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posted by gusstanthony
 How To Draw Ellen Degeneres
How To Draw Ellen Degeneres
I am an art instructor living and teaching in SE Florida.

I teach a method of drawing that encourages my students to develop subtle shading skills. As an inducement to stimulate আরো enthusiasm in one of my classes, I suggested drawing a portrait of Ellen. It became so popular, the lesson is now available in its own tutorial workbook.

The method is called "Photo Transfer, Trace and Shade". It's an effective way of teaching drawing দ্বারা eye, subtle and soft shading techniques, composition and the use of different graphic tools.

Ellen is a perfect model for this technique. She has a great smile,...
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Hi Ellen my name is casey Durrett I live in muncie indiana at 3963 n. Everett road apartment C. I need your help my life is really horrible I am a male but my spirit is a woman I feel like ending my life everyday so I come too আপনি I really want to make the best of life but need to be surgically turned into the beautiful woman I know is there I have no money অথবা car and no one I know can help my dream become reality but আপনি pleased call me and discuss with me what আপনি can do to help me have a body that reminds me of why I should go on living my number is 1-765-372-2346 please help me pppplllllleeeeaaaaasssssseee
Dear Ellen 9/03/09
I am taking the time to write to আপনি about a family who is in need. There is a father who has 2 boys. 1 child is a special needs child. This father is disabled and yet he always put his children first above all things. This man has gone trough a lot in life, and has sufered in ways i can not begin to explain. Now, he and his family has a huge need. His wife has হারিয়ে গেছে her job and there have been times where they have had nothing to eat, but he manages to find খাবার for his wife and his 2 boys. There has been many times where he has gone to বিছানা without eating. His family has helped...
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posted by HannahKruger
Im Hannah, Im 16 goning to be 17. I live in Lake Odessa Michigan. Theres Me, my grandma, and uncle and might be cousin. We live in a small house. We want to সরানো to a bigger house in the country. But the prices are very high. My grandma workins in a nursing প্রথমপাতা and comes প্রথমপাতা tired and doesn't feel like doing anything. i think if she keeps coming প্রথমপাতা tired like she is that she might pass away. I was wondering if Ellen could possibly send a little help are way. Not much is needed just help us find a house out in the country and still where I can go to school. I প্রণয় the Ellen প্রদর্শনী and I প্রণয় her dancing. She inspires me so much to help people all that I can. Much Love! And keep rocking!

Love, Hannah
posted by deano1au
Hi All,

My name is Dean Jacobs I am a young Australian, who simply won't take no for an answer.

Pulling myself out of the darkest part of my life, the হারিয়ে গেছে of my hero - my father, I picked myself up and decided that no matter the challenge, I would succeed and make him proud. So I set myself a goal; to become a published author. I realised my goal this বছর when 'The Streets of Whitechapel' was published!


I've now set my পরবর্তি goal; The Best Sellers List. This is where Ellen comes! I noticed she interviews authors from time to time on her প্রদর্শনী and I would প্রণয় to...
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