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Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes + lyrics SONG
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Black is the color
that the sad wear in mourning
feeling of wanting them back.

Black is the color
that befriends আপনি when no one else is there
that holds আপনি in a prison with no escape
keeping আপনি from happiness
hiding in a dark corner of a room.

Black is hot coffee in the morning,
a bat flying through caves,
scratching of fingernails against a chalkboard,
a cat's silky fur.

Black is the night sky revealing stars,
Ghosts lurking in the shadows,
a monster's ferocious scream,
evil that lies within your soul.
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What exactly is depression? Is it when আপনি stab your arm, just to feel? Is it a broken heart, a sense of feeling but nothing?

Depression is walking slow, afraid.
Depression are the cuts and scars on your body, haunting every little piece of আপনি that's about to crumble.

Depression is a loss, a death of what আপনি were, who আপনি are now.

Depression is a disorder, depression is anything but normal.

Depression is a child screaming for help as a parent holds it's neck.

Depression is a teenager trying to fit in their new school, just trying to make a friend.

Depression is an adult, hunting for that job...
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