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Requested by: Sasha/Alphawhitewolf.

*Breathes* Seriously though guys, there is a saying, "Be careful what আপনি wish for, because it just might come true."

I wasn't kidding, I am reviewing a সোনাডো অনুরাগী fiction. And since আপনি guys liked seeing me in pain the last episode, (You sick bastards...)

Let's take a look at the Fanfiction called Faker.

While not as bad as the atrocity Creation Of A Dry Bones, this is one of those Fanfictions so bad it's hilarious.

Believe me though when I say it's miles better than the last...
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•Owner rights to D.C. Comic characters: warner bros•

•i do not own any character Right involved in this story this is purely fanfic.•

•Background image owner:

•Storyline belongs to:
Queen Mary•

•Story opening: A history lesson in the past. The opening Prologue:•

Kalya Ren Kent Wyane is the child of Clark Kent aka সুপারম্যান and Dina prince aka Wonder Woman. She was born right after her older brother Vince aka Sun-Ray who is also a Justice League member and hero ,and after the death of her late sister Kiki. Kalya is known as a very strong , clever young woman she has...
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The actual শিরোনাম is called, "Sonic and Tails and Knuckles go fishing." which is just horrible grammar to ignore commas.

You know a অনুরাগী fiction is going to be AMAZING when there is even an error IN THE GODDAMN TITLE! >.<

Please, just shoot me now! I quit! I give up on my life, now please let me go!

......Fine, I'll review this....

Besides, it's not like me to do that anyways. BUT, I am warning you. People like this exist, people that write such horrid stories and call it a অনুরাগী fiction.... It blows my mind! And today, I crush one of the worst ones out there.

It's time to look at, "Sonic, Tails,...
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posted by alexischaos2004
NOTE: Before আপনি read this, I wanted to say this is a জ্যায়াই fanfiction. The pairing featured in this is Shadilver. If আপনি are NOT a Shadilver fan, don't read this. Simple. Also, there might be a few inappropriate word selections in this.

"A rose has its thorns, and a বেগুনী has its leaves. But, combining the two will make আপনি weep." ব্যক্ত Silver, looking down at a white piece of paper with a proud tone of voice. He was in কবিতা class, and this was his first poem. It needed to make his teacher impressed, অথবা he would be expelled from কবিতা class. "Impressive,Silver. Next, is Shadow." Ms.Suxcox...
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A surprising amount of people have trouble with posting their stories up (or maybe it was me who figured it out too fast, I dunno), so this is a little step-by-step guide on how to প্রকাশ your fanfiction over at

Step 1:
Go to any page of and click "sign in" on the very শীর্ষ right corner of the page. Sign in.

Step 2:
A page will load with a left side bar with various different options regarding your account, পছন্দ stories, communities, etc. Click the সেকেন্ড bold option, "Publish."

Step 3:
A different set of options will pop up under Publish. Click on the সেকেন্ড one, "Doc...
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posted by alexischaos2004
-The পরবর্তি morning-

Silver got up from his bed, yawning and wiping his eyes. He put his boots on, and also his gloves and cuffs. He looked out of his window, sighing deeply. Today was a Saturday, no school. Silver thought he would go somewhere with Shadow, so he got his phone and texted Shadow a message:

"Hey Shadow, I was wondering if you'd like to go to The Mobian Pizzeria today. I'm pretty hungry."

Silver checked his message, and tapped the "Send Message" button. The message was successfully sent to Shadow, and it appeared on screen. He turned his phone off, and teleported outside of his house....
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“Isn’t it kind of weird and ironic that Alaric who is a vampire hunter is now teaching us to kill a vampire hunting army?” Caroline pointed out.
“Ironic, maybe, but not weird” Elena commented. “Ric can teach us their weaknesses. Besides we’re not going to kill anyone”
“Except Veronica” Damon added dark and bitter. Elena slapped his chest. “We’re not killing anyone” Damon raised his eyebrows. “I’m serious, Damon. I don’t want anyone to get hurt” Elena ব্যক্ত sharp.
“Not even her? আপনি know she wouldn’t hesitate to kill you, so why are আপনি so determined to keep...
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Damon opened the door of the bathroom and collided to Elena, who was staring at him with crossed arms.
“What?” Damon asked. Elena was giving him this reproachful look.
“Are আপনি going to tell me what happened last night?” Elena said.
“No” Damon refused. “What’s there to tell? I had a bad dream. It’s not uncommon, আপনি can look it up”
“But I thought they were over? Is this why আপনি want us to sleep in separate rooms? So I wouldn’t know? Damon, আপনি can’t keep those kind of things from me. If someone’s trying to hurt আপনি আপনি have to tell me” Elena ব্যক্ত caring.
Damon walked...
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Elena was standing in front of Damon’s porch. She felt how her হৃদয় beat painful in her chest. She took a deep breath and knocked. Several times, but the door stayed shut.
“Okay, আপনি know what, Damon? If আপনি want to keep অভিনয় like a brat, fine! I’m going!” she yelled angry and she turned around.
The door opened and Damon walked out. “What do আপনি want?”
Elena turned around again and walked back. She took his hands and looked him sharp in the eyes. “It wasn’t a moment of compassion” she began. “When আপনি were dying and I kissed আপনি I didn’t do it out of compassion. I don’t...
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Stefan grabbed Elena দ্বারা her hair and dragged her back into the house, his ripper face still on.
“Stefan, let go of me. You’re hurting me” Elena cried.
“Well, you’re hurting me!” Stefan growled. “We haven’t even officially broken up yet and you’re already clinging on my brother like a fetus on a navel string”
He dragged her to his bedroom and wanted to throw her inside, when he felt a sudden aching in his back. He looked aside and saw Katherine. He brought his arm back until he found the stake.
“Okay, first of all, ouch!” Stefan ব্যক্ত and he pulled out the stake. “Second...
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Elena gazed upon Damon’s face. She gave him a soft চুম্বন on his lips and stood up then. She walked to the doorway and leaned against the open door.
Damon opened his eyes and sat up when he saw Elena lurking at him. “What are আপনি looking at?” he smirked.
“I’m looking at my boyfriend” Elena smiled mischievous. “The one I had great makeup sex with last night. Though I did most of it”
Damon raised his eyebrows. “Are আপনি kidding?” Elena shook her head. “No. I mean আপনি were just lying there” She opened her satin dressing গাউন, gown and revealed a blue bra and matching panties. “Want...
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Damon looked from Elena to Derek. “What are আপনি doing?” he asked slowly. Elena took a few steps in Damon’s direction.
“Damon, it’s okay” Elena ব্যক্ত careful. “I’m fine” Damon quickly cast a look at Elena, before looking at Derek again. “Can আপনি leave the house now?” he asked. Derek nodded and quickly walked past Damon and Elena. When he was gone, Damon looked at Elena.
“What were আপনি doing?” he repeated his question.
“Training” Elena ব্যক্ত fast. “Victoria’s building an army to fight all super naturals and Derek and I figured we should do the same” She wiped...
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