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DawenSmith posted on Oct 12, 2012 at 07:11AM

Heel oneself say sorry, because there is always a sense of sadness link; Say sorry to yourself, in order to others difficult ourselves; Heel oneself say sorry, because camouflage let oneself be very tired; Heel oneself say sorry, because always learn can't forgotten; Heel oneself say sorry, because a lot of things didn't cherish well, Heel oneself say sorry, because stubborn hurt yourself; Life continues, need to smile to move on.

Your side if there is such a person, you ambiguity, but never together link. Ambiguity is, more than good friends close a bit, but a bit further than lovers; Ambiguity is, you will from time to time to see his micro boo have a renewal, but also pay attention to between the lines, he to do you have any suggested; Ambiguity is, there is feeling, however, this feeling is not enough to make you I. e. a formal relationship. We ambiguity, but we don't belong to each other. The life is a singular journey, meet that is a beautiful accident. Have let will decree by destiny, if no wish, even if we will also passing by. Edge is an act of god, in a human. No matter edge deep edge shallow, edge long edge short, get is nature. Life is too short, ah not easy, we should cherish and tolerant and open-minded, treat the life of every person and every thing.

Others again good, it's none of my business. I'll not good, pass what others here link. Some things, not I don't care, but I care and can do, learn to do intelligent woman: has been waiting for a man, one to know how to treasure the fate, a wish and I accompanied by hand in hand to the old man, a like me believe that there are true love, Has been waiting for a person, a concern I care about me, a understand tolerance be considerate of my person, a may not be perfect but know how to cherish my person, Has been waiting for a person, a and I the people who love each other, a we each other like of the person. No matter how far way, can also come to an end; No matter how deep pain, also there will be the end of the day. Bear the hope of tomorrow, in every pain and happy days, to walk more strong, Carries the dreams of the future, in every ordinary and not ordinary days, would smile more brilliant. As long as don't give up, have no what can let one back; as long as strong enough, there is nothing can beat them.

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