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Thomas woke Charles and I. He was bawling at the শীর্ষ of his lungs. I ran to him and took him to the bathroom and calmed him down. Again I tryed to brest feed him but I wouldnt work. I stayed in the bathroom for another half ঘন্টা until Thomas fell asleep. I carried him back to is শৈশবাবস্থা and went back to bed. I was worried. Thomas had never refused to feed before. I resulved to take him to the docters if there was no improvement. Warey from my thoughts, I fell asleep.
While I was asleep, I had a strange dream. I was standing in the living room...
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posted by CrisBxFBxATxN
Disclaimer: The Twilight Saga and all its scenes and characters belong to their respective owners (Stephenie Meyer, etc.). লেখা this fanfic I don't mean anything than entertain with non-profit.

Why Can't আপনি See

"Why can't আপনি see that I প্রণয় you? I প্রণয় আপনি আরো than I've ever loved anyone before. I প্রণয় আপনি আরো than my own life. I প্রণয় আপনি আরো than anything. I প্রণয় you. Why can't আপনি see it?"

She started sobbing then, wishing her tears could come. He cupped her face with his hands.

"Don't cry. Please, don't cry, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make আপনি cry, I'm so sorry. I'm terribly sorry....
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posted by EsmeCarlisle
Esme, Esme, Esme i ব্যক্ত her name over and over in my mind. I loved the way it sounded as it rolled off my tongue. Rosalie interupted my thoughts when she aske me "Carlisle, are আপনি ok?". "Um, yes i am fine, how are you?" "I know that look Carlisle your in love!" I shurdded at the sound of her question. "No, i am not!" i lied. Was it really that ovibious? " Yes আপনি are i can read it on your face." she explained to me. "What's her name"? she ব্যক্ত with a grin on her face. "Esme i put i গুল্তি ছোড়া on her arm this morning" i told her with a frown. "What's wrong?" she asked. "Well while i was putting the গুল্তি ছোড়া on her arm i examinded her body. Her body was covered in brusies and small cuts. I have a feeling that she is being abused দ্বারা her husband". i explained. "I could see the fear in her eyes while i was touching her body like she didnt trust a man." Rosalie told me everything was going to be ok. But, how could it be when the প্রণয় of my life was possibly being beat দ্বারা an ungratful man.
-----------Esme Point of view-------------------- I stared down at the tiny infant in my arms. He was perfect. When he was awake, his eyes where a beautiful চকোলেট brown. His hair was a soft caramel. His hands were like tiny পরাকাষ্ঠা starfish. My little baby, Thomas Carlisle Evenson.
He was Thomas after my best friend. Carlisle after the God-like doctor who fixed my broken leg many years পূর্বে who I have never managed to forget, and Evenson. My last name. Charles' last name.
I sighed. Charles had been less than enthusiastic when he learned I had become pregnant. I was like a মাউস through the...
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posted by eslisle4254
this is their honeymoon

After a plane ride,we landed in a little town."Esme i got us a little cottage hop u like it"aro ব্যক্ত with a little devilish grin.Ugh i cant believe i just married him" i thought.We drove up a road and parked.We walked about 5 min. till we got to the cottage.We went in and unpacked our luggage.Omg aro is so cheap one বিছানা one টেবিল and only one closet.Really were only here for 3 days and ur gonna be this cheap.At least theres 2 huts.I am so going to be in a seperate hut.If he thinks hes gonna get lucky tonight he has gone psycho.Ugh i wanna leave but i have 2 stay অথবা he...
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posted by alice-hale-
emmet brought her to me half dead. i had to change her, however, i did not want it right? was i right to doom her like that? is edward right? do we have no souls, no afterlife? she was so beautifull, beyond beautifull, even as a human, but when she stops screaming, im sure she will beyond amazing... the screaming stopped and i went into the room where i lay her down onto the bed. " are yo u ok? dont be frightened, ill help yuo." i ব্যক্ত gently."what happened to me" her voice was the most beautifull sound i have ever heard in my 250 years. " your a vampire. my family is different than others...
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I remember the first time I saw Dr. Carlisle Cullen, played দ্বারা Peter Facinelli and the first time I saw Esme Cullen, played দ্বারা Elizabeth Reaser. When Carlisle appeared for the first time in Twilight I remember my cousin (who is who made me watch the movie and I hadn't read the বই yet) clapped and the truth it's that's a really movie-star like appearance. আপনি are like "wow, who is he"? And then they tell আপনি "he's Edward's adoptive father" and you're like "really? You're joking! He's so young!" And then it's when I thought I didn't understand why so many people say Edward is so handsome when...
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Edward and I debated ways to get the Volturi out of the picture.....that didn't work very well....Esme is worried out of her mind to the point were she could faint. to be honest I was worried too! For her I mean she is the প্রণয় of my life, the center of my universe...anyway,uhm,and the volturi want to take me away from her. That isnt happening!
"Carlisle, I dont want to lose you!" Esme mumbbled and she cried tearless sobbs.I held her close.
" আপনি won't lose me. I promise."I reasurred her.
"how do আপনি know that?" she questioned
"Alice has seen that Aro will try once আরো and if he's not successfull,which...
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It was only thirty minutes. Half an ঘন্টা that made my world turn upside down. Only 1800 সেকেন্ড to admire his gorgeous face, to drown in his স্বর্ণ eyes...
I always loved the old oak in our yard. I spent all my saddest and happiest hours hidden in it's branches. But that দিন wasn't so special to hide in it. I simply felt a strange desire to climb it. And later I thought that the oak was my guiding star.
While I was on a way to Columbus I thought that the broken leg was the most painful thing I ever felt. When I was brought to the ward I cried and begged nurses for something that will relieve...
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posted by eslisle4254
As Aro walked in he said"I want আপনি to be my bride"."I refuse to marry a sick evil man".All of a sudden he kissed me.I slapped him and my hand started to throb"I want to marry আপনি beacuse I প্রণয় আপনি and to get revenge on Carlisle for leaving."I`ll kill আপনি if আপনি don`t marry me". Aro started hiring wedding planners for the wedding.I had to find a dress অথবা i was going to be dead.I started crying on the bed.I didn`t want to leave Carlisle I প্রণয় him so much.Carlisle found a way to call me."Carlisle i have to tell আপনি something im being forced to marry Aro".I hanged up as fast as i could.I didn`t want to hear Carlisle`s reply. Aro walked back in and he kissed me out of nowhere.He slapped me when i pushed him.
posted by eslisle4254
My stomache hurt as the days passed.Sadly It was the say দিন of the wedding.Aro came in to check up on me to see if I was okay,"hello honey" he told me i tried to ignore the fact that i was going to marry was time to get ready.
I got nauseaus as I walked down the isle.All of a sudden carlisle came in.Jane put himdown and dragged him to the dungreon.I started to cry.Aro said"if আপনি dont be quiet i will kill আপনি know say i do."I DO,we were officially married.I wanted to cry but i holded back the tears.We left to a weird little cottage.Ireally hate আপনি now Aro.
---------------Esme Point of View-----------------
Charles' hand came into contact with the soft skin of Thomas' head. My baby let out a wimper then fell silent. A bead of blood came out of the prominent dent in his head.
"What have আপনি done!" I screamed. I pushed Charles out of the way with all the my stength. He fell back on the বিছানা with a look of shock on his face. I picked up thomas and tryed to wake him. There was no responce. Not even a flicker of his tiny eyelid.
"NO" ,I screamed...

I layed him down in his ডাবা and ran to the wardrobe....
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I was standing with Edward and Eleazar...Tanya, Kate, Carmen,and Rosalie were up helping Esme...I was so happy to finally have Esme become my wife...forever...Edward rushed me to the head of the aisle Elezar stood behind me. the সঙ্গীত started to play...Esme came into view,Edward was walking her down the aisle. When they reached me Edward placed her hand in mine, then went and sat down. She could bariley get the courage to say I Do, but when the preacher anounced the we were husband and wife, I suddenly felt beaming with pride. I was happy. Happy to have Esme as my wife. Happy that we were finally together. But happy millions of resons.
"I প্রণয় you." says Esme.
I give her a quick চুম্বন then a long hug rock back and forth.
"I প্রণয় আপনি too." I say
posted by eslisle4254
I tried to slap him,but I missed.He told me"Why did আপনি try yo slap me".Beacuse I don`t প্রণয় আপনি I প্রণয় Carlisle.He Was about to slap me again but one of the wedding planners came in to ask me questions.Aro walked out with a mad face.The wedding planner asked"do আপনি really প্রণয় that man"."No Im`m being forced to অথবা he will kill me".After an ঘন্টা she left the room.I saw Aro waiting in the hall for me.He asked me "Are আপনি okay"."I`m not your wife im Carlisle`s".I started to put on some dresses for the wedding.In 38 hours I will be married to Aro.
posted by eslisle4254
As the volturi came in I saw jane,aro,and alec.They told us that 4 days passed and it was time to kill me.Jane and alec brought down carlisle and edward together. Aro told carlisle to give me to him. Carlisle ব্যক্ত no to aro.Carlisle explained that I became vampire.Aro still wanted to kill me even if i was vampire.He grabbed me and then everything went black.I learned that someone forced me to drink somre kind of poison.After I woke up I realized I was in italy,and i was in some kind of room. Carlisle found a way to call me in the room.He said"dont worry esme i will find you, আপনি are the most important thing in my life i will never let আপনি go again" I stoped worrying then i started to worry again when aro walked in.
posted by eslisle4254
this is the start of my new series

I got butterflis in my stomache as i walked down the isle.Finally I was in Carlisle`s arms.that evening we went to isle esme for the honeymoon.After about 3 days of swimming and relaxing we came home.When we came প্রথমপাতা Edward told us the volturi were coming.I was Worried that they would plot to kill me since I wasn`t a vampire.All of a sudden the volturi came in.They ব্যক্ত they were to kill me in 4 days.As 4 days went দ্বারা everybody started to worry i all of a sudden felt আগুন as i woke up i saw carlisle he told me that i was a vampie.All of a sudden the volturi came in.
নমস্কার Everyone! this will be the last part of my sierse...there are only afew ppl পাঠ করা it and its coming to an end anyway! sorry!! This will be a short one!

We are so happy together. Edward has bella, Jasper has Alice, Emmett has Rosalie, and I have Esme.

Everyone is happy, together. No one going to the volturi, no one in danger, We are together....for internity.

We will be one big extreemly happy family.

I will always have Esme, She will always have me.

We are in love, we always will be.

I প্রণয় My Esme!

this is:
The End of One Love, The Blossoming of Another..
Esme and I ran down stairs and there they were:Aro,Caius,Marcus,Jane, and Alec.
"Carlisle my old friend!" Aro was the one that spoke
"What do আপনি want Aro?" I asked coldly. As I held Esme closer
"For আপনি to rejoin us."
"I won't leave my family,Aro"
"Fine as আপনি wish I wont force you."
they left after that
~Three days later~
Alice and Jasper have joined our family and Alice sees a young lady coming into edwards life that he wont want to let go of....her name is Isabella Swan.....
"I don't believe আপনি alice!" Edward protested
" আপনি will thank me when আপনি meet her."
"Edward, I don't doubt Alice's abbilities,...
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As I drove the নৌকা to Esme's island I could tell that she was still confused about the location of our honeymoon.
"Esme, look ahead!" I shouted and pointed to the silloute of the island.
"What is it? An island?"she asked
"your island"
As i shut off the নৌকা I picked her up and said
"welcome to Isle Esme"
"wow...."I thought she was going to say আরো but when i set her on the couch,she wouldn't let me go get our luggage.So I kissed her....and the পরবর্তি thing I knew we were on the hardwood floor.
"Esme....I need to go get our luggage. I will be right back."
"No" she growled
I got...
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