egyptian history Real Banging News! : A’moun-Ĥotep_IV & Akhen-A’toun WERE 'TWO' PERSONS, NOT 'ONE'!! .1

Waael_ebn_Fekry posted on Feb 22, 2012 at 02:06AM
Fellow Egyptologists/Egyptology-Writers, Specialized In Egypt's Eighteenth Ruling Dynasty : READ ABOUT A THOUSANDS-OF-BOOKS-ABOLISHING DISCOVERY !!!

Eye-Brows-Raising News! : A’moun-Ĥotep_IV & Akhen-A’toun WERE 'TWO' PERSONS, NOT 'ONE'!! .1

BY: Waael ebn Fekry

Along the past tens of weeks, Accumulating Convincing Evidences And Evidences-Formers were picked-out and gathered, and examined and analyzed, mostly in Egypt, and they collectively have already turned a previously-minor theory about The Possible Personae-Duality Of A’moun-Ĥotep_IV & Akhen-A’toun, Into A Stunning Reality !! It is not yet announced ‘bureaucratically’ through the Egyptian Council Of Antiquities, but nevertheless, a few enlightening brief flashes could still be ‘turned on’ here for your interested visionary, temporarily …

A Very Few Of Very Many Linking/Defining Hints And Tidings, On The Research-Stemming Conclusion That A’moun-Ĥotep IV And Akhen-A’toun WERE ACTUALLY 'TWO' DIFFERENT PERSONS, and On What Surrounds That Of Traceable/Detectable Happenings And Circumstances, could be summarized by :


2. As Marriages-To-Non-Relatives Were Frequently Instrumental In Securing Grip Of Power And Extended Peaceful Conditions In The Ancient Times, A Marriage Of That Type appeared to HAVE HAPPENED BETWEEN A’MOUN-HOTEP_IV AND A TALL GIRL FROM A HOUSE OF THE “A’TOUNIANS” !!

3. Both Of A’MOUN-ĤOTEP_IV And AKHEN-A'TOUN, According to Unsuspected Specialized Medical Sources, DID NOT SUFFER FROM THE “MARFAN SYNDROME”, As What Was Carelessly And Repeatedly Claimed Before, And That Is Because Nearly All Of The Illness-Signifying Symptoms WERE NOT AT-ALL Present In Either Of Them !!

4. That “A’tounian” Girl, AKHEN-A'TOUN, NEITHER DEVISED NOR INVENTED A NEW RELIGION, And Many Lines From The ‘Thought-To-Be-Novelized’ “HYMNS” ARE VERY SIMILAR TO OTHER COUNTERPARTS FROM THE FERTILE-CRESCENT AND ARABIA, And By The Exact Phrase/Sentence Wording At Sometimes !!

5. The New City Of Akhat-A’toun, That Was Thought To Had Been Built To Be Chiefly A New ‘Seat-Of-Monarchy’, Apparently Now WAS PRIMARILY BUILT For Another Reason, And Nearly Certainly It Had Been TO WELCOME THE ARRIVAL AND DWELLING Of A PERCENTAGE OF THE “A’TOUNIAN PEOPLE”, Naturally As A Pact-Strengthening Gift To Them !!

6. With The Lack Of Any Old-Enough Male Son, To Ascend To Throne, From A ‘Vanished’ Previous KING/ A’MOUN-ĤOTEP_IV, The Egyptian Throne Got SEMI-USURPED BY THE DIFFERENT-BLOOD TALL WIFE/WIDOW OF HIS, AKHEN-A'TOUN, ‘In-Style’ With The Previous And Very Similar T’ĤOTMOS_II/And/ĤAT-SHEP-SUT Succession Experience, Which Was Also From THE SAME DYNASTY, The Eighteenth !!

To be continued ...

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Real Banging News! : A’moun-Ĥotep_IV & Akhen-A’toun WERE 'TWO' PERSONS, NOT 'ONE'!! .2

In continuation of: Real Banging News! : A’moun-Ĥotep_IV & Akhen-A’toun WERE 'TWO' PERSONS, NOT 'ONE'!! .1

7. The Markable, Stark, Well-Represented and Very Sharp 'Superficial Changedness' – which was actually a 'Differentiation-By-Succession' – between the Earlier and the Later 2-D and 3-D Images of A'moun-Ĥotep_IV / Akhon-A'toun_I, In FACIAL FEATURES And BODY SHAPES AND DIMENSIONS, Have Suddenly Become Perceivable As ''Of-Course Very Natural, On Bi-Genderness And On Bi-Characterization''. Specifically, because the earlier images were for the 'MALE' PHARAOH/ A'moun-Ĥotep_IV, while the later images were for the 'FEMALE' PHARAOH/ Akhon-A'toun, Egyptologists have found this 'Differentiation' – which happened 'By-Succession' – or this so-called 'Superficial Changedness', that was/is always Markable, Stark, Well-Represented and Very Sharp, all-through and persistingly.
8. The 2-D and 3-D Images of The Queen/ Akhon-A'toun_I, In All, Prove that she had been of an absolutely Feminine 'Curvy' Physique, that had touched An 'INCRIDBLE' Attractive Level, to the extent that it 'Should NOT Have Been CREDIBLE' At All for the Egyptologists to deny her The Reality of her Impressive and almost Seductive 'Womanhood', and for All that decades-long past time (!!!). At times, her images show some 'near-ideal' standards of an 'intimidating' female-body characteristics (!!!), like: Plump Protruding Full Lips ; Long-Hair Collected In A Back-Shoulder-Draped Sac ; Fair Unbaked-By-Sun Skin ; Nippled Half-Full Breasts ; Pointed Left-Long Nails On Smooth Long Fingers On Gentle Hands ; Fat-Depot 'Fluffy' Folds In Lower Figure ; Bulbous-Shaped Meaty Belly ; Oval-Shaped 'Blown-Up' Lower-Trunk ; Round 'Conical' Quite-Thick Thighs ; And The Non-Existance Of Any Male Reproductive Organs (!!!).
9. The Detectable, Definable and Easily-Distinguishable 'Bi-Style Variations' – which were actually 'Alterations-By-Gender-Diversity' – In APPEARANCES-OF-COSTUMES in the earlier and the later 2-D and 3-D images of A'moun-Ĥotep_IV / Akhon-A'toun_I, undisputably signify: Obviously 'Masculine' Wearings of a Noble-Lord/King from the 18th Dynasty Period, and Obviously 'Feminine' Wearings of a Noble-Lady/Queen from also the 18th Dynasty Period, and all that are with Crystal-Clear Distinction. Specifically, because the 'For-Men-Only' Dress Images were for the 'MALE' PHARAOH/ A'moun-Ĥotep_IV, while the 'For-Women-Only' Dress Images were for the 'FEMALE' PHARAOH/ Akhon-A'toun, Egyptologists Have Found these 'Alterations' – which exhibited 'By-Gender-Diversity' – or these so-called 'Bi-Style Variations', that were/are always detectable, definable and easily-distinguishable, all-through and persistingly.
10. The 2-D and 3-D Images of The Female Pharaoh/ Akhon-A'toun_I, In All, Prove Solidly that she had been wearing absolutely Feminine Body-Revealing Garments And Wearable Accessory Beauty Items, almost All-The-Time, and in an Assertive and Consistant Manner that nearly gives Nobody any Chance to accuse her of 'Men-Imitating' (!!!). Very frequently, she appeared 'Putting-On' a silky/silky-like body-curved skirt, which absolutely 'No-Man' [ if we don't say 'No-Statesman' ] in the whole Near-East would Dare to Wear (!!!), and that is in addition to her special Long-Hair-Collecting 'Head-Sacque', that was left to hang loosely onto her upper-back. And all that could have been accompanied, though less frequently, with the typical arced shoulder-to-shoulder richly jeweled/ornamented chest-belt piece.

To be continued ...