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Here is some trivia (funny অথবা interesting) about Dharma & Greg

■ The Vanity Card at the end of the first episode (the producer has added a long text, visible for only a second, at the end of every episode, called a "vanity card") starts with "Thank আপনি for videotaping "Dharma & Greg" and freeze-framing on my vanity card." Near the end, it says "I believe that when ABC reads this, I'm gonna be in biiiig trouble."
■ Not only did the producer add a vanity card at the end of episode one, but at the end of every episode (visible for about 2 seconds, readable when freeze-framed). The main...
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Season 3 / Episode 20: - Talkin' About My Regeneration

Dharma Finklestein Montgomery: One time, when we were having sex, I pretended, আপনি know, that I didn't have an orgasm.
Greg Montgomery: আপনি faked, not having one?
Dharma Finklestein Montgomery: Well, I wanted to go again and I didn't want to have to wait in line. I'm sorry.

Season 3 / Episode 4: - Play Lady Play

Dharma: [holds up ice cube] Look, Greg, it's your mother's heart!
Greg: Melt it and we'd have your father's brain!

Season 2 / Episode 9: - Brought to আপনি in DharmaVision

Jane Cavanaugh: [hearing Greg and Larry screaming about a bear...
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posted by Aline1102
I found this pretty amusing প্রবন্ধ on the web and I thought it would be great to share it.

■ Goof (continuity error): Mr Montgomery's boutonnière changes positions between shots.
■ Goof (continuity error): The back of Dharma's dress changes between their 1st dance to their time out on the grass.
■ Goof (continuity error): While Greg is talking to Dharma about having to leave to save the dad's from killing each other, Pete is sitting talking to a girl. At the crime lab, Pete is sitting like he's been there for hours setting up the details.
■ Goof (continuity error): As Abby and Dharma...
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