny is now going প্রথমপাতা to Anmy Park and is wondring if Dark Danny is thar.
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posted by titanicdragon
"Great the crazed up ফলমূল loop is coming" ব্যক্ত Danny.

You laugh. Everybody states

"What, I thought what Danny ব্যক্ত was funny"

He smiles "So how long do we got?" Just then he floats through the ceiling.

"I say no time at all"

Vald shoots Danny Jazz and Dani with a ghost ray.

While he doing that আপনি change into a ghost and make a সেকেন্ড of yourself hoping to well trick him. So while his back is turned আপনি throw a fireball at him. He turns around.

"Clear there is no need to fight I’m here for you"

"I’m over here,” says your second, he shoots it making it disappear.

"Damn it" আপনি whisper

"Now we...
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posted by titanicdragon
"How do আপনি know? Oh right" ব্যক্ত Tucker.

"I wonder why,” asked Jazz.

"My guess is he found out about my parents dumping me at the Eclipse school andhe put two
and two together and that It." u answer

"Well, we are here for you" ব্যক্ত Danny.

"Yes, he isn't going to hunt you,” ব্যক্ত Tucker touching u on the shoulder আপনি blush.

"Thanks everybody at আপনি don't have to do that, I can take care of myself."

"Sure, but u are apart of this group if আপনি like it অথবা not" ব্যক্ত Dani and Sam.

"I'm warning আপনি if I get mad আপনি better stay away, because I have started things on আগুন on accidental."

They laugh.

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This was made দ্বারা TheEvilestAngel.This song is so beautiful and the video too! enjoy :D
danny phantom
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