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posted by criminalminds15
“We went through the sort of, milestones together. The first read through,
our first দিন on set, then we got our first block finished. We’ve had these really huge things in life that we’re sharing.”

(On filming 'The Beast Below') “It was so fun! Me and Matt were just messing around most of the time, throwing cabbage at each other.”

“We’ve grown closer every day. I’m quite fond of her, actually, it has to be said.”

Matt: Hi! No one cares about your silly bedroom.
Karen: *throws বালিশ at him*

Matt: You’re a bit prettier in the game.
Karen: I knew that was coming.
Karen: I think they’ve been a bit generous to Matt. He’s got a bit off a structured jaw, which isn’t really there.
Matt: Let’s not go there.
posted by timeandfate
 ...and the winner is... Kaidi!!
...and the winner is... Kaidi!!
hello Kaidi!
First of all, Congratulations.

How do আপনি feel about winning FOTM?
-I'm feeling so positively surprised. We have so many অনুরাগী that deserve it, yet people voted for me. It's such an honor!

Do আপনি want to say anything to all these people that voted for you?
-Naturally I want to say thank আপনি so much! Being FOTM is such a privilege, and like I said, it's such an honor if people think I'm the one to deserve this title.

When did আপনি start watching Doctor Who?
-Unfortunately I started watching it quite recently. I think it was the beginning of March of something, just before season 5 started...
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posted by criminalminds15
The BBC's Overview of River Song

River Song is an archaeologist from the future who the Doctor keeps meeting in the wrong order.

He first met her on the planet of The Library, but we haven't yet seen where she first met him. So her journal is packed with information the Doctor feels he shouldn't know about yet. They're going to be very close: River knows the Doctor's real name and she even has a sonic স্ক্রু ড্রাইভার of her own that she claims he gave to her. She even knows how to fly the TARDIS. The tragedy is, the Doctor knows how River dies, so when the two of them meet at the crash of the Byzantium, share that picnic at Asgard and whatever they did together at the গান গাওয়া Towers, he'll have a terrible secret that he won't be able to tell her.

River has a knack for getting into trouble and knows the Doctor can help her get out of it. But as for just how much they meant to each other: spoilers!
 And the winner is... criminalminds15!
And the winner is... criminalminds15!
So, as আপনি may already know the Doctor Who spot has just held it’s first ever অনুরাগী of the মাস competition! It led down to a nail-biting tie between Disaster and me… Surprisingly, I won! So right now I’m about to start interviewing myself which is a little weird. I feel sort of self-conceited!

How do আপনি feel about winning FOTM?
Oh my gosh! It’s such a great feeling! I’m extremely proud and to have won against those people. It’s weird as they do so much that’s amazing on the spot and they’re so active! In my opinion, they all deserved to win it so much আরো than me! I was ecstatic...
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posted by labyrinth75
Back in 2006, my friend Joseph talked me into watching this amazing টেলিভিশন প্রদর্শনী that we like to call, ‘Doctor Who’, well that’s actually its name and that’s why we call it that title. Anyway, after the success that was ‘Rose’, the BBC commissioned series 2 for the following year. After the series 1 finale, Christopher Ecclestone regenerated into the অনুরাগী favourite, the Tenth Doctor played দ্বারা David Tennant. Obviously at the end of series 1, we knew that David Tennant would তারকা as the Doctor and Billie Piper would return as Rose Tyler.

[Note: This তালিকা does not feature ‘The Christmas...
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Keruush, the entertainment capital of the universe. প্রথমপাতা to wonders beyond any human অথবা non human’s imagination. Thrills, chills, joys and mysteries, rollercoasters, mazes, alternate reality games, games for the young, old and in-between. Casinos, adults only, children and the mighty gambling যুদ্ধপোত ‘The Mothership’ wait! And in the abandoned arcades, a woman roams the halls, only coming out of her domain when the lowest person, at their wits end and in their most venerable despair she senses. And with her words, she lures them to the ‘best game ever played’. And they are...
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“Hurry up Merlin, walk faster” Arthur ব্যক্ত with not much enthusiasm.
“Well I’m sorry” ব্যক্ত Merlin “I can’t help being so slow while I’m holding both of our stuff”
Arthur rolled his eyes. They were out hunting in the forest.
“Did আপনি hear that?” exclaimed Merlin.
“Yes, it was a deer and আপনি scared it away…”
“Sorry” Merlin whispered.
They kept on walking when they saw a সেকেন্ড deer, this one bigger than the last.
“Shh” Arthur ব্যক্ত to Merlin while getting ready to shoot his bow.
He had a clear view, he was certain he was going to get it. Then all of a sudden there...
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posted by labyrinth75
Back in 2008, the coming soon trailers for Series 4 got me আরো excited than I’d ever been before for Doctor Who. Every Trailer I saw got me আরো excited than previously. I remember when I was waiting throughout that break between ‘Voyage of the Damned’ and ‘Partners in Crime’; I kept watching the trailers on the Doctor Who Website wondering what gems Russell T. Davies would offer up this year. So does Series 4 of Doctor Who hold up compared to the পূর্ববর্তি years? Holy Hera, Yes! Anyway…let’s get straight into this retrospective.

[‘Voyage of the Damned’ will be covered within...
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 ...and the winner is... mds_blackflag!!
...and the winner is... mds_blackflag!!
So, here we are again but, this time with mds_blackflag, who has won August's FOTM (as the শিরোনাম of this প্রবন্ধ says)

1.First of all: Congratulations. What do আপনি wannna say to those who have voted for you?

-Thank আপনি so much. You're the best. (yeah...I'm bad at these thngs...I know)

2.When did আপনি first start watching Doctor Who and why?
-Well... I've been a sci-fi অনুরাগী since I was a child (thanks bro!) and my mum showed me some vids of the old DW episodes and I liked them so much!

3.What do আপনি think about Matt Smith and Karen Gillan?
-They are so good... At the beginning I disliked her (I can't...
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posted by criminalminds15
 And the winner is... timandfate!
And the winner is... timandfate!
Sorry for the delay on this but here it finally is! The May FOTM interview with the incredibly deserving and thankfully forgiving timeandfate অথবা as she used to be known kissxmexgoobye অথবা serenade5000.

Firstly, congratulations. How do আপনি feel about winning FOTM and is there anything you’d like to say to those who voted for you?[b]
Thank আপনি so much, you're brilliant! ;)

[b]When did আপনি first start watching Doctor Who and why?

I was with my best friend watching TV, we saw an episode and we liked it so much
 "He's like we wanted as a Doctor"
"He's like we wanted as a Doctor"

Do আপনি think Matt’s doing a good job...
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posted by KayleighDyer
50X. The পরবর্তি Doctor
203. 251208 দ্বারা Russell T Davies
The Doctor arrives in Victorian লন্ডন and encounters two very different types of Cybermen. The Cybus Cybermen and some diamond headed wraith-like Cybermen (this universe's Cybermen?) As well as these there is a very organic Cybershade creature. They've taken over a graveyard and look set to take over the planet through stealth. The Doctor is about to save a damsel in distress when someone else leaps in, dashing, witty, intelligent and saves her instead. Himself, from the future, regeneration unknown. Troops of Cybermen attack a major Market place in snow-covered London.
posted by iliveingallifey
in the epasode "midnight" the hostesst of the tours sacraficed her life to save the passengers and to save them from killing the doctor.

i think as whovins we should make up a wonderful name for the hostesst as she was nameless to the epasode.

so i was thinking all of আপনি অনুরাগী ইনবক্স me a great name for her ill gather them up and put the m in a pick and over 6 months অথবা so which ever is the best picked will be her name.

its up to you!!!

আপনি can use your own name অথবা old names from the older epasodes অথবা mix n mach nmaes from clebs 1 thing it has to be amassing .

i know আপনি can do it. when আপনি ইনবক্স the name use the প্রবন্ধ শিরোনাম as the ইনবক্স title.
posted by TARDIS-Granger
That ব্রেভ Traveling Man,wandering the plains of time,he has so many বন্ধু yet is the loneliest person around.His companions leave because they must,they fall in love,stay to fight,his lover trapped in another world.That ব্রেভ traveling man,his প্রথমপাতা and everything he ever knew gone-all the work of his greatest foe.He is heartbroken a look of 900 years of sorrow in his eyes.That ব্রেভ traveling man says he's all right-cracks a joke and সরানো on.But everyone one who knows knows that it's code for I'm not all right at all as a wise woman once said.He has saved so many lives and has never been thanked.Thank that ব্রেভ traveling man,whom everyone loves,and nobody knows
posted by RoseElizabeth
The Mystic Casino, Keruush

It was one of the casinos busiest nights, beings from all over the galaxy gambling away their savings, some winners and others losers. Bar waitress Julia Plat worked overtime, dodging hands, rushing from টেবিল to table, order after order. And even with all these many people crowding in every part of the massive casino, she could see him. She stopped at the refilling station and pushed her brown hair away from her sweaty face.
“Busy night.” She remarked to her fellow waitress Jaci as they waited for the tender to refill their glasses, “see him?” she indicated...
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I think that we can all say that the wait for Series Seven Part One was agonising, there was nine months wait…‘Asylum of the Daleks’ aired nine months after ‘The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe’…Steven Moffat!!! (Shakes fist) I think my fellow whovians, know my pain. Anyway in the build-up for Series 7, we were treated to a mini-sode called ‘Pond Life’ written দ্বারা Chris Chibnall, which I actually enjoyed, আরো than I thought I would and it helped lessen the agonising last week. But was the entire wait of nine months worth it? Let’s find out…

[‘The Doctor, the Widow and...
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 ...and the winner is... bitterimpulses!!
...and the winner is... bitterimpulses!!
So sorry for uploading it now but, I've been quite busy this time and my internet went off...
Here we are again, this time with bitterimpulses, our last winner.

1.Congratulations for winning FOTM. What do আপনি want to say to all those who voted for you?
-Thanks so much, you're the best,... I really think I don't deserve it because I've done some things not as timeandfate অথবা criminalminds15... but, anyway, thank আপনি :D

2.When and why did আপনি watch DW for the first time?
-When my mum told me where she saw for the 1st time a cool TV show.

3.What do you...
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ok so in the beginning of "the name o the Doctor" we see her on Gallifrey with the first Doctor AND Susan, and right away my mind went: "wait. if she is on Gallifrey, would that make her a timelord (timelady whatever আপনি like i guess)??
it says she dies saving the Doctor every time, butif she dies wouldnt she just regenerate? but what would happen then? that clone of her wouldnt have any purpose then right? would it die? অথবা would it forget? could that clone possibly be another companion in the future and leaves? i am very curious and confuzzeled দ্বারা this, your thoughts?
posted by 21doctor
Captain Jack Harkness stood at the bar on the সৈকত on Barcelona, the planet Barcelona. It was a lovely day, sunny, mild and soft litted দ্বারা the কমলা sun and the বেগুনি moon. The water of the sea was পান্না green and quite with little waves.
Captain Jack enjoyed the peaceful scenery, drinking a green alien stuff. পরবর্তি to him stood an animallike creature with batears, a female face, a long brown-grey পশম and a body-long bushy tail. She tasted a terrestian ককটেল names MaiTai, does test good mean.
Suddenly, she moved her big ears in a very upright position, spinned it around. She looked at the...
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My name is Andrew Hawcroft, I'm an English playwright and writer of teen fiction e-novels living in Ireland.
A while back, being a huge Doctor Who fan, I wrote for my own pleasure, a DOCTOR WHO stageplay called DOCTOR WHO: A LIGHT IN THE DARK that had been in my head for a long time. It is অনুরাগী fiction only. I know I’m never going to get the rights to get it made, but I really would like DOCTOR WHO অনুরাগী to read it and let me know what they think.

I’ve already had a few অনুরাগী read it through DOCTOR WHO fansites, and the responses have so far been great. (See REVIEWS section under my blog.) I have also made a little ইউটিউব promo reel to let people know about it online, and to let them know the tone and mood of it. See it here; link

Should any অনুরাগী request the play through Twitter (@WriterLad), ফেসবুক অথবা যন্ত্রপত্র at andrewhawcroft1( at ) gmail.com, I will happily অগ্রবর্তী them a copy for reviewing.

Best wishes

Andrew Hawcroft