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added by Bluestar208
As I walked among the sparkling stars, I noticed my পশম was getting transparent, lightly glowing around the edges, making me look lke a spirit. Stars sparked up in my pelt. Each step I took through silverpelt felt আরো comfortable and আরো until it felt so easy. I was able to soar around wildly, looking down on all the Clans. I could not see them all. There must have been আরো than twenty. Then I thought to myself, hey, why not drift down to DawnClan?
I flew down, but something hard hit my paws. A barrier to the earthy world. It was sad and I felt another longing to be alive. I looked up and...
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posted by ichigocat
I jumped into the lake, hatred and uncertainty clouded in my mind. The frost-bitten water washed around my black পশম and got in my eyes. I could not swim, nor did I want to swim back up. I hated my mother. No, my STEPmother. She never told me who my real mother was. Never. The water then seemed to wash away everything I felt and I felt happy. But then a star-pelted cat jumped in my half-clouded vision.
"We have come for you," they said.
DreamClan was waiting. I gave a small sigh, and was lifted above the shadows.
posted by ichigocat
I decided to hunt after sitting around for some time. Lifting my head off my paws, I stared ahead at the endless stars. Then I closed my eyes, and I imagined a hunting ground in my head. The territory was all mine in my picture. Then I forced the picture out of my mind and ahead of me. I opened my eyes. Trees and ground stretched before me. Then I also looked down at my paws. পশম covered my silky spirit. Suddenly, a familiar scent hit the roof of my nose.
I naturally bent into hunting position. Then stalking the familiar little creature, I finally found it under a small pile of leaves,...
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posted by ichigocat
As the শিয়াল killed me, my spirit emerted out of my body and I saw myself rise up and up, looking down at myself... I had already risen through the dancing trees in the wind. Sunlight shafted onto my young body. I was too young to die... Dandelions frolicked and I felt a longing pain to drift back down, and wake up. I tried, but it was no use. It was done, and the শিয়াল had killed me.
Though I did not feel pain, the only real pain I found was in my হৃদয় as I knew I would never be able to serve my Clan again. then I remembered that wasn't true. I might not ever feel the presence of the kit's body, I transfered part of my spirit into a kit of DawnClan, Lightkit. I might not ever be part of that Clan again, physically, but my memory will live on forever and ever in the hearts of DawnClan's souls...
If DreamClan is alot like StarClan, why not it be the ফ্যানপপ Clan's StarClan? If আপনি die in another Clan, আপনি can যোগদান here as that cat and still have fun, but আরো benifits of just dying:

1. আপনি can respawn your spirit in a newborn kit.
2. আপনি can still hunt and blah blah blah...
3. No fighting here.

See? I think this club could be used for that reason.

Now, some bad parts are that:

1. There is no fighting
2. (I forgot the সেকেন্ড one LOL)

(P.S. Plz যোগদান FaithClan, ElectricClan, অথবা MintClan!)