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posted by BenJaming
Hi fellow Clapton Fans!

I just came across this Clapton's cover in YouTube, and I really enjoyed it, mainly because it is played in a different সঙ্গীত style:


I've been listening to both this song, as well as every piece of art Clapton as made for as to listen, and I really enjoyed this one, because it combines the feeling of the original song, with a fresh new সঙ্গীত style.

Redsocks are one of the most known new acts in Portugal, and besides the strong Clapton influence, আপনি can easily pick any other band they remind আপনি of, because of the numerous influences they admit to have.

Tell me what আপনি think of it =)

Take care! =)

Ben Jamin'
just to let আপনি know that there is a new double album available which includes previously unheard clapton from the 70's. Produced দ্বারা Tom Newman who produced Tubular Bells of the Argonaut Sessions in the 70's.
Featuring Eric, Dave Gilmore, Snowy White and other fab musicians.
Its just been released দ্বারা Wellalright and is available দ্বারা order on internet at .
Amazing stuff, আপনি can listen to tracks on the website, check out track 6 on cd2.
Also on the album Paul Jones doing some great harmonica.