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Source: Photographer Unknown
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Source: Photograhper Unknown
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 great MASR
great MASR

Arab-Israeli War of 1973, armed conflict between Israel and the Arab countries of Egypt and Syria, fought during the মাস of October 1973. Egypt and Syria initiated the conflict to regain territories that Israel had occupied since the Six-Day War of 1967. Although both sides suffered heavy losses during the 1973 war, Israel retained control of the territories. Because the conflict began on the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur and took place during the Muslim holy মাস of Ramadan, the war is also called the Yom Kippur War দ্বারা Israelis...
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Pick up from your hotel in Amman, our Rep will pick আপনি up from the hotel and travel to enjoy Petra rose red city, it is must-see in the Middle East.

At the Visitor’s Center আপনি will start on horseback অথবা on foot to the Siq Canyon, a narrow gorge, and continue to the beautiful Treasury. Then আপনি will continue walking along the রাস্তা of Facades; see the Royal Tombs and Qasr Al Bent.

Get your lunch before driving back to Amman hotel.
Tour includes

All transfers with AC car with an English speaking drivers
Pick up from your hotel in Amman & back
Entrance fee to Petra Archeological sites
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Tour Itinerary

Will pick আপনি up from আপনি hotel in Hurghada early morning, transfer to hurghada airport to fly to Taba. In Taba airport আপনি will be assist দ্বারা our REP to be driven to Taba Height marina to take the Ferry নৌকা at 07.30 am to Aqaba, then drive to the Red Rose Rock City. The City of the Nabateans, the হারিয়ে গেছে City, carved all in the mountains. Ride a horse অথবা a উট to the Siq (canyon) which is a natural crack in the rocks that Nabateans developed into their structure elements, walking through the 3 km canyon and enjoying the beautiful carvings of statues, idols and niches, আপনি will...
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