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posted by amber_ko
Amber Liu(엠버) is a Taiwanese American rapper. She is the rapper for এফ(এক্স) and was selected as an SM Entertainment trainee through the "2007 SM Entertainment Global Audition". She is best known for her androgynous appearance, which created many discussions about her image and garnered her numerous female fans.

In 2008 moved to South Korea and trained for a বছর and a half. She debuted as the rapper for the girl group এফ(এক্স) in 2009, and her neutral, boyish image created a gender বিতর্ক amongst netizens.
অনুরাগী might have been disappointed with the outcome of this week’s সঙ্গীত Bank K-Chart a few days ago, but if এফ(এক্স) continues to put on spot-on performances like today, it’s hard to complain and be disappointed.

These girls are such a joy to watch because they make their performances seem so effortless to do. They definitely know how to demonstrate the catchy portions of their dance for NU ABO, such as the touch cheek, the NaNaNa, and of course Krystal’s শার্ট lifts. Don’t deny it! This song definitely grows on আপনি in several ways.
Big news broke out earlier today with the news of SHINee’s Jonghyun confirmed to be dating actress Shin Se Kyung. The news took Korea দ্বারা storm with it making the front page of newspapers and Shin Se Kyung having to close her Cyworld homepage due to many hate messages.

The term “BREAKING NEWS: SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli are also confirmed to be dating” has been reblogged and retweeted so many times that it started an viral rumor that SHINee’s Taemin and f(x)’s Sulli are dating. The rumor have left many অনুরাগী in disbelief with one অনুরাগী saying, ‘Now Taemin and Sulli. If that happened I would jump off a bridge.’ Another অনুরাগী tweeted, ‘I’ll be running down the রাস্তা holding a ছুরি if SULLI and TAEMIN are dating!!’.

Taemin and Sulli have worked together previously for a CF and have been closely linked in the past, but Taemin revealed last বছর that his ideal girl was Emma Watson.
posted by amber_ko
Victoria's ideal type is Korean actor/model singer Song Seung Hun.
Victoria was once called "The কুইন of China" দ্বারা Super Junior’s Kim Heechul.
Victoria likes জনপ্রিয় Korean dish Samgyupsal, just like 2PM’s Nichkhun. অনুরাগী refer to them as Samgyupsal Couple.
Victoria likes drinking coffee.
Victoria's stress reliever is EATING.
Once এফ(এক্স) completed its first performance, Victoria is the first person who directly contacted her parents who live in China.
Victoria always carries a wallet and tissue.
The most perfect woman for her is Korean model/actress Song Hye Kyo.
If she had superpower, Victoria wants...
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f(x)’s Krystal’s making quite a few apologies this week – after apologizing to the whole netizen body past this week for her rude attitude she’s shown on air, the girl made yet another apology to SNSD’s member YoonA, for taking her lead role for the সঙ্গীত drama, Melody.

Krystal had been recently cast for a role of a girl named Yoona, which YoonA of SNSD (the matching name is entirely coincidental) has originally been penciled in for. However, due to inevitable scheduling conflicts, YoonA had to bow out.

The production team believed Krystal was an ideal replacement, with her unique style and feel. Many netizens also agreed, as they believed that Krystal shares many identical features with YoonA, both personality and appearance-wise.

After learning that she’s actually taken YoonA’s role, Krystal felt apologetic and expressed her feelings publicly for her senior
Super Junior’s Kim Heechul uploaded a friendship ছবি of himself with f(x)’s Sulli on October 25th, along with a very sweet tweet.

He wrote, “My ’sibling’ Sulli came all the way to China despite her busy schedule! She always does her best in anything, and is full of loyalty. She may look like a little child, but she is a thoughtful dongseng.”

The ছবি was taken on the 23rd during ’Super Junior’s Asia Tour Beijing Concert,’ where Sulli made an appearance during Heechul’s solo performance.

Netizens who have seen this ছবি have commented, “Heechul and Sulli seem like siblings”, “They look good together”, and “Cute couple”.
F(x)’s chinese member, Victoria Song, revealed her childhood/past photos, proving the concept of ‘originality does not change’ (in another words, pure beauty from young!!). ছবি of Victoria when she attended the Beijing Dance Academy in the past have recently surfaced on the web and is a hot topic among envious netizens. Although it has been years since then, her facial structure and curvy body have remained the same.

Netizens stated, “She’s so pretty and hasn’t changed at all,” “Victoria is a goddess even when young,” and “Even though it’s a pre-debut photo, her looks tops female singers these days.

posted by amber_ko
Victoria Song (born February 2, 1987), better known mononymously as Victoria, is a Chinese pop singer and model active in South Korea. She was first introduced as an upcoming artist from SM Entertainment and modeled for several Korean brands, such as Spris, Anycall, and Samsung in early 2008. In August 2009, she was introduced as the leader of quintet dance group, f(x).

Victoria was born in Qingdao, Shandong on February 2, 1987. Before she set foot in Korean Entertainment, she was (and still is) a big অনুরাগী of famous singer Kang Ta, as a loyal fan, she followed KangTa through অনুরাগী meetings and...
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এফ(এক্স) Krystal in a magazine interview shows member Victoria deep affection In the magazine, এফ(এক্স) Krystal said: “Whenever I see leader unnie having a hard time, want to give her a hug.Besides my family, in this world, unnie is the person I want to protect the most.“I wish unnie can be healthy and cherish her own body. Wish I can be there when unnie is sad to comfort her.” The journalist asks: Will Jessica get jealous? Krystal naughtily said: She’s already beginning to be jealous of Victoria unnie.

জনপ্রিয় idol group 2pm Nichkhun made a confession on 26/10/2010 Strong হৃদয় that surprised everyone. In fact, Nichkhun wanted Shin Bong Sun to be his virtual wife in WGM. Currently, 2pm Nichkhun and এফ(এক্স) Victoria are both filming “we got married” a জনপ্রিয় reality South Korean variety show, pairs up Korean যশস্বী to প্রদর্শনী what life would be like if they were married.

Nichkhun revealed the reasons why he wanted Shin Bong Sun to be his virtual wife, and gave up the idea eventually. He further revealed the insight information of their virtual couple.

Lastly, Nichkhun said:” there is time when I really hope that Victoria is my real girl-friend”.
Most of the idol girl groups seem to be cheering and supporting the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup.

T-ara and Kara have both released সঙ্গীত চলচ্ছবি for their World Cup songs, and 4minute has released ছবি from a World Cup themed photoshoot. But along with 4minute, এফ(এক্স) has also decided to participate in a World Cup themed photoshoot.

In the photoshoot, all five of the girls are sporting red ‘Cheer Korea‘ t-shirts that were designed দ্বারা K-Swiss. The girls are decked out in Korean pride as they’re dressed in red, wearing face paint, holding pom-poms, and even wearing Red Devil horns.

এফ(এক্স) has been the face for the brand K-Swiss since last বছর and even has their own line for the SS season called এফ(এক্স) line.

আরো pictures will be released on the 11th through the brand’s blog.
f(x)’s Sulli and After School’s Lizzy revealed a picture প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে off their close friendship.

On September 24th, Sulli পোষ্ট হয়েছে the ছবি on her me2day saying,

“Did everyone enjoy their Chuseok? I met Lizzy-unni in Busan and ate delicious food, shopped, got our nails done, and took sticker pictures!“

Busan natives Sulli and Lizzy wrote “Busan Girl” and “Busan FAM” on the pictures, and displayed cute poses প্রদর্শিত হচ্ছে off their nail art.

Netizens commented, “The two of আপনি must be really close if আপনি were together during Chuseok“, “Sulli and Lizzy are both cute, I’m jealous“, and “You’re close to Lizzy! আপনি two look good together“.
posted by amber_ko
Wonder Girls’ Sohee thinks Sulli is cute.
Sulli is in charge of the gags in f(x).
Sulli always carries a journal around.
Sulli's ideal guy is someone who is responsible, caring and mature.
Sulli once ব্যক্ত "If I was picked as an ideal type? I would be so happy!"
Sulli's name's pronounced as "Sahl-li"
Fans of Sulli are called Sullians.
Sulli is really friendly and befriended Super Junior’s Heechul during their trainee days.He was quite an outcast before.
She dislikes blunt guys.
Sulli loves pink.
Sulli is close to SHINee's Key.
Sulli shares a dorm with Victoria (indicated on Hello f(x)).
Sulli loves...
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f(x)’s Sulli has been voted as having the most beautiful eyes among girl group members.

A survey was conducted from September 27th to October 11th, where 734 people voted on “The girl group member with the most beautiful eyes.”

f(x)’s Sulli came in first with 329 ভোট (44.8%). সেকেন্ড place went to Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In with 204 ভোট (27.7%), and SNSD’s YoonA was third with 193 ভোট (26.2%).

A staff member who has worked with Sulli on the SBS drama, ‘The Ballad of Seo Dong“, expressed, “Sulli was born with অভিনয় skills and charming eyes. Despite her young age, she is a natural actress and understood her character perfectly. Furthermore, at the filming location, her bright smiles earned the affection of many sunbaes and staffs.”

Who do আপনি think has the most charming eyes?
A selca that এফ(এক্স) leader Victoria uploaded on her me2day with her bangs pinned up has been garnering interest.

Victoria also wrote, “Hello everyone~ Did আপনি have a good Chuseok? I went প্রথমপাতা too ^^ I think being with your family is the happiest time in the world! If আপনি always take in the people around আপনি into consideration and always give your interest, আপনি won’t regret it later on! I will pray for everyone to always be healthy~ ^^”.

The picture of her bangs up is gaining attention, as the leader has always been seen with her fringe down. Her expression adds to the cuteness of the photo.

Netizens who saw this picture responded with, “She looks really cute with her bangs pinned up”, “She has a striking smile”, “Show Nichkhun and তারিখ him”.
On the 9th of October episode of MBC "We got married", Khuntoria couple অথবা Nichkhun and Victoria spent the দিন with the rest of their family, Sulli, Krystal and Luna who are the rest of the members of f(x).

Luna, Krystal and Sulli were asking what Victoria and NichKhun calls themselves, and what their nicknames were for each other.

Sulli then recommended that they should call each other "mom" and "dad". Since they were the parents of Sulli, Victoria and Luna, they should call themselves "mom" and "dad".

In the end, Victoria and NichKhun tried to call themselves "mom" and "daddy" and they couldn't help but laugh.
.Super Junior’s Twitter king strikes again, he has uploaded yet another hilarious photo. It isn’t just your usual crazy Heechul photo, when আপনি actually click on the link, it takes আপনি to a ছবি of f(x)’s maknae Sulli…or is it?

It looks like Heechul has transformed himself into Sulli! In all the three ছবি he has his slender hands covering over his face slightly revealing Sulli’s many cute hairstyles and poses.

He updated the following,

“SULLI Cut (I’m SULHEE) Kkkkkk”

অনুরাগী have commented, “Wahaha….I thought the first picture was actually Sulli xD u look like her!! Suhee!! xD”, “Wow! আপনি look like a young girl(so lovely) lol..^_^”, “Why আপনি do this to us?! So cute! >^< ♥”, “I think আপনি are আরো beautiful than her.^^”, and many আরো মতামত complimenting his girly look.

So do আপনি think he really looks like Sulli? Let us know what আপনি think?
posted by amber_ko
Krystal Jung (Korean name: Jung Su-jung; Hangul: 정수정; Hanja: 鄭秀晶; born October 24, 1994), better known mononymously as Krystal, is a Korean-American pop singer and commercial model. Discovered দ্বারা SM Entertainment in 2000, she began filming for commercials and সঙ্গীত চলচ্ছবি দ্বারা 2002. She is currently a member of the Korean quintet dance group f(x), formed দ্বারা SM Entertainment in 2009.

Krystal was born in San Francisco, California, where her family from South Korea settled in the 1980s. During a family trip to South Korea in early 2000 when Krystal was five, she was spotted দ্বারা talent...
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Haha and MC Mong encountered the MC trio of “Inkigayo” during a সাম্প্রতিক recording for the “SBS HahaMong Show”. The two manly ‘mothers’ teamed up with Jo Kwon and Yonghwa in preparation for a special event for Sulli.

Starring as guests on the upcoming episode of HahaMong Show, the MC trio were all able to develop their friendship দ্বারা partaking in a couple yoga session and spending a fun-filled দিন at an amusement park.

Although the trio stood alongside as Inkigayo MCs since July 18th, they still haven’t had the chance to break that awkward barrier. The upcoming episode of HahaMong প্রদর্শনী served as a blossoming start to their friendship. Jo Kwon and Yonghwa also prepared a special event for Sulli, causing tears to well in the eyes of many.

This episode will air on the 12th.
Luna will be making her musical appearance as the lead of the 'Legally Blonde' musical this coming February.

It's been confirmed that f(x)'s Luna will be taking the lead of Elle Woods for the newest production of the "Legally Blonde" musical in South Korea. This is the same musical that Jessica from SNSD took part in last year.

A representative for the musica production company PMC stated that Luna is still practicing her role and is scheduled to appear in the musical in February.

The "Legally Blonde" musical follows a storyline similar as the movie with American actress, Reese Witherspoon. Reese played a blonde California girl who moves to Boston and takes a crack at Harvard Law School in an attempt to get back together with her boyfriend while at the same time fighting against the prejudice that all blonde women are dumb.

The musical will be held at the COEX Center in Seoul, Korea, until March 20th