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YugiMuto posted on May 27, 2010 at 10:59PM
Welcome to the FallenClan camp! If you would like to join then please post your name and description and I will add you, these are the current members-

Leader: Icestar- black she-cat with ice blue eyes (YugiMuto)


Medicine Cat: Silverwind- silver gray tabby wit ice blue eyes (cariea1)
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Leafpaw- white she-cat (pongo2121)


Gingerpelt- ginger tabby she-cat with blue eyes (orkneymatrix)
Shadowecho- black tom with white paws, white tipped tail, one green eye and one blue eye (DannyFenton)
Shadowfoot- brown she cat with blue eyes (hellomia)
Frostwing- dark gray tom with amber eyes *Silverwind's mate* (available)

Lilyfrost- pale ginger queen with blue eyes kits (cariea1)

Lightningpaw- Silver she cat with black stripes and blue eyes. (arcaninegal123)

Flowerkit- black an white tabby pale blue eyes(cariea1)
Whitekit- (available)
Flamekit- (available)
(Lilyfrost's litter)

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