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i think we need to make আরো প্রশ্ন and অনুরাগী সংগঠন we need to spread the word of dbz if we dont who will? And we should create real অনুরাগী সংগঠন and try to get dbz back on t.v.hopefully i will get to know আপনি guys and be your বন্ধু make maney অনুরাগী সংগঠন web sights flyers and আরো thank আপনি all for lisening to what i have to say i hope আপনি all have sonething similar to say inspire me. i hope i have helped আপনি guys as আপনি all have helped me if it werent for dbz i wouldnt know what to do thank goodness i was introduced to it if আপনি want to contact me my যন্ত্রপত্র is garett_9fi@yahoo.com