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Okay, so after the releasing of the প্রবন্ধ “MAMA AND ILLUMINATI”, I have been watching to the এক্সো teasers. Sometimes I would just play all the teasers from 1 to 23 অথবা just re-watch the teaser that I want to watch. But then suddenly my eyes captured things that so amazing and actually so interesting from the teasers!

First ever, is about the choreography of MAMA. Actually, SM has already leaked out the choreography দ্বারা the teasers! Are আপনি confused? Well, I will tell ya the secrets.

1. Teaser #7 : Sehun and Kai “Run & Gun”
Look at the picture above, did আপনি see the shadows behind Sehun...
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Ye xing de ben neng nan kang ju
It’s hard to resist these wild abilities

Duo me xiang yao yi kou tun xia tian de xiang mi de ni
Really want to গেলা the nectar-sweet আপনি in one bite

Shen me xiang wei xin shang ni de xin li
What delicious flavor enjoys your হৃদয় and mind

Wo yong pin chang hong jiu na yang de আপনি ya xiang yong ni
I’ll elegantly enjoy আপনি like sampling red wine

啊别苦恼身边失去.. (cuizy)
a bie ku nao shen bian shi qu
Don't be mentally tormented...
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