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posted by duffyfan
Some people hate dolphins and lots of other sea creatures and they go out fishing but they are not just catching মাছ they are catching turtles, sea horses, dolphins and lots of other creatures too!
We need to stop this cause some types of dolphins are coming extingt and are already endangered.
If আপনি dont then its YOUR fault that dolphins and sea tutles are getting extingt and আপনি dont want to hurt us শুশুক প্রেমী feelings do আপনি so
STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Dolphin-lover
Dolphins are known as sea monsters and mammals though they don't act like sea monsters.
Every-time আপনি kill a female শুশুক আপনি can possibly kill a baby শুশুক know as calf.Dolphins and whales are the same, being killed is caused of predators (not there fault) Using as bait, accidentally catching them and using them for food.I can not afford this but i believe in them.
আপনি go to Wild শুশুক Foundation WDF adopt a শুশুক (whale) but please believe they save us and other aquatic creatures. শুশুক প্রণয় us we প্রণয় them for ever in our hearts this Christmas.
posted by Dolphinz1999
In my opinion dolphins seem like some of the most intellegent জন্তু জানোয়ার that ever swam the planet. yeah i no there r apes and monkeys but i mean can monkeys অথবা apes jump through the air when they r in just water? i mean really . y dont they have আরো শুশুক কার্টুন i mean a শুশুক could make a very funny tv character. i man we r talking t-shirts lunch boxes, even বিছানা sheets.
just think about it dophin lovers
this is just my opinion now just 2 let yall know. dolphinz seem like a big part of my life i dont know y they just r. it just sort of grew on me and stuck like glue. they seem so free and independent.