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posted by demon_wolf
Wow I'm starting to think I have to much time on my hands, lol.
Anyways I hope আপনি like it. =)

A Fairy Tale Love.
By: Whitney(Whinny) Forsberg

In a fairy tale
I'm the one
Who will do
Anything for my love.
Behind the magical
Volts of electricity
Our fingers intertwine,
And our lips touch.
There's a whisper
In my ear,
"I will forever
And always প্রণয় you."
Because In a fairy tale,
He's the one
Who will do
Anything for the one he loves.

Yupp another one of my poems, hope আপনি guys liked it. =D
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This story is based off of the Twilight roleplay. I know most of আপনি hate Twilight, and to be honest I only watched the চলচ্চিত্র becuase Taylor Lautner is my fav actor. It আপনি read this though I thank you. So Thanks.

Now on with the story.

Her alarm clock went off at eight, she rolled over shutting it off. Pulling the blanket back over her head she sighed.

"I am so not looking অগ্রবর্তী to taday. What if Jake has told................... Charlie about last night?"

"Don't worry I haven't told him a thing."

Whinny sat up quickly in her bed, the blanket falling from her. She saw Jacob sitting on the...
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posted by demon_wolf
Hope আপনি like it.

Peaceful Darkness.
By: Whitney(Whinny) Forsberg

Maybe it's because
On the way
Into the darkness,
I considered
Whispering "Stay here."
The only problem is,
I don't stay awake,
Sleep comes too fast.
When exhaustion consumes me,
It then hits me
In my dreams.
For some reason
It wasn't আপনি
I was whispering to.
My soul cries out
Making it hurt,
My head goes blank.
আপনি want me
To stay.
In the peaceful darkness
I stay.
Your words didn't reach me in time.
posted by demon_wolf
Muscles tightened. Claws raked over furred skin. Teeth bit into shoulders, legs, and throats. It was a battle. A battle for survival.

Survival of the fittest.
Young vs old.

Blood covered the ground under their pads. Each had their heads hung low to the ground. Eyes pinned to eachother. The older stood ready for his young opponent to make his attack. Instead the young one threw back his ears against his blood spattered head, and let out a ferocious snarl before bending its head down to lick at a wound on its fore front left leg. He took his eyes off his older opponent.

The old নেকড়ে knew from many...
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I thought this was so funny, when I first saw the commercial with my বন্ধু we almost peed ourselves laughing!
যেভাবে খুশী
হাঃ হাঃ হাঃ
posted by demon_wolf
Name: Emerit একপ্রকার গায়ক পক্ষী

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Hair: Blackish blue

Eyes: Green

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 105Lbs

Emerit was born to a family with a lot of money. They were part of the rising middle class that all of England feared and ranted about so often. Though they feared them, though, many of the families, finding their money wells drying up, went to these middle class families for saving.

The একপ্রকার গায়ক পক্ষী family, like many of the other middle class, wanted the titles of the 'old money' and when the opportunity presented itself, and an Earl came to court Emerit, the family was আরো than happy to have...
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 When a নেকড়ে howls.....
When a wolf howls.....
Literally just thought of this right now as i was brushing my hair.
So enjoy. ^^

When a নেকড়ে howls an eagle flys
By: Whitney(whinny) Forsberg

When a নেকড়ে howls an eagle flys
When an eagle flys a rabbit hides
When a rabbit hides a deer runs
When a deer runs a hunter shoots
When a hunter shoots a deer dies
When a deer dies the hunter eats
When the hunter eats his belly is full
When his belly is full the hunter sleeps
When the hunter sleeps his belly empties
When his belly empties the hunter hunts
When the hunter hunts a নেকড়ে howls
When a নেকড়ে howls an eagle flys

Thats it hope আপনি liked it. ^^
 an eagle flys.......
an eagle flys.......
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Nicole's Point Of View.

'It wasn't suppose to be like this. I wasn't suppose to fall inlove with him. Thats not how I planned this, when I agreed to train him.' Nicole thought as she watched the vampire walk toward her from across the street.

It was a sunny summer day. The sun shined on him, making his ivory colored skin glow, accenting all his mucsles and the bright smile spread across his face. His short brown hair flowed about his head as a breeze came, he pushed a few strands from his eyes. She could tear her eyes from him he was so gergous. The perfect guy around, but the problem was he...
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 Fight like মার্জার and dogs.
Fight like cats and dogs.
I had to write this story for my english class can আপনি tell me what আপনি think of it please. ^^

“Haha আপনি can’t win against me আপনি mangy mutt.” Came the voice of a cat, standing on শীর্ষ of a fridge. “I can climb higher than you. আপনি can never get me up here.”

A little dog stood at the bottom of the fridge. “You cheater!” The little dog yelled.

“Cats never play fair, আপনি of all সারমেয় should know that.” The cat mocked back.

“Aww আপনি guys are playing again.” Came the voice of a person.

Both জন্তু জানোয়ার looked toward the voice.

“You are lucky this time dog. The human came to your aid.”...
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