Dimitri Belikov Spirit Bound. SPOILERS

xochristina posted on Jun 01, 2010 at 11:30PM
I am so happy that Dimitri is dhampir again. But it's breaking my heart the way that he's being towards Rose and the affection that he's giving Lissa. It's so obvious that he still loves her though. Any thoughts about his actions? Predictions for last sacrifice? Obviously I'm still completely in love with dimka (as much as I hate it I understand his reasoning) but i think it'll be better in last sacrifice (it HAS to!!)

Dimitri Belikov 2 উত্তর

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বছরখানেক আগে forksandspoons said…
this may b off topic but i think that roses half sister is jailbait cause she said her and her mom did danceing and her mom may have danced at las vegas so idk mayb she is and i know dimka still loves rose and when he tried to fite for her in the last book i think it showed his love for her again so idk its just my prediction
বছরখানেক আগে xochristina said…
I saw that on another foun to, and I think it's possible that Jill is lissa's half sister. It would definitely make things interesting :). I completely agree with you! When she was getting taken away and he fought for her...like hello! He's still totally madly in love with her! <3 Though I could tell when he was talking to lissa and rose was listening through the bond. I think thatnow that rose is in jail shell somehow escape to go on the journey to find the half sibling. I definitely think dimka &rose will get back together! Forksamdspoons, were definitely on the same page here! :)