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Of course these user-names may already be taken. If so, then just add a number/nickname on the end. অথবা আপনি can take some words, re-arrange and improvise:)
The ones with the * beside them are my favourites:)
Enjoy x
WoundedNight *
BloodyMascara *
BrokenAngel *
SoullessAngel *
HeartfeltSorrow *
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If your a অনুরাগী of:










HighFive / HI5 / H5

Scooter / ScooterPie









House MD:





EverybodyLies TAKEN

SteveMcqueen TAKEN



Grey's Anatomy:







Shaun of the Dead:








My Name Is Earl:










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I’ve never made a rant about ফ্যানপপ issues before so beforehand I’m telling ya, it might be the worst written thing on earth (clearly after Twilight XD), but it’s a rant and it’s 1:10 am in my country and I’m almost brain dead because of the past week but I can’t take it anymore.

Today, I’ll delight আপনি with a rant about miscategorized content because , trust me, it gets on your nerves too.

Imagine yourself being in the ‘pop one of those days in which আপনি want to stare at your পছন্দ celeb pictures, read a good quality article, watch a অনুরাগী made video and even মতামত in some...
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posted by amazondebs
নমস্কার guys i couldn't really find a link অথবা anything about the ফ্যানপপ chat, so this is basically my guide about the functions, a bit about etiquette and a few tips thrown in here and there. I have also researched a তালিকা of all the meebo emotions and all the different keyboard shortcuts for the users that where asking, hopefully some of আপনি will find it useful. আপনি don't need to check everything out, although it appears lengthier than it is, everything is, as always set in to subheadings for those of আপনি who like to scan প্রবন্ধ :D, enjoy.

The rooms

The rooms are ran দ্বারা a company called meebo and...
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This section of my ফ্যানপপ User Guide describes how to create a club on Fanpop, and was last substantively edited on 4 June 2013.

Covered in this article:
Determining need
Creating a club

Determining need
So, আপনি are a অনুরাগী of some topic and want to post a bunch of লিঙ্ক for it, right? Before আপনি create a club for it, আপনি need to make sure that there isn't already a club that covers that territory. Duplicate সংগঠন get reported and may eventually be removed from the site, so this is important: always perform a thorough search for your topic before আপনি create a new club!


At least two searches should...
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আপনি all have probably gone to a fellow fanpopper's পরিলেখ and wondered how they made it look to good. Some of us have no idea how to do it. I myself had to asked my amazing girlfriend (link) how she created hers. So, we came up with a great idea to write a how-to article. :D

You can make boring text interesting. :D

You can choose any country for the flag. :D

⊿ ⌔ ⌚ ■ □ ▲ △ ▶ ▷ ▽ ◀ ◁ ◆ ◇ ○ ● ◥ ◯ ☀ ☁ ☂ ★ ☆ ☉ ☎ ☏ ☕ ☖ ☮ ☹ ☺ ♀ ♂ ⚨ ✈ ✌ ✖ ✚ ✣ ❖❝ ❞ ❤ ❥ ❦ ⤴ ⤵ 〒 ﹋ ɣ...
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posted by caramelmilk
or: "Basic information about removing your account"

Special thanks to link, our ফ্যানপপ guinea pig. (or should I say lab rat?)

Removing your own account is a pretty new feature, many people may not be aware of it yet.
If আপনি go to Edit Profile and scroll all the way down, you'll find:
If you'd like to remove your account, click here.

Now what does this mean?

If আপনি মোছা your account, আপনি must know that:
Your contributions will not be deleted.

All your images, links, comments, ফোরাম posts, দেওয়াল posts, উত্তর remain on fanpop, পরবর্তি to your username.
If আপনি click on that ব্যবহারকারী নাম however, আপনি will be...
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posted by DrDevience
I have a pet peeve.

As a writer, I have found my stuff পোষ্ট হয়েছে on other websites without my permission, and sometimes without so much as a mention that it was MY article... অথবা a link back to the original. This ticks me off, and it is illegal to do so.

I have not come across this on ফ্যানপপ with প্রবন্ধ yet, but I have seen it numerous times on images.

Some of the people I adore the most are even doing it. I have to assume innocence here and figure some folks just don't know... so I'ma tell ya ;)

Credit. Credit. Credit. The option to add the ছবি credit when আপনি জমা করুন an image is there for a reason....
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posted by stellamusa101
Last Updated: August 2010
User Information
Fanpop is committed to safeguarding the privacy of its audience. This Privacy Policy applies to solely to the information collected on Fanpop.com. ফ্যানপপ may periodically update and revise this policy. Be sure to visit this page in order to review the most current Privacy Policy.
Fanpop may be used without registering a user account. Users who wish to sign up for a free Fanpop.com account are only obligated to register a unique ব্যবহারকারী নাম and password. All other personal information is furnished optionally at the sole discretion of the end user to enhance...
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posted by caramelmilk
Breasts are pornographic and should only be shown on porn sites.

Girls must be careful when looking in the mirror, the sight of their own breasts could easily aruse them which in most cases leads to a heavy masturbatory response.

Knowing this we are sincerely happy that the danger that was the breasts spot has been deleted shortly after its creation.
Our thanks go to the ব্রেভ অনুরাগী who have reported that inspired-by-the-devil-spot and were not stopped দ্বারা the fact that no pornograhpic material was allowed over there. They were not fooled দ্বারা the image of it being a nice place devoted to a pretty...
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Ok, now I know that there are other প্রবন্ধ out there about keeping ফ্যানপপ clean in terms of language and being appropriate but it is obviously not enough seeing as people continue to ignore it.

I am not দ্বারা any means trying to be rude অথবা bossy. I am not your mother. My goal in লেখা this is hopefully a common one among ফ্যানপপ users, to make ফ্যানপপ a joyful place for all users.

Topic 1: Language
I myself am very guilty of inappropriate language on Fanpop. I have ব্যক্ত some things where if I think twice was not a good idea. I understand that some people say things out of habit and can do it without...
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posted by want2watcheroes
50% of fanpoppers that took my pick 'Do আপনি like the black background of fanpops homepage?' picked no.

I'm one of the fanpoppers that picked yes and i'll explain why.

The old background was okay, but its main রঙ were blue and green; two রঙ that don't go together. But the black background doesn't have any রঙ that do not match.

The black background is easier on the eye, আরো stylish and makes আপনি feel আরো relaxed. The old background seems আরো tacky.

I'm sure that homepage will change back to its old blue and green theme as fanpoppers think the black background is 'against the spirit...
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posted by Jonapello23
Okay, so Hulu has become a real problem recently, with misplaced videos. I know there is already an article. But I wanted to express my own views. Here are লিঙ্ক to misplaced videos. Get the Hulu user off of Fanpop!












Okay, so there are ten লিঙ্ক of misplaced videos. But thats nothing. Hulu has uploaded hundreds of videos, and many of them are misplaced. If আপনি find a link to a misplaced video, put it in the comments. Maybe, just maybe, we can get rid of Hulu.
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Okay this soapbox sadly, is going to point fingers so people can learn from this. I don't like having to point fingers but it seems no one gets the message across if it isn't done.

What is bulk posting? It's when আপনি post multiple things all at the same time. So when আপনি do that the মূলশব্দ আপনি give are going to be the same for every single thing আপনি post.

Why do people bulk post? Well the excuse used can be "I want to share great content with others" but really it turns আরো into a quantity over quality.

Why is this harming keywords? When people bulk post they only put a general amount of keywords...
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 Plugging away at our laptops
Plugging away at our laptops
It was just about one বছর পূর্বে that link and I were having our regular lunch meetups downtown in the Financial District of San Francisco. Years পূর্বে we shared a cube in Santa Clara at Yahoo! where we first met. Now we were being reunited just a few blocks away from one another and having lunch like old times. We decided to pay a visit to our পছন্দ hole in the wall, the International খাবার Court on the corner of গুল্ম and Kearny Streets. Most people would never have spotted this joint and even if they had they would pick up their pace and keep on walking. Being the adventurous (and cheap) guys...
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I've been around a group where many people out of nowhere "call out" many other members of the website for behavior that existed OUTSIDE of Fanpop. I wanted to kindly suggest ফ্যানপপ to add a rule but I've been personally attacked for it, including off topic disgusting claims which for example claim (maybe) I am for a "propaganda" that wants to violate children sexually (WTF!!!!!!), and this is depression. I had to মোছা my দেওয়াল post in order to মোছা such disgusting comments. (which is another problem "not being able to মোছা comments" under things I post.)
One of the most saddest things...
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 Sponsored দ্বারা Pepsi!
Sponsored by Pepsi!
Not capitalized for your viewing pleasure! :)

#1. How long have আপনি been on Fanpop?

Technically almost six years if you're counting my REALLY old পরিলেখ that I forgot the গুপ্তশব্দ to that I made in April of 2011, but as far as this account goes, I've been here for almost 5 years, as I made this পরিলেখ in March of 2012.

Also, that other পরিলেখ is my only other one. I probably would've kept it had I not forgotten how to sign in with it. XD

#2. Which club are আপনি the most active on?

Probably the যেভাবে খুশী club. I've always been active in general there, লেখা articles, posting on the দেওয়াল every now...
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posted by KPossible
Let me tell আপনি how I first discovered fanpop. (Just bored so thought I'd write this)

I was on the net looking for pictures. I then came across a site (Which is this one really) and clicked the link.
I never knew what this site was অথবা what and thought it was one of those many sites like twitter and Facebook.

Browsing some আরো I accidentally landed on someone's পরিলেখ page and scrolling down say there were pic's looking like cubes. On শীর্ষ there were titled 'Clubs'.

I noticed a familiar প্রতীকী of my favourite actor and clicked on it.

It was cool, it was like a website just full of that actors info.

I noticed they had ক্যুইজ and took part.

Than I released that আপনি had to sign up to record what আপনি got right/wrong etc.

Thats when I decided to log on and realised I was SOOO ADDICTED TO IT!

(Hey I don't even spend so0 much time like this on Facebook!)

So that was how I discovered Fanpop-not to dramatic অথবা interesting, but i found my rabbit hole.

Whats yours?
Hello Fanpoppers. I know this প্রবন্ধ is late but figured I should still post it in the event that I hit on something that hasn't been covered দ্বারা one of your fellow fanpoppers in an earlier প্রবন্ধ অথবা ফোরাম post (however unlikely that might be).

Here's a little bit of insight into some of the new things that আপনি might have run into on ফ্যানপপ in the past few weeks...

Video and image embeds
You can now embed a video অথবা image in your initial ফোরাম post (and all of the subsequent replies). Just look for the "add an image" অথবা "embed a video" link on the ফোরাম submission form. Each post is limited...
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 Dictionaries are a handy tool.
Dictionaries are a handy tool.
One thing that's becoming আরো and আরো prominent as time goes on, is that people online don't feel the need to use good grammar and spelling. Now, despite the fact that when on IM অথবা whatevs, it's really fine to use all of these little abbreviations like "jk" "lol" "atm" etc. etc. etc. Before I get any farther into this uncontrolled rant, let me just say that I do use some internet slang. Most of this, however, are words that I make up. So, whatevs, deelie, yuppers, wazhappenin, etc. etc. etc. I'm not one to use mainstream slang other than "lol" because there is NO replacement for LOL. No,...
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