Dawson's Creek Dawsons Creek/90210 Remake???

Slayedeyes posted on Jun 01, 2008 at 08:41AM
what the hell are they remakeing 90210? why not bring back dawsons creek like either a 7th season or a spinoff of something considering the actors likely wouldnt return for a 7th season 90210 is just not an interesting show to me i loved and miss dawsons creek shouldnt have ended but with a chance to bring a 7th season (unlikely) or a spinoff (possible) i mean they considered a spinoff that would have focused mainly on joeys life if katie hadnt turned it down... come on people weigh in tell me and everyone what you think (I AM NOT BASHING 90210 I JUST SIMPLY DIDNT LIKE THE SHOW)

Dawson's Creek 6 উত্তর

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বছরখানেক আগে dinosteph said…
I always wished that they would do a next generation version of it.
Alexander and Lilly would be grown up, Amys still kickin around, taking after her mother. and Joey and pacey would have a little boy
<3 i wish
বছরখানেক আগে C-Jeep said…
Because it would be wrong to endorse the evil that was the outcome of two spoiled, vindictive, monsters getting their way solely because the Series Creator _always intended_ to martyr the ugly blonde.
Just like he does in all his fair haired misanthrope horror films.
Kevin Williamson is the gay guy who wants ALL 'his' character IDs: The homosexual he is, the whiney hetero boy he wishes he could be and the male dom girl he thinks he was cheated by to get each other in the most nasty bit of self-incest ever put on big screen or small.
That Hollywood allowed this man to make money for 6 seasons of blonde bashing is beyond excuse.
The only way to fix it is to show Joey and Pacey as the self obsessed vindictive freaks they are. And a great way to start would be having Pacey be sterile. So that the world doesn't have to suffer the angst of his sex predator exploitation through another generation of 'pretty people don't have to play fair' wretchedness.
বছরখানেক আগে nataliejade said…
I'm not sure whether i would want a Season 7 just because it would be too much like One Tree Hill with the whole five years later or so, plus Jen dyed and it wouldn't be the same without the four!
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বছরখানেক আগে Leyton4ever said…
ummm dawson's creek ended soooo long ago i wouldn't even consider a season 7...it wouldn't matter that there wouldn't be any jen the only character i disliked more than jen was dawson lol....but that's not the point, the point is that dawson's creek was a teen drama that got all sorts of horrible when they got into college, i think they that it ended when it should have.

dawson's creek was my favorite show until one tree hill, but oth is better than this show ever could have been(even if oth s6 sucks, it's still better than this show lol)
বছরখানেক আগে MelanieLeery said…
i think you should not compare the 2 shows: DC and OTH. Each show has its own characteristic.
if there would be DC season 7, I'd like to know about Dawson's future in Hollywood and his way to true love.
বছরখানেক আগে Bangel90 said…
First of all, I'm not into BH so I don't really care but as far as I've heard about the remake it royally sucks and there's only sex. Now, about DC...I don't want a remake or a spin-off...because I love it too much. Most remakes sucks and ruin the magic of what the show has been and there's also another factor to consider: tv shows have changed today and people need BIG things like suicides or threesomes or unrealistic storylines and DC isn't that (THANK GOD)..DC is truly about love and friendship and simply life and if it has to change to bring the nowadays audience..they have to leave it alone.