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posted by Itachi_lover
 Deidara and Niko
Deidara and Niko
    It was a nice দিন and I had to do a mission I thought it was going to be fun until I found out what I had to do. I went to get my mission it was a mission for me and my team. I had to kill an আকাটসুকি they wanted me to do it because they thought that my team was strong and I would get over him. They wanted my team to hunt down and kill Deidara. I mostly thought it was because he was my older brother and I would know most of his সরানো and I did. It could also be because I was his little sister and there would be a chance that he would hold back a bit. No matter what I...
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he sings for him self the realartist is BIG GAY AL' FROM SOUTH PARK
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a sing along about deidara sang দ্বারা tobi
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