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posted by edwardlover2654
Are Nick and Demi dating অথবা are they just friends? My প্রবন্ধ shows that 9 out of 1,000 people say that they are not dating but they actually are dating secretly so know one can know about them. They secretly তারিখ that way the press won't know and প্রকাশ it on magizens. I think they are dating . But Nick and Demi say that they are just friens but I don't believe them because they look at each other like they like them alot. I can see that they like each other in their eyes but they just can't edmit it.They think it would get out of hands with the press. So they keep their dating a secret from their অনুরাগী and america. অথবা do আপনি think that Joe and Demi are dating? So are Nick and Demi are in প্রণয় অথবা are they just friends? Please মতামত and leave your vote here at the comments. Vote yes অথবা no? Are Joe and Demi dating? Vote yes অথবা no? Thank আপনি and remember to please comment. Who do আপনি think is a better couple Nemi অথবা Jemi? Please vote at comments.