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All of the men were gathered outside of the massive base in a large courtyard on the edge of a small cliff out looking the ocean. Calico and a commander in black and yellow armor were standing in front of them. What they were waiting for arrived. Two শকুনি droids escorting a Sheathipede-class shuttle emerged from the fog. The shuttle deployed its bug-like landing gear and touched down on the round helicopter pad. The back doors opened and a long narrow ramp came out, a B1 battle droid commander came out first, followed দ্বারা two super battle droids, side দ্বারা side. They lined up at the end of...
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posted by boltrocks2233
Once a very long time পূর্বে there was a young hansome prince named Bolt. Bolt would sit alone at night in his দুর্গ wondering when he would find his prinsess. Meanwhile, in a far off tower there was a young beautiful girl, named Violet. She had been locked in the tower for as long as she could remember. She would escape on her own but an evil 80 foot tall আগুন breathing pigeon was gaurding it. At long last Bolt decided to go off and find his prinsess with his servant Mittens and his close friend Rhino. He had venchured through trechorus rain and devistating snow, but finally he came to find...
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 My Bolt Things Collection
My Bolt Things Collection
ভালুক in mind, when আপনি read this, I am going to turn 15 on July 8th, 2010… “How old to like Bolt…” আপনি may think. Read on…

1.    I can recall the exact তারিখ I discovered Bolt, and how. It might not be as early as some, but I remember it was the 27th November 2008, in a free advertising leaflet that came with WALL-E on DVD.
2.    I cut out the Bolt advert back then to প্রদর্শনী my parents, and I still have it now, in the same condition.
3.    So far, out of everyone who’ve I’ve discovered and spoken to, I have the biggest Bolt...
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 "...streaming beams of electric green light from his eyes."
"...streaming beams of electric green light from his eyes."
দ্বারা BoltsBiggestFan for Fanpop.com

“I will never talk! Never!” The Professor was pushing it a bit. He was lucky to still be alive in this situation.
“You are beginning to irk me, Professor,” Dr Calico hissed, “I am irked! That will not do.”
“I will never tell আপনি my secret, whether you’re irked অথবা not!” The Professor insisted.
“Very well.” Calico turned round to his two heavy henchmen behind him. “Go and find the thing we were talking about earlier. It might get our little friend here to be a bit more… Communicative.”
Panting heavily in a damp alley, Penny took a...
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posted by Lancewing1994

[Mitten's Point of View]

Cobra and I were searching for the perfect spot for Bolt and Maria to hold the ceremony. It is going to be a week before the wedding takes place, but nothing can contain the excitement I have for him. Bolt already told us about that spot they found on one of the hills, but they couldn't risk getting spotted দ্বারা Bruce, so we decided to look somewhere in the forest. I know there was this one spot that works just as well, so we decided to check that out. When we got there, we saw that it was even better than I remembered.

"Well," I said, "I think this will work well."...
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posted by no1BOLTfan
 Bolt looked very sad, and he wished Penny took him along. "We can't just let her go alone! We need to go after her!"
Bolt looked very sad, and he wished Penny took him along. "We can't just let her go alone! We need to go after her!"
Just before I start, I would like to say this is আরো of a draft. Please let me know if there are any typos অথবা grammar mistakes. Thanks! Hope আপনি enjoy!


Bolt yawned and lifted up his head just in time to see Penny walking to the front door of the house, rolling a large suitcase along the tile floor. Bolt new this meant she was going on a trip, and that he usually came with her on trips, but he never heard anyone say anything.

"Mittens, where is Penny going?" Bolt asked. Mittens opened her bright green eyes and licked her paw.

"I didn't know Penny was going anywhere. What makes you...
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posted by BoltJT
 Soda and Hero playing in the yard.
Soda and Hero playing in the yard.
Bolt 3
Storyline: After Bolt 2, Bolt is yet again gone back to the easy life with, Soda, Milo, Mittens, Rhino, and Rustlan. Only this time the family gets bigger! Bolt and Soda's Son and daughter are born. Hero and princess. Princess was called that because, she is sweet, and beautiful, and Bolt is always calling her his little Princess. Hero is called Hero, because he is the son of two Superdogs AKA heroes. He has a strong bond with his dad, mom and Penny. After he got older, and was no longer a baby anymore perhaps a preteen, he decided that this was not what he wanted. Maybe his superdog...
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posted by FinnishBoltfan1
It's Sneaking time Bolt,Let's stay quiet and try to reach this ships wheel. Penny said.
They were on the move,Sneaking was going greatly.
Yeah I have heard of It already. Guard 1
How,It should be in:Top secret files? Guard 2 asked.
*Penny shows fingertips to Bolt*
Bolt makes an meelee,And those two in the ship were down.
Then they saw an sing
Helis and Warheads.
Hmm,We could go faster with that heli...Penny said.


Somewhere of Siberia,Eastern Russia.

Professor was lucky that He was alive on there,Very lucky.

Proffesor,Could আপনি just tell it,I actually hate killing people with my knife...
*Calico puts his ছুরি on Proffesor's neck*

*Long gulp*


Which way to go..? Penny said.

Your turn.
Heli অথবা keep going.
Two সারমেয় were playing around in the dog park. "Can't catch me!"one dog said. Her name was Lightning. "I'll get you!"the other one said. Her name was Vivian. Lightning ran around the park. Vivian was right behind her. Lightning saw the fence and took a sharp turn. Vivian ran into the bar fence. Lightning giggled. Vivian got up and rubbed her head. "Ow..that hurt.."she said. Lightning smiled and ran off. "Oh no আপনি don't!"Vivian growled. She ran as fast as Lightning. She caught up with her and they were side দ্বারা side. Vivian tagged her and made a stop. Vivian ran the other way. Lightning ran after...
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Does Bolt actually take place after it was released?
A few days ago, I was watching a Bolt video, and when I looked in the upper left corner I found something in the Silverlake Animal Rescue. When Penny adopts Bolt, if আপনি look in the শীর্ষ left corner there is a sign that reads Adopt-a-thon January 14th 2008.Since Bolt is 5 during the main portion of the movie, that means the movie took place around 2013.This means, দ্বারা the time a lot of আপনি saw the movie, it hadn't happened yet! Now this was most likely just an error in production but it is still fun to think of.
Storyline: (note: অ্যাঞ্জেল is not a কুকুরছানা in this story, she is an adult.
Bolt is an superhero and অ্যাঞ্জেল and him are together, Angrl hates Bolt being a superhero and trys every way possible to get him to live a normal life with her. Bolt on the other hand loves his job.)
One day, অ্যাঞ্জেল finds out that she is pregnant, she is so excited to tell Bolt thinking once he finds out he will want to have a normal life with her and the baby.
When Bolt comes home, she goes to tell him.
Bolt: "Angel, I had the most wonderful day!".
Angel: "Bolt, I need to tell you-"
Bolt: আপনি know অ্যাঞ্জেল that I don't thing there...
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one দিন while bolt and mittens were playing outside dr.eggman and dr.eggman naga were planing to catnap mittens
dr.eggman:are আপনি sure that that cat is princess balze's sister?
dr.eggman naga:of course she is.now send metal sonic after her.
dr.eggman:metal sonic capcher that cat and as a added bounes আপনি can take the dog too?
metal sonic:yes master I shall get the dog and cat for you.
mittens:did আপনি hear something
bolt:no mittens why do আপনি ask...*sees metal sonic behind mittens*om mittens look behind you.
mittens:bolt if this is one of rhino's tricks he'll..*turns to see metal sonic*bolt...
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1.    I still remember the তারিখ and time exactly of when I very first discovered BOLT, and I remember how, too. It was when I bought WALL-E on DVD, and there was a leaflet inside with a Bolt advertisement. This happened on the 27th November 2008 (I know, not as early as some but it’s still a credit) at 2:55 pm.

2.    I cut out the Bolt advert back then to প্রদর্শনী my parents, and I still have it now, in the same condition.

3.    I’ve been drawing BOLT since the দিন I discovered it, too and still...
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posted by FinnishBoltfan1
Bolt and Reika were ready to fight for their lives.
There was Great danes,Akita dogs,Shibas...
Huge army of calico's সারমেয় were standing against them.. thIs was turnin' out to be a big fight.
It me and you,against all of those. Bolt ব্যক্ত to Reika.
Are আপনি ready to fight for risk of losing? Bolt said.
Yes,Bolt. If we die here,We must have someone to tell for the পরবর্তি generation. Reika said.
Wisely said,Reika! আপনি have a soul of an fighter, IF আপনি JUST WANT IT TO!!! Bolt said.
Shut up and fight like a real dog! great dane ব্যক্ত to Bolt.
CATCH ME IF আপনি CAN! Bolt said.
Bolt ran on the wall.
Bolt jumped from...
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posted by FinnishBoltfan1
I had to choose যেভাবে খুশী route...Right.
I shall test right.Bolt thought.
So he run to নৌকা on the right.
There was guards everywhere,Could he make It through without alerting anything?
He was close already,But then...
Hey! The dog is here! Guard said.

Bolt run Fast as He can,Then someone hit him shotgun! He was Bleeding He had troubles to get himself up,But he made it.

Bolt was in bad trouble...
Wrong way...
Run trough অথবা go back?

Your turn!
Run trough অথবা Go back to the start?
posted by B0LT
Errors in geography: When Bolt is in New York City, we can see a pedestrian "WALK/DON'T WALK" sign. In New York City, those signs প্রদর্শনী a white walking character (walk) and a red hand (don't walk).

Revealing mistakes: Near the beginning of the film, Calico is sitting with a cat on his right shoulder. Their reflection is shown in the glasses of a man directly opposite. The reflection shows Calico and the cat in the same position instead of being reversed, as a reflection would be.

Factual errors: The roll-up door on a U-Haul truck cannot be unlatched from the inside.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs:...
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Brief summary: Bolt and Penny have finally vanquished Calico, Penny rescued her father, and life returned to normal. But a true villain never truly stays down. Calico returns once আরো and, this time, kidnaps Penny, her father, and her husband in one final attempt to get the animal enhancement process. Now, the only ones who can save them are Penny's daughter, Emily, and Bolt's son, Lightning.

Emily came in the front door. She was ready. She called out for Penny, with no response. She looked around to see there was no car in the driveway, she then proceeded to the রান্নাঘর as it was lunchtime...
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posted by ANW2004
No dog am here
Take over
What's here human
Night dog old
That now
খাবার good
Yuck trash
Have feed Cookie fun
আপনি can superdog আরো oh no
"Here" ব্যক্ত wall-e
"Eeh" ব্যক্ত Eve
End of part 1
 Wynn dog
Wynn dog
 Sugary no yes
Sugary no yes
 Over দিন time wake up
Over day time wake up
 helloHere hello there
helloHere hello there
 Happy here
Happy here
posted by BoltsHugestFan
I sit listing to the pitter patter of rain on the roof. but i diddent mind, because i was নিরাপদ and sound in my nice house. i get up and slowly walk towerd mittens and sit beside her "wheres rhino?" i ask raising an eyebrow. she stops licking her paws and looks at me "in pennys room watching tv" she replies. i roll my eyes "better not bother him then" I chuckle. mittens opend her mouth to speak but suddenly the lights flickerd on and off the turned completly off. i growl and rhinos voice echoed from the other room "ahh man"! he grumbled and rolled in the living room. i look at him and roll my eyes agin when i here a: thump thump thump. my ears flattend aginst my head i growl and slowly walk towerd the door i crouch low and jump through the dog door landeing apoun a small black pup. she whines and i quickly stand up "I'm sorry" I tell the pup then i look towerds the dog door and smile "come on in" i tell her i jump through the pup traling behind.
 Logo Of FBI :)
Logo Of FBI :)
Characters will Continue in পরবর্তি part of this article.

Name of the series: Bolt:FBI

Story line: 5 years later...
Penny was 18,and Bolt was not interesting anymore,Otherwise boys were in her mind all the time.
Bolt goes to his bed,And cries once again cause Penny does not care about him anymore.

When Bolt wakes up,He is in Truck with couple dogs.
They are From FBI!
Bolt does not know that.
When Bolt goes inside,He asks,Why I'm here?
Well,You got skills. We have heard of them.
That's why আপনি are Here. Private Bolt.

You'll start Training tomorrow,now have a look at your new Life here at the FBI!

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