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posted by rosewinton3055
This came from MyAnimeList, not from me. xD

Death the Kid (デス・ザ・キッド)


Soul Eater - Main Character

Soul Eater Not! - Supporting Character


Soul Eater - Main Character

Soul Eater Not! - Supporting Character

Classification:Immortal, Shinigami, Meister

Age:It was never revealed in neither the জীবন্ত অথবা manga, what is age truly is. However, being that Shinigami may be over 800 years of age, and his brother, Asura, is nearly 800, it is likely that Kiddo is less than 200 years old অথবা a little over.

Blood Type: D

He is Patricia "Patti/Patty" Thompson's and Elizabeth "Liz"...
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posted by PiCKy-NikkI
Chapter 1

"Back down,you troubling pest,while আপনি still have a chance."A dark yet young sounding boy's voice said.A girl around age 14 stood her ground with two pistols.She had long black hair that had close straight bangs on her forehead.Her hair had 3 white horazantal lines on the right.She had 2 toned yellow and স্বর্ণ colored eyes and wore a black long sleeve dress that ended above her knees.It had a little skull for a tie and white sleeve wrist bands anf collar.She also had black furry boots on.Her eyes stayed focus as she charged at the boy. She fired her বন্দুক at him as she ran. He dodge...
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Death the Kid (デス・ザ・キッド, Desu za Kiddo) commonly called "Kid" (キッド, Kiddo) দ্বারা his বন্ধু and family, is one of the main meisters that the series follows. He is Patti and Liz's meister and Shinigami-sama's son.



Kid suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, অথবা OCD, which is manifested as an obsession over symmetry, otherwise known as asymmetriphobia. Things (and people) must be perfectly symmetrical, lest something unknown and awful happen. Thus if anything is off দ্বারা any measurement (a picture frame off দ্বারা millimeter, অথবা a pose that is slightly out of place),...
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posted by PiCKy-NikkI
Enjoy story and comment.Thnx

Kid flew back a few feet back when Cotiyoso charge at him."You're good but not good enough."The assassin said.Lacey hid in a closet,making sure Marmerachi did'nt see her.Kid aimed at Cotiyoso and fired.He went flying to a wall,wincing."That's it!You're dead!!"Marmerachi yelled.He lundged at the reaper.Kid sidestepped causing the purple haired assassin to trip and fall on the floor.Kid chuckled as Marmerachi got back up embaressed দ্বারা the mishap."Y-you'll pay for that."He studdered.He ran at Kid only for him to sidestep again but this time he was'nt the only one who...
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posted by DeathTheKid1234
On the last part people died then came back then someone came to the window and stuff.

Mizomi:What is that thing


Liz:It's so big to be a মাউস I think it's a.....hmmmm.......OH I GOT IT!!IT A মেষ IT HAS TO BE A SHEEP!!

Yukuri:You guys are idiots it's just a short 15 বছর old

যেভাবে খুশী person:I'M NOT SHORT!!!!

Yukuri:Put a মোজা in it Fullmetal.


Kurumi:How did আপনি know it was Ed?

Mizomi:He's the only one who have two metal limbs duh.

Kid:*says quietly* descusting dash...

Mizomi:what was that Kid?



Kid:*trys shoot Ed*



what will happen next,find out on part 3 coming soon =3=
hi, i'm new to this place. i প্রণয় Kid so much it hurts. so i thought it would be a good idea to যোগদান this community.

note- i'm transgender, so my pronouns are he/him..thanks... (they/them is fine too..i don't mind) (anything but she) (also, gender dysphoria sucks)

please no hate, thanks. i actively ship Soul x Kid. again, no hate মতামত p এল-মৃত্যু পত্র e a s e. if anyone else on here ships Soul and Kid, please let me know? i also like Kid x Blackstar. if anyone here ships Kid and Blackstar, on the other hand, please feel free to let me know as well? i feel like i'm the only one who ships gay stuff in...
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posted by PiCKy-NikkI
Read and Comment.Thnx!

Chapter 2

The trio watched as the shinigami fought off the pre kishins."Should we help him?"Kraiss asked.Lance looked at him like he spoke another language."He's Death the Kid!He does'nt need help!He's unstoppable!"Phoebe watched in awe as Kid had kicked one in the face.A kishin saw her and ran at her.She did'nt have any chance to react when it pounced(AN;the kishins are demon জন্তু জানোয়ার that are attacking them).Lance and Kraiss were attacked as well.Kid noticed and went to help them.He shot at the ones that attacked Lance and Kraiss.Then he kicked and shot the one attacking...
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posted by kittybones
This is part 3

Kid: this girl and I need to now how to tell her without sounding stupid can আপনি help? (he ব্যক্ত very quickly)
Liz: (in thoughts) is his really going to go for another girl? I had a really strong feeling that he liked me.....
Kid: Liz?
Liz: ( moved from her thoughts) uh yeah?
Kid: can আপনি help
Liz: uh... It depends.... Who is this girls আপনি like?
Kid: her names kitty
Liz: KITTY!?!? আপনি LIKE HER!?!?
Kid: yes can u please shut up
Liz: * sighs * sorry...
Kid: oh and one আরো thing... She knows I like her because patty went and told her
Liz: ( in thoughts ) he can't like kitty,...
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posted by vampireascencio
on a tipical sunny দিন kid was walking to school alone . he was walking alone beacause liz and patti had gotten sick with the flu and decided to stay প্রথমপাতা . once kid got there stain was waiting for him at the front gate . "hey kid your father wants to see আপনি he says its really important " stain ব্যক্ত . he wondered what would be so important now that his father couldnt wait till after school . he went on his way to his fathers office. "hello father আপনি wished to see me " he said. there was someone hiding behind the mirror kid was to far to see who it was . "yes kid-chan , i have someone i want...
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posted by ShadowSpirit
I was sitting in Death the Kid's room. I'm so bored right now I could die. He was just lying there, on his bed. Most girls dreams are seeing his symmetrical room and thought about how fun it would have been. But I have to tell you, its symmetrical alright, but its not fun. I looked around, it was pretty big and then thought, how did I even end up in here?
I thought back, it was in the hospital.
"His wounds are not very serious, he might have to stay here but I'm afraid we're out of beds", the doctor frowned.
"Oh, thats ok, I'll take him প্রথমপাতা then", I smiled and then piggy-backed him out of...
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posted by ShadowSpirit
On a bright sunny দিন I was outside quietly পাঠ করা to myself when I heard a BOOM. There was a silent pause and then a scream, I ran as fast as I could to see what what going on when suddenly there was SLAP and then a CRACK. I was beginning to worry so I decided to climb up a বৃক্ষ and see where it was from.
I hesitated and then rushed to the nearest বৃক্ষ and climbed as fast as I could. When I reached the top, I could see Soul, half weapon form and Kid. They were fighting each other with no mercy, Soul was bleeding and Kid was scratched on the face.
I jumped down and found a গুল্ম to hide in,...
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posted by kittybones
Kid:*walks down stairs while পাঠ করা a book*
Patty:*jumps from behind stairs* Hi Kid!!!
Kid:*startiled and drops book* নমস্কার patty. What are আপনি doing behind the stairs?
Patty: waiting for you, silly *starts to walk away*
Kid: hey, Patty. Do আপনি know that girl over there? *Points out window, to the tree*
(outside window) a girl is পাঠ করা a book while hanging upside down off a branch of the tree
Patty: আপনি mean that new student, yeah I know her, her name is Kitty Bones, she is a mister, and she loves reading.
Kid: Oh. *his thoughts* she is perfectly semmetrical in every way XD*
Patty: *looks at kids...
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posted by PiCKy-NikkI
Hello! This be my story so no mean মতামত অথবা I'll tell Kid আপনি are asymmetrical and he'll beat আপনি down...or make আপনি symmetrical either way comment

Chapter One

Kid stirred in his bed. He was having a nightmare, this one completely different then the last 2 he had. 'Kid looked around to see he was in the woods at night. It was foggy and he could barely see, but suddenly he heard a scream, a girls scream. For some reason he an towards the scream, and as he got closer it got louder, and louder until he found himself dumbfounded when he was in the middle of a opening surrounded দ্বারা trees. He heard...
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posted by PiCKy-NikkI

Kid walked Lacey, Icesiss, Allison, and Jaylen, around the DWMA. They met Maka, Soul, unfortunately Black Star, Tsubaki, and Crona. As they neared the class rooms Kid saw Stein rolling in his chair. "Well seems like we have new students, your names." he asked. "I'm Lacey, this is Allison, Jaylen, and Icesiss." Lacey introduced. "Well, I'm sure you'll easily get use to the school, be safe, sometimes Black তারকা might challenge you." He ব্যক্ত rolling away. "Wow, he was actually polite and not crazy this time." Liz stated. Kid chuckled and kept walking them around till they were in front...
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posted by DeathTheKid1234

*Kurumi stairs at Kid,then patty walk up to her.*


*Kurumi jumps back and screams*

Patty:opps did i scare you.

Kurumi:yeah maybe just alittle.So did আপনি need something?



*Patty starts to walk away*

Kurumi:Wait Patty can আপনি do something for me????

Patty:sure what is it????

Kurumi:Well... I kinda have a crush on Kid and im too scared to tell him.Do আপনি th....



Patty:Hey Kid Kurumi wanted to say somwthing to you.

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posted by anime_lover_dtk
Do আপনি notice me? Chapter 1
Kid x Chris

Chris’s Pov:

The name is Chris life my real name is crystal life i'm 16 years old and going to a new school the D.W.M.A cuz my parents ব্যক্ত i’m some how special i’m not that special I mean my parent hate me they প্রণয় my older sister আরো than me. Well at least my parent will pay me condo for me to stay in I guess I’m happy I go to a new school stay away from my parents and start a new life. And as with that her thoughts drove off and fell asleep.

The পরবর্তি Day

I woke up feeling refreshed it was 5:50 o'clock so I started to get ready for my first day...
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posted by DeathTheKid1234

Death The Kid


Black Star



Mizomi (Kid's sister)His sis I made up.prononsed me-zoo-me and it's a real japanese name and so is kurumi....

Kurumi (Kid's girl friend) i made up and mizomi's weopond long পরাকাষ্ঠা hair and blue eye,super cute has many weapond forms.

Yukury (mizomi's other weapond)If youve seen haruhi then আপনি know about the girl with the glasses and grey hair,well,Shion is just like her.Greenish blue hair and red eyes.has many weapond forms.



They are at Maka and Soul's apartment.It has gotten late and the rest of the group cant get প্রথমপাতা because the new's...
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posted by anime_lover_dtk
Do আপনি notice me chapter 2
Friendship blossoms

Last time on DYNM (Do আপনি notice me)

“Hey it looks like patty pat click and Liz have the same class.” Kid said. “And আপনি and I have the same class kid. Chris ব্যক্ত excitingly. “We’ll প্রদর্শনী Pat and Click to our class see আপনি two after class bye.” Liz ব্যক্ত walking away with patty pat and click. “Well I’ll প্রদর্শনী আপনি to our class Chris.” Kid ব্যক্ত as he smiled at Chris “Thank আপনি kid for being such a nice guy.” Chris ব্যক্ত as with that they walked to there class room.

Chris’s Pov:

“I sat পরবর্তি to kid at class I think he’s a really...
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posted by segafan
Death the Kid (デス・ザ・キッド, Desu za Kiddo)
Voiced by: Takako Honda (drama CD), Mamoru Miyano (Japanese), Todd Haberkorn (English)
The son of Lord Death and the meister of the Thompson sisters. He suffers from a severe obsessive-compulsive disorder for symmetry: he মতামত anything perfectly balanced on the right and left to be beautiful, and breaks down upon seeing anything off even দ্বারা the slightest measurement (sometimes to the point of vomiting up blood and collapsing), which proves to be a major hindrance in his daily life and during battle. He chose to wield the Thompson sisters...
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hey guys sry for the wait my laptop got taken away for a while then wen i got it back I FORGOT MY ফ্যানপপ PASSWORD!!!
but then i remmembered and got back on
speshal thx to: my brain for remmembering my গুপ্তশব্দ XD
1 last thing if u have not seen the first Kid X Kitty then go read it now KAI?

kitty: REALLY?!?!? আপনি mean Lord death's son *clearly in shock*
patty: uh-huh *big grin*
(back in building)
kid: *in head* OH NO AT AM I GUNNA DO I NEED TO GET OUTOF HERE AND FIND LIZ mabey she can help me with girl problems like this *and with that he left to find liz*
(now by...
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