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posted by Ieva0311
Birth Name: Park Sung Jin

Stage Name: Sungjin

Height: 177cm

Weight: 70kg

Blood Type: A

Position: Leader, Acoustic Guitarist, Electric Guitarist, Main Vocalist

Birthday: January 16, 1993

Hobbies: Gaming, Exercising

Specialities: Dancing

Birth Name: Park Jae Hyun

Stage Name: Jae

Height: 182cm

Weight: 65kg

Blood Type: B

Position: Electric Guitarist, Vocalist, Rapper

Birthday: September 15, 1992

Education: California State University

Place of Birth: Argentina

Hobbies: Badminton

Birth Name: Im Jun Hyeok

Stage Name: Junhyeok

Position: Keyboardist, Vocalist

Birthday: July 17, 1993

Hobbies: GUNPLA (Gundam models), Shopping,...
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Now আপনি won’t even pick up my calls
Instead of you, I hear a dull voice
There are always hard days
But আপনি can’t win over that moment and আপনি look for an alternative

Let’s take some time
When I heard that
I understood it exactly as it sounded
That we should take some time

Congratulations, you’re so amazing
Congratulations, how could আপনি be so fine?
How could আপনি trample on me?
I see your smiling face, I guess আপনি forgot everything

When আপনি ব্যক্ত let’s take some time
When আপনি ব্যক্ত let’s think about it
You looked into my eyes and made me believe you
Like this

How could আপনি be so fine?
How could you...
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All right, আপনি spent your দিন being so cautious
But just push aside your work and just follow me
All right, under the starlight, drive with me tonight
Feel the wind passing through your fingers

I don’t care where we go, it doesn’t matter if it’s not far
I just like this moment of leaving
I don’t care if it’s not for long, there’s no need to rush
Tonight, we’ll be together under that sky

So be free, don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t have a single care
So be free, just think that it’s just us
Now now everybody dance

Dance dance tonight
Everyone together freely
Dance dance...
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It’s been a while since আপনি left
But even when আপনি weren’t here
I always had আপনি দ্বারা my side
I put my hand in my pocket so আপনি can always link your arms with mine
Why are আপনি making me like this? (Why did আপনি do that babe)

Every দিন is the same, I’m running around a wheel
I really hope this feeling changes
Not having what আপনি want makes your হৃদয় hurt, I’m only human

I guess this is what they call a habit
In an empty room with no one inside
I’m waiting for আপনি to return

My hand habits that touched you, my hand habits toward you
My mouth habits that called you, my mouth habits for...
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Every morning when I open my eyes
The first thing that I think of
The only thing in my mind
Is you
When I’m looking at you
When our eyes meet
My face grows hot but
Feels so nice

There isn’t a single day
That I can live without আপনি baby
I’m waiting all night
For the morning sun to rise
My হৃদয় races at the thought of seeing you

Wa, so ecstatic
When আপনি quietly look at me
I fall for আপনি again
Wa, just looking at you
Makes me feel good
I wanna be with আপনি forever

Like that sun baby
Melt my হৃদয় with a bright smile
Like that sun baby
Shine brightly into my day

I প্রণয় every...
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When আপনি called me after midnight, asking me to pick আপনি up
As if I was waiting, I ran to you
This isn’t the first time, why am I doing this?
I keep getting dragged around

I don’t know I don’t know
I don’t know why I’m doing this
However আপনি treat me, I accept it all baby
But today, you’re pushing me away
These games of push and pull, stop it baby

I think I’m crazy, this isn’t right
Ooh ooh
I think I’m out of my mind, this isn’t right
Ooh ooh

Why can’t I let আপনি go?
I don’t know, strangely, I keep doing this
I keep going back to me
I don’t know, strangely, I keep doing this

Even when...
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I’ve been quietly living
In a deep tunnel that swallowed up the light

On the dark road ahead, I can’t see a single step ahead
I can’t see anything
I can’t feel anything

Me in the black and white photo
My world that has spread black
I’m so tired, I’m so tired
Now I’m so sick of it
The রঙ of আপনি that I see from time to time
It raises me up because you’re the only one with your own color

I try holding out my hand to catch you
But আপনি get farther away

Hold out your hand
Color me like that red sunset
So I won’t lose myself
(Colors, Colors)

I’m running out of breath
As I run to...
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